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An indescribable fear spread in Ao Chun's heart. Suddenly, he screamed out loud, "Retreat! Draw back to the heaven! Compose a formation against the enemy!"

Dragon smiled, as a golden beam of light rose from his head, within the light. A four-faced, eight-armed figure was laughing wildly on a hassock, which was condensed from the red lotus fire of sin. The figure was holding a bell, a tower, and six other treasures.

Ao Chun and the other tens of dragons shrank their bodies to the shape of human beings, with their heads remaining in the shapes of dragons, rushing to the front gate of heaven.

Dragon raised an arm which carried a pestle, and smashed down fiercely, generating a thunderous bang as he broke the horns and head of a dragon near Ao Chun. The dragon's brain splashed in the air, while his thick scales were shattered and bones were broken. With one single strike, Dragon killed this dragon.

"Damn!" Ao Chun's eye corners twitched. Glancing at the dead dragon who was beaten to death by Dragon with one strike, Ao Chun shook his head. Fortunately, fortunately, that dead dragon was a distant relative instead of a close descendant of the Dragon Emperor. Therefore, Ao Chun didn't feel much of sadness for him.

"Run faster! Run! Don't you even know how to run?! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!"

While Ao Chun was hurrying his warriors, behind him, a three-faced and six-armed golden figure floating above Tiger's head gave a resonant roar and leaped straight to Ao Chun. The hundreds of meters tall figure reached out its right hand and gripped Ao Chun. Following the shrill howls from countless dragons and phoenixes, Ao Chun was crushed instantly.

"Heaven!" Watching this, all dragons and phoenixes screamed. Ao Chun was a close descendant of the Dragon Emperor, and had the purest dragon god bloodline. He was incredibly strong, such that not even a holy weapon could leave a scratch on his skin.

However, in Tiger's hand, Ao Chun's unbreakable body was squashed like a ball of mud. Tiger's power was unbelievable — These proud dragons and phoenixes hadn't seen such a scary living being all their lives.

How could such a powerful being even exist in Pan Gu world? They couldn't even imagine that.

At first, they had all sensed a strong pressure from Miao Xiang and the four, but not as unstoppable as what they were sensing now. The power vibration released from Miao Xiang and the four pressed on everyone's heart like a natural disaster, that took away all the courage of these dragons and phoenixes. They even dared not to fight back!

Did these people mention an agreement signed on top of Sky Pillar? What agreement? These dragons and phoenixes hadn't even heard of it!

"Ao Chun! You useless idiot! Brothers, retreat, retreat, retreat now!"

Nearly a hundred phoenixes led thousands of elite warriors and turned around, walking right away. Facing the intimidating being who squashed Ao Chun, not even the most bloodthirsty golden wing roc and devil peacock dared to confront him. These terrifying enemies should better be handled with the heaven and earth great formation.

"Kill them all!" Miao Xiang's eyes sparkled with a bright seven-colored light. An overwhelming, strong power spread from his body. He raised the pearl tower with his left hand and sent a strand of his power into it. All tiny pearls inlaid in the tower emitted sharp light beams simultaneously. The dazzling light swirled out of the tower like whirlwinds, drilling into the dragon and phoenix troops.

Shrill howls could be heard without an end. The dazzling light beams swept across the bodies of thousands of water-kind and flying warriors. Their well-nourished, especially strong bodies were cut open as easily as pieces of tofu. The blood splashed on the gate of the heaven, with body parts rolling all over the ground. Bloody souls were trapped by an invisible force from the pearl tower, screaming while they were sucked into the tower instantly.

"Dragons and phoenixes, do you really think that you're the owners of Pan Gu world?" Dragon laughed with a twisted voice and said, "Young dragons, young phoenixes, you have no idea that back in the ancient era, you were indeed strong, but in our eyes, you were no more than top-grade materials for treasure-making!"

The group of priests laughed out wildly. The sense of power released from their bodies had become strangely frightening. They stared at Feng Yang and the others like wild beasts staring at their targets. With giant steps, they led countless human and non-humankind warriors to march to the front gate of heaven.

Some warriors from the dragon-kind and the phoenix kind who fled fast rushed into the gate, while the others, who didn't manage to run back into the heaven, were all killed by the pearl tower held in Miao Xiang's hand. Their souls were all drawn into the tower.

Seeing Miao Xiang collecting souls, Dragon, Tiger, Lion, and Mammoth were confused. Their sect was a decent one, not like those evil cults which focused on all kinds of dark magics. Therefore, souls were useless to them. However, that pearl tower was indeed a treasure that belonged Priest Hua, a great pre-world spirit treasure. As they recognized the power, surely, they wouldn't say anything about Miao Xiang' s behavior.

Four hundreds of meters tall golden giants created by the four aggressively rushed to the front gate of heaven, surrounded by surging waves of power. A few dragons were roaring. With a group of strong water-kind creatures such as deep sea dragon whale, deep ocean devil octopus, they tried their best to shut the gate. However, before the gate was shut, Mammoth's golden giant had already bumped against the front gate while carrying a giant golden pestle.

Boom! The front gate of heaven was opened. The few dragons and their warriors who had been shutting the gate had their arms crushed. Vomiting blood, they were sent flying backward.

A series of alarm bells echoed through the clouds. Near the front gate, archways, palaces, mansions, towers, and other buildings shone with blinding lights and burned with raging fires simultaneously. Above these buildings, hazy stars flashed across the sky.

"Whoo-hah!" Growling in ordered lines, dragon warriors and phoenix warriors filled up the path behind the gate. Ferocious dragons and fierce phoenixes roared shrilly and thunderously. Under their commands, their warriors arrayed on the ground and in the sky, layer by layer.

Dragon, Lion, Tiger, and Mammoth couldn't help but pause. This army in front of them was way too tremendous, especially the tens of dragon kings and phoenix masters that blocked their way with dark faces. Both the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind were especially rich. More or less, these dragon kings and phoenix masters had the power of pre-world spirit treasures spreading from their bodies. Dragon, Lion, Tiger, and Mammoth were proud of their strong powers, but still, they dared not to rush in directly.

Holding the pearl tower, Priest Miao Xiang shouted, "Four brothers, what are you waiting for? Brothers, let's do it together! Let Ji Hao know that there is a consequence of offending our sect!"

The four burst into roars. Behind them, the four hundreds of meters tall golden giants prepared to lunge.

At that moment, with a mild smile on his face, Yu Mu tried his best to open his beady eyes wider as he showed up suddenly before the army of dragons and phoenixes.

Facing the four golden giants, Yu Mu patted his own belly and said, "No, no! Ji Hao isn't here. We have to guard his place well. Hmm, what do I do as the God of rain?"

Yu Mu narrowed his eyes and gently wielded his hand. All of a sudden, a drizzle fell from the sky.

The soft raindrops landed on the bodies of the four and the human or non-humankind warriors behind them. As sharp as a blade, they silently cut their armors, penetrated their bodies, and shredded them.

Within the span of a breath, the gentle raindrops of Yu Mu wiped out at least a million warriors.

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