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Dragons and phoenixes were born as enemies.

Dragons inherited Saint Pan Gu's strong body. So, no ordinary weapons or magic could easily harm their bodies, while their sharp claws and teeth made them the most terrifying killing machines in the world. They were known as the most powerful creatures in Pan Gu world.

Phoenixes inherited Saint Pan Gu's powerful soul. Their powers were mysterious and immeasurable, allowing them to control the world. They were born as mysterious magic users. Their magic could move the mountains, shatter the stars, and create oceans, that made them the rivals of dragons.

Dragons were wild and arrogant, while phoenixes were proud and reserved. Normally, they never liked each other, nor took each other seriously. They both claimed themselves to be the true descendants of Saint Pan Gu. However, for this exact reason, any living being who dared to challenge their noble, inviolable status, would suffer a joint beating from both the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind, just like the army under the leadership of Dragon, Tiger, Lion, and Mammoth.

Tens of violent dragons roared resonantly and showed their true shapes. They lowered their heads and pointed their sharp horns at the enemies, lunging swiftly. They swayed their enormous heads, their beards shaking like daggers and swords. Following shrill swishing noise, tens of bloody paths were opened up in the army led by Dragon, Tiger, Lion, and Mammoth.

Wherever these violent dragons reached, countless enemies were torn apart by their horns. With their beards, they cut up all armors; with their sharp teeth, they chewed everyone who dared to stand in front of them, and with their strong scales, they crushed all who had the courage to approach them.

The tens of miles long dragon claws were even more terrifying. Those claws were incomparably sharp, wielding fiercely in the sky. Once a dragon claw pressed down on the army, a miles wide cloud of blood mist would be raised.

Occasionally, some powerful beings under Dragon, Tiger, Lion, Mammoth's guidance would rush up and ferociously attack these violent dragons. But, the dragons needed no more than a flip of their tails to break the bones of these Senior Magi, Magus Kings, and even Divine Magi, sending them flying away.

The dragons howled and created hundreds of miles long bloody paths in the army. In their way, at least one-hundred elite human or non-humankind warriors died under their claws and teeth, and a million were injured.

Body parts flew all over the sky. Injured human warriors difficultly drew back and hurriedly activated their spirit blood to heal themselves. The moment the fight started, the army under Dragon, Tiger, Lion, and Mammoth's lead was shaken by tens of dragons.

Ao Chun roared in excitement. He crushed a priest with his head, then yelled hoarsely, "Girls from the phoenix-kind, watch this, the power of our dragon-kind! We are the true descendants of Pan Gu! We fight like Saint Pan Gu! Back then, fighting like this, Saint Pan Gu slaughtered hundreds of millions of Chaos monsters!"

Suddenly, the sky was illuminated. Tens of pure-blood phoenixes joined hands and cast a magic called 'phoenix fire rain', which descended from the sky.

Water-tank-sized, crimson fireballs fell from the sky. The fire was pure and dense, without any heat, silently falling into the army led by Dragon, Tiger, Lion, and Mammoth. The fireballs exploded, setting hundreds of thousands of warriors on fire.

The fire's name was 'red lotus fire of sin'. If one had a pure, flawless mind, the fire wouldn't harm them. But, if any sinister desire or emotion occurred in one's mind, it would become the fuel of the fire, and the fire would burn ragingly on one's body.

Countless warriors screamed as they twitched and struggled in the fire, but soon quieted down. Their bodies were incinerated, and their souls perished.

Feng Yang proudly raised his head. Holding a red wooden staff, which was even longer than his body, he said with pride, "This is the power of our phoenix-kind. We are no weaker than you dragon-kind! We are the true descendants of Saint Pan Gu. Saint Pan Gu slaughtered hundreds of millions of Chaos monsters, but did he truly do that by hacking every enemy with his axe?"

The tens of pure-blood phoenixes raised their heads. Their faces slightly twisted, as they were picturing Saint Pan Gu fighting against hundreds of millions of chaos monsters when he created Pan Gu world but all Chaos monsters invaded this new world and attempted to steal it.

Saint Pan Gu was such a powerful being. How could he be rude enough to hack all Chaos monsters to death one by one with his axe?

Without a doubt, he cast a mighty magic and wiped out all enemies in the surrounding ten-thousand miles wide area. The super magic used by Saint Pan Gu, how splendid, how beautiful!

Feng Yang and the other phoenixes moaned slightly. Merely by imagining the magnificent magic cast by Saint Pan Gu, their narcissism nearly brought them to an orgasm.

"Bloody sissy!" Hearing the strange moaning from Feng Yan and the other phoenixes, the group of dragon warriors spat to the ground, then turned around, shaking their heads and preparing to start the second round of massacre.

This time, they had to kill more enemies to win against those pretty phoenix boys, to let them know that pure violence and strong bodies was the only fighting style of men. Casting a magic behind brave warriors? Only girls would do that!

Dagon, Tiger, Lion, and Mammoth almost exploded in anger!

They worked so hard to recruit these believers from the mines belonging to Yu Dynasty from the non-humankind. They saw a dragon horn penetrate the stomach of Si Gui, who was the strongest human warrior from Tusk Basin. They saw a dragon beard cut the chest of Piji Wuyue, who was smart and capable. They saw a great number of trustworthy disciples of theirs fall on the ground, injured badly.

However, these were all done by merely tens of dragons and tens of phoenixes!

It was said that currently, the heaven had six-hundred-thousand pure-blood dragons and three-hundred-thousand pure-blood phoenixes like these!

Miao Xiang's eyes sparkled with a seven-colored light. He raised the pearl tower to absorb the souls of all fallen warriors from the battleground while shouting, "Brothers…The heaven has a new ruler now. Why should we still be restrained by the agreement signed on top of Sky Pillar back then? Our Shifu ordered us to slaughter all living creatures in the heaven. Brothers, under our Shifu's permission, you can do it with no worries!"

Dagon, Tiger, Lion, and Mammoth glanced at each other, hesitating for a while. Then, Mammoth laughed abruptly and said, "Brother Miao Xiang is right. The heaven has a new ruler now, and that agreement…hehe… Besides, Sky Pillar has gone, so why should we still mind the agreement?"

Raising his hand, Mammoth slapped heavily on his head and continued, "Back then, the powerful beings in this world jointly signed the agreement. According to the agreement, they wouldn't allow their disciples to interfere in any affair regarding the great Dao of Pan Gu world. Hah, back then, we sealed ninety-nine percent of our powers…All these years, we sealed our powers and took an opportunity to learn the great Dao of quietus. Today, let's do what we can!"

Followed by a thunderous boom, a terrifying power erupted from his body.

A suffocating power vibration pressed down on the heart of everyone on the scene. Struck by the power vibration, Ao Chun, Feng Yang and the others quivered, then began vomiting blood simultaneously!

They stared at Mammoth as if he were a ghost. Miao Xiang and the other three had slapped on their heads too.

Sky-shaking power vibrations were released, which even violently vibrated the front gate and a small half of heaven.

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