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In the sticky golden liquid, countless fire crows with red or black and red feathers fell into a deep sleep.

Ji Hao stood by the pond, looking down at the fire crows. As he reached his spirit power into their bodies to sense the changes, he couldn't help but shake his head. After all, they were after-world ordinary creatures, and couldn't be compared with pre-world magical creatures like Gold Crows. Even with a giant amount of sun essence to remold their bodies, the powers of these fire crows were still barely satisfactory.

The group of oldest fire crows already had their Gold Crow bloodline activated. When they woke up, they should be as strong as Divine Magi. As for the young and the middle-aged fire crows, among them, the ones in relatively good conditions should be able to reach the level of Divine Magi as well, while the rest ninety percent of them could reach the level of Magus Kings at most.

The majority of all fire crows were female crows and young crows. Absorbing sun essence, they could reach the level of Senior Magi. Young crows had potential, so it wouldn't be a problem for them to break into the level of Divine Magi in the future. The female crows had consumed too much spirit blood already, and therefore, it would be lucky if a handful of them managed to reach the level of Magus King.

They didn't have strong foundations after all. A thin trace of Gold Crow bloodline existed in their blood, but they were merely the umpteenth generation mix-blooded descendants of ancient Gold Crows. The effect delivered by their thin Gold Crow bloodline was too limited.

Along with a series of muffled noise of a staff knocking on the ground, Mr. Crow walked in with the Fuso staff. He came behind the throne and walked into the small space, popping up his golden eyes as he carefully observed the asleep fire crows in the pond. Mr. Crow was actually one of the young and middle-aged ones in the fire crow family. Among all fire crows in the pond, some were much older than him, and some were generations younger.

What had been happening now was related the future of the entire fire crow family. Mr. Crow looked at these crows in the pond, and couldn't help but scream, "Caw, caw, this isn't good, no good…Feathers are still black. How can this be?"

Newborn fire crows had black feathers, and as they grew stronger and stronger, more and more redness would appear on their feathers. When a fire crow's feathers all turned crimson, he or she would be an outstanding one among all. However, the feathers of ancient Gold Crows were pure golden; they were beautiful, splendid, entirely gold, like Mr. Crow now. As a Gold Crow, Mr. Crow shouted with his shrill voice when he saw the feathers of a big half of all his families sleeping in the pond being still black or red and black.

Abruptly, the eyes of the fierce-looking Gold Crow on the head of Fuso staff rolled. Meantime, a clear voice came into the minds of Mr. Crow and Ji Hao.

Mr.Crow paused for a second and laughed, "You are right, the first generation of Gold Crow were created on your branches. You are the true ancestor of fire crows. Caw, caw, we are counting on you now. Please, please, caw, caw!"

While grinning, Mr. Crow held the Fuso staff with both hands and carefully planted it by the pond.

Ji Hao held his breath as well, seriously looking at the rapidly growing staff. He watched the staff become a Fuso tree again. This time, instead of growing back to its original shape, it carefully controlled its power and kept its body at about a thousand miles in height.

The Fuso tree with its luxuriant foliage began shaking gently. Following a rustling noise, burning golden leaves fell from its branches. Each leaf had been releasing a strong life-force; in these leaves, the fire condensed into hazy figures of tiny, sparkling Gold Crows, faintly visible.

Specifically, East Emperor Taiyi was the only creature of the sun, born when the world was created. Gold Crows were magical creatures created when the sun essence merged with the life-force of the Fuso tree, based on the great Dao of creation.

In other words, East Emperor Taiyi was the son of the sun, while the Fuso tree was the mother of Gold Crows. It was hard to say if the sun was the mother or the father, but for sure, East Emperor Taiyi and Gold Crows shared the same origin, and their bloodlines were connected. For this reason, back in the ancient era, East Emperor Taiyi and Gold Crows were fairly close.

The secrets of the creation of Gold Crows existed in the Fuso tree's memories. As the leaves fell, more and more golden leaves merged into the bodies of all fire crows.

The feathers of these fire crows burned out immediately, and their skins were exposed. Their bones creaked, and muscles squirmed quickly, as thorough changes had been happening to their marrow and blood. Bones and muscles squirmed in their bellies, and slowly, the third claw grew out.

The Fuso leaves opened the gate of evolution for these fire crows. At the moment, they had been transforming into the perfect, strongest Gold Crows. Sun essence was flowing into their bodies in ceaselessly streams, providing them with a strong energy to support their evolution.

Gradually, new golden feathers grew from their skin. The new golden feathers seemed to exist between intangible and tangible, looking like a frozen flame or melting golden glass. On each feather, countless tiny spell symbols had been hovering, circling, seeming so magical, so beautiful.

The sense of power released from their bodies grew stronger rapidly. Their powers soon broke the limitations of their bloodlines, turning greater and greater, fiercer and fiercer.

They were still in sleep, but some of them had already cawed out loud.

They were becoming pure-blood Gold Crows. Compared to ordinary fire crows, their sizes didn't change too much, but their voices were much more resonant than before. A billion fire crows cawed in sleep together, which created an overwhelming sound wave that even made Ji Hao dizzy. Uncontrollably, his eyeballs began rolling in his eye sockets.

Mr. Crow was excited. He raised his arms high, jumping around by the pond. Thrillingly, he cawed out loud as well to respond to his families sleeping in the pond.

Abruptly, along with a sonorous caw, a Gold Crow suddenly flew out of the pond, slowly spreading his wings. He was no more than a hundred meters tall, but his body began expanding quickly, and his wingspan immediately reached three-hundred-miles-wide.

The pure essence sun fire erupted from his body. He happily flapped his wings and opened his beaks and caws.

Mr. Crow grinned, squeezing his eyes into a pair of curved line. "Great-grandpa, you woke up! Try, try to become a man, will you?" He said.

The old Gold Crow cawed again and turned around his enormous body, suddenly becoming a scrawny, tall old man who was wearing a golden robe. He looked exactly like Mr. Crow in his man shape.

"Great-grandpa!" Ji Hao laughed out loud and rushed up to hug the old man as he shouted, "Hah! I can't steal your feathers to make arrows in the future!"

The old Gold Crow slowly tilted his head, then seriously looked at Ji Hao and said, "Good boy, good boy. Ji Hao, from now on, our Gold Crow Family is relying on you!"

More and more Gold Crows flew out of the pond, rolled in the air, and became tall and slim people in golden robes. They surrounded Ji Hao while laughing loudly with cawing voices.

Ji Hao's Crow Army of the Sun was formally raised.

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