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Outside Pan Gu world, deep in the Chaos…

Yu Yu sat on a cyan lotus hassock, with a transparent longsword put on his knees. He gently flicked his fingers on the sword and raised sharp, sonorous buzzing sounds. From time to time, he would raise his calabash and take a few sips of the wine, singing a folk song he learned from the human world with a bright voice, along with the buzz.

Po, Gui Ling, and the other few senior disciples stood behind him. Facing such a vigorous and unrestrained Shifu, Po and the other few senior disciples could only keep their eyes wide open, focusing on their younger brothers and sisters, who had been fighting against a group of Chaos monsters in a distance away while trying their best to avoid looking directly at Yu Yu.

Tens of thousands of Yu Yu's disciples had composed a sword formation. Different colored sword lights tore apart the Chaos like thousands of meters long, sharp rainbows, flashing towards hundreds of thousands of golden-monkey-like, fierce creatures like a storm.

These golden-monkey-like creatures were no taller than three-inches, but their long golden fur were feet long. They were strangely violent, moving as fast as the wind while screaming with sharp and hoarse voices. They wielded their sharp claws, which glowed with a faint, cold, golden light. Facing the dazzling sword lights created by Yu Yu's disciples, they defended themselves with their claws, which raised fire sparkles and caused metallic clangs.

"Their claws are very sharp. Po, later on, tell your young brothers and sisters to cut off their claws. When we get back, you can turn these claws into a set of top-grade flying swords." Yu Yu narrowed his eyes and pointed at some of his disciples, shaking his head as he sighed, "Look at these young brothers and sisters of yours. Can their flying swords even be counted as…swords?"

Po grinned embarrassedly, rubbed his nose, and responded, "Shifu, as you required, their swords were made by themselves. Hehe…their swords are indeed a bit coarse and ugly. But, I can assure you that those are swords, not machetes!"

Gui Ling and the other few senior disciples giggled.

Yu Yu's eye corners twitched as he sourly turned around, gave Po a threatening glance, and said, "I did say that. Well, for the sword art, the flying swords made by yourself surely are the best. But, how would I know that some of your young brothers and sisters are so poorly talented in sword-crafting?"

Shaking his head, Yu Yu murmured, "Should we change our rule? All new disciples have to search for essence metal materials in the Chaos and forge one-hundred flying swords with acceptable quality for our sect before they formally join us. How about that?"

While Yu Yu and his senior disciples were chatting relaxedly, their expressions suddenly changed.

They were powerful cultivators, such that any slight change that happened in the surrounding environment could stir their spirit sensation. At the moment, Yu Yu and his senior disciples simultaneously sensed an immense natural fortune landing on themselves.

Even to Yu Yu, this natural fortune delivered a major improvement. Yu Yu instinctively made a deep breath. A Chaos power stream rose from his head and turned into a dense cloud above him, covering the area with a radius of ten-thousand miles. Upon the cloud, three enormous lotuses emerged, emitting a bright cyan light that illuminated the Chaos.

Yu Yu shivered slightly. Thin drops of cold sweat actually oozed out of his forehead. He immediately turned around and glanced at Pan Gu world. A natural mark of the great Dao flashed across his eyes. At this very moment, Yu Yu suddenly sensed that the screen which had been keeping himself and the prime great Dao of Pan Gu world apart, was much thinner than before.

He was actually able to see the traces of the prime great Dao of Pan Gu world directly with his eyes. Infinite mysteries had been flowing into him, being absorbed by Yu Yu like a clear stream. An indescribable, mysterious aura could be sensed around him. His cultivation hadn't changed for tens of thousands of years, but all of a sudden, it improved significantly.

At Yu Yu's level, any slight improvement of cultivation equaled a terrifying increase in power. With the help of the suddenly appeared, massive natural fortune, his heart of Dao was suddenly enlightened. How could 'slight' ever describe the improvement of his cultivation? Yu Yu's face blushed and his blood boiled. Uncontrollably, he began shaking his body.

Sensing the sudden improvement of his cultivation, Yu Yu managed to remain calm. However, Po, Gui Ling and the other two senior disciples of his couldn't help but sit down and cross their softened legs. Their eyes were unfocused while sweat was streaming down their backs. They tremblingly looked at Pan Gu world. An endless power of Dao descended, pushing them rapidly to an immeasurably high level.

The improvement of their cultivations happened faster than that of their spirit power. Therefore, they instantly fell into the infinite power of Dao and lost all their sensations.

Among Yu Yu's senior disciples, Po had the best cultivation. Abruptly, three lotuses emerged above his head. Following two muffled 'dongs' that sounded like bell rings, two among the three lotuses above his head each had a laughing man in a long robe jump out.

The two men glanced and bowed to each other, then reverently took three circles around Yu Yu's lotus hassock. They laughed out loud and then sat back onto the lotuses above Po's head.

"Wonderful!" Yu Yu was overjoyed. Looking at the two men above Po's head who looked like living human beings, Yu Yu applauded and laughed aloud.

Along with a series of resonant shout, Gui Ling and the other senior disciples had hazy figures jumping out of the lotuses above their heads as well. All hazy figures saluted to Yu Yu, then sat back to their lotuses.

In a distance away, a big half of Yu Yu's other disciples in the sword formation suddenly had clear lights shining from their bodies, and lotuses blooming above their heads. Some had one lotus, and some had two or three. Their sweat ran down like raindrops; they trembled intensely, and their sword moves suddenly grew more powerful, by ten times at least.

They were at bottlenecks before, such that with a little deeper understanding about the great Dao, they could make a major progress. Nevertheless, cultivation was never an easy thing, and the great Dao was even harder to understand. Therefore, some of them had been trapped in the bottlenecks for hundreds, even over a thousand years.

But all of a sudden, a mighty natural power descended and gifted them a much deeper understanding about the great Dao of nature, upon which, they broke the bottlenecks and made a major breakthrough.

Far away in the Chaos, Priest Dachi looked at the three lotuses blooming above the heads of the handful of disciples of his, then nodded and smiled. Pondering for a while, he took out the Divine Pivot Hall from his sleeve, which he took away from the heaven years ago.

As Priest Dachi pointed out his finger, the great hall, which had been glowing with a splendid starlight, collapsed into streams of starlight and hovered in the Chaos, condensing again into a three-hundred and sixty storeys, octagonal tower, surrounded by warm glows and mist.

"Xuan Du, go, send this tower to your brother Ji Hao. With this tower, he can control the heaven and earth formation freely with his mind. And, don't forget to tell him that, from now on, this heaven and earth divine tower is the only controller of the heaven, and the entire heaven is under his full control."

Priest Dachi smiled mildly while handing this tower to Xuan Du, who stood beside him.

Xuan Du gave a faint smile as he held the dazzling tower with his left hand, treading on a cloud and returning to Pan Gu world speedily.

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