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"Move forward with me!" Ji Hao trod on a fiery cloud as he spread his left hand and let the Pan Gu bell float upon his palm, gripping the Pan Gu sword with his right hand. Flying above his head, Mr. Crow cawed resonantly while following him, as Ji Hao shouted to the boundless army behind him.

The ancient-styled, thick gate of heaven, which was thickly covered in mysterious embossments, was kicked open by Ji Hao. With giant steps, he broke into the heaven through the golden, dazzling path. Behind him, dragons and phoenixes breathed deeply. They roared out loud with excitement and followed Ji Hao, marching into the heaven in a formidable array. They still couldn't believe all this.

Back in the prehistorical era, the dragons and phoenixes, these two proud species, had allied many times and attempted to overturn the heaven. However, despite their strangeness, on facing the heaven which was created under the will of nature, the nature-bestowed heaven and earth great formation, and the first generation of divine gods which were also created by the world itself, dragons and phoenixes took advantages a couple of times, but all failed eventually.

Later on, the heaven fell, and the dragons and phoenixes lost interest in occupying the heaven. It was a useless thing by then, so what could they possibly use it for even if they occupied it?

But today, these young phoenixes and dragons had actually stepped into the heaven in broad daylight, and their leader was a new divine emperor, chosen by the world. Would the heaven rise again under his leadership?

Would they, the phoenixes and dragons, become divine gods, standing high above the masses and ruling the world?

Ji Hao proceeded along with big steps. Especially heavy Chaos power forced away the warm lights of the heaven, keeping anything from the heaven away from Ji Hao. The bell buzzed deeply. Wherever Ji Hao reached, all defensive seals deactivated themselves, unable to cause any threat to him.

The army flooded into the heaven. Ji Hao shouted with a strong voice. Following his orders, troops of elite warriors rushed into all directions through different paths, taking over the most important areas of the heaven.

The moment Ji Hao stepped into the heaven, the structure of the entire heaven emerged in his embryo of Dao. All of a sudden, he knew everything about he heaven, including each brick, each tile, the location and function of each building. Based on all this information, he figured out which buildings needed to be heavily guarded, and which areas would remain safe with three to five warriors on patrol.

He quickly made the most appropriate arrangement. Under his orders, elite dragons and phoenixes scattered in all directions.

The heaven was boundlessly broad. Including all covered areas and small independent spaces, the heaven was as broad as the Southern Wasteland, with countless buildings, independent small spaces, mansions, and barracks.

Ji Hao brought six-hundred-thousand dragons, two billion elite water warriors, three-hundred-thousand phoenixes, and a billion elite flying warriors. This was a great army, but in comparison with the vast heaven, these warriors were like a handful of sesame seeds falling into a sea. What Ji Hao could do was no more than letting these warriors guard the core buildings there, for example, the palaces that belonged to the five divine emperors, the most important buildings in the heaven, and the largest few treasuries, which contained countless supreme treasures, and must be strictly guarded.

The few melting stoves in the heaven were all nature-crafted spirit treasures. Not much manpower was needed in employing them. As long as all kinds of spirit materials were thrown into the stove, top-grade supreme weapons could be forged. Therefore, the stoves must be guarded by over a hundred million elite warriors, so Ji Hao wouldn't need to worry about them.

The heaven was vast, with too many treasures and good places. The forces Ji Hao extorted from the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind seemed tremendous in number, but once they scattered in the heaven, they seemed to even disappear. Before Ji Hao walked to the palace of the central divine emperor, only a small number of phoenixes and dragons remained behind him.

From a small distance away, he saw the palace coiling in rosy clouds. From the sky, a seven-colored stream of starlight poured straight down, covering the entire palace which was over ten-thousand-miles squared in area. From far away, Ji Hao saw about ten-thousand Jia Clan warriors tremblingly standing on the square before the palace, looking at him in panic.

These were Dishi Cha's warriors. They had every reason to panic, because they were no more than ten thousand in number, while Ji Hao had one-hundred-thousand half-dragon warriors, a million blood pool ghosts, and eight-thousand elite dragons, phoenixes, along with over a hundred-million water-kind warriors and flying warriors following closely behind him.

If these warriors weren't surrounded by battle formation composed of golden armored divine commanders and silver armored divine warriors, they might have fled already.

The divine commanders and warriors stared at Ji Hao with gray, lusterless eyes. Dim lights wove into spell symbols and covered their eyes while sparkling. They trembled slightly, because their consciousnesses were struggling intensely.

Ji Hao marched to the palace with large steps. Wherever he walked past, luxurious, magnificent palaces collapsed rumblingly and warm clouds and glows rose into the sky, condensing into splendid golden swirls in the air.

Purple mist rolled. The heaven was like an enormous Chaos monster which had slept for countless years, and was waking up now, welcoming the new owner of the heaven.

A strong warmth flowed out in the air in streams, transforming into purple mists and pouring into Ji Hao's body. Ji Hao sensed his spirit power growing stronger, and the coverage of his spirit power expanding rapidly. When he stepped onto the square before the palace, his spirit power covered the entire heaven!

He was shocked by himself. The total area of the heaven was no smaller than the Southern Wasteland. Was his spirit power strong enough to cover such a large area? Based on Ji Hao's current cultivation, with the help of the Pan Gu sun, he managed to cover the area with a diameter of eight-million miles before. But, the heaven was thousands, even millions of times wider.

As a divine emperor, the heaven improved his power so greatly!

"What do you want?" Looking at the Jia Clan warriors arrayed on the square, Ji Hao smiled scornfully. A golden light shone from his head, as the divine seal floated within it while releasing blinding golden lights.

The colorfully glowing central palace quaked suddenly and turned entirely golden. A suffocating golden fire blazed, quickly wrapping up the central palace and tens of thousands of smaller buildings around it.

The golden fire was as quiet as water, as clear as glass; it was a pure essence sun fire!

The plaque hung above the front gate turned pure golden as well. From up to down, four divine characters were carved on it, 'The Divine Sun Palace'.

The heaven was indeed a supreme treasure created under the will of the world. Currently, as the only divine emperor in the world, once Ji Hao stepped in, the nature of the entire palace changed immediately. Every brick and every tile in the palace was now condensed from the pure sun power; the entire palace was now filled with the purest sun power. Even the name of the palace changed because of Ji Hao into the Divine Sun Palace!

Before the palace, the essence sun fire blazed on the bodies of all divine commanders and warriors as well. The dim lights in their eyes disappeared in the fire, while their bodies turned golden. The fire burned ragingly from their pores.

"Emperor!" They kneeled on the ground reverently and saluted to Ji Hao.

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