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In the old location of Buzhou Mountain, right below the heaven, Ji Hao's army was stationed for ten days.

The dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind must have built secret teleporting formations all over Pan Gu world, as they delivered the warriors they promised within merely ten days.

Six-hundred-thousand pure-blood dragons which were strong and brave, three-hundred thousand pure-blood phoenixes which were mysterious and proud, along with two billion water-kind and flying warriors under their leads were delivered, which were all top-grade elites. The dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind didn't make up the number with weak shrimp warriors or small birds. Among all water-kind warriors from the dragon-kind, the weakest ones were fierce tiger sharks, and among the flying warriors, spirit cranes were at the lowest grade.

Centered on Ji Hao's army, the dragon force and the phoenix force scattered on both sides. The dense dark clouds covered the sky, extending for tens of miles. Resonant dragon roars and bright bird screams could be heard every now and then. The dragons and phoenixes absorbed natural powers and created two enormous, warm clouds in the sky.

What caught Ji Hao's attention was the one leading the phoenix-force, who was a young girl with a tender face, wearing a long green dress and looking no older than fourteen years old. She was Qing Qiang. Clearly, she and Ao Bai were old friends. The moment they saw each other, they crowded together and began talking. No one knew what had they been talking about.

"There is a story about those two!" Ji Hao shook his head and chuckled.

Dragons and phoenixes weren't as friendly with each other as they looked like. Most of dragons and phoenixes were arrogant, bossy, and unreasonable. For treasures, for territories, for all kinds of small things, the conflicts between dragons and phoenixes never stopped.

However, when Ao Bai and Qing Qiang had their eyes on each other, Ji Hao clearly saw the sparks in their eyes. They ignored the younger ones around them and talked to each other closely. Their expressions were subtle and weird.

Ji Hao laughed evilly. Ao Gu, Feng Ling, and the other dragon and phoenix leaders were quite embarrassed. They dared not to even look at Ao Bai and Qing Qiang, who stood closely together. Instead, they brought up some unrelated topics, and when talking to Ji Hao, they stuttered with their eyes dazed. They looked around without making eye-contact with Ji Hao, seeming to be far less confident than before.

Ji Hao didn't want to waste too much time talking with them. Driving the nine dragons chariot, he rose into the sky and pointed out his finger. The contract of world, the one created by himself, flew up and transformed into a tremendous golden screen, floating in the sky.

"People from the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind, each send a drop of spirit blood into the contract now. After this, I'll take you to do something great." Ji Hao grinned warmly. As he swept across the area with his purely golden eyes, all warriors from the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind couldn't help but lower their heads, daring not to look at him in the eye. They felt that his gaze was as sharp as daggers, cutting deeply through their faces.

Based on Ji Hao's requirement, all dragons and phoenixes, who were clearly aware of their mission, glanced at each other, then bit their tongues and shed a drop of spirit blood each. The spirit blood transformed into warm mists or sparks, flying into the contract. The water-kind warriors and flying warriors under their leads did the same, merging their spirit blood into the contract.

When everyone finished, Ji Hao took out his divine seal and sent in a stream of original sun power, stamping on the contract.

The space quaked slightly. An indescribable soul pressure descended from the sky, slowly scanning across everyone on the scene. The ones who sighed the contract sensed a deep glance from an invisible eye, after which, they felt that they were connected with a terrifying being, that they could never turn against.

All of a sudden, the contract created by Ji Hao collapsed into countless, extremely thin beams of golden light. Under the control of an invisible, tremendous power, the light beams wove into a thousand-miles-long divine character.

The divine character was composed of simple and smooth lines. Less than a handful of people on the scene recognized this character. Nevertheless, everyone understood its meaning the moment it appeared. The contract was signed under the witness of the world. Anyone who violated it would be punished by the world!

The golden divine character faded gradually. When the dragons and phoenixes who signed the contract looked again at Ji Hao, they suddenly realized that things were different!

At first, when they followed the orders of their elders and came to this place with their warriors, many of these proud dragons and phoenixes never thought about truly following Ji Hao's lead. Why was Ji Hao the divine emperor chosen by the world? Why were they sold to him, to serve him, to be his slaves? Why could Ji Hao command them forever and ever, that even their descendants had to follow his words?

If Ao Gu, Feng Ling, and the other elders hadn't been restraining these young dragons and phoenixes, some bad-tempered ones among them would have done things to Ji Hao long ago.

Nevertheless, they had signed the contract now, and the contract was admitted by the world. At this moment, when they looked again at Ji Hao, for some reason, they felt a massive pressure coming straight at them. Uncontrollably, they suddenly had great respect for Ji Hao; a faint admiration for Ji Hao was growing rapidly in their hearts, and they didn't even notice it.

All negative thoughts about Ji Hao had vanished in their minds. Looking at him, they found him so perfect, so great, so noble, so majestic, so extraordinary. Ji Hao was like their only faith and only ruler, that with a word he said, they could shed their blood and give up their lives; they could die for a word from Ji Hao!

The power of a contract of the world was far beyond their imagination!

Before, most of these dragons and phoenixes prepared to play some small tricks to Ji Hao, like overtly agreeing but covertly opposing. But, they had no idea about the power of the contract. The contract was signed under the witness of the world. In other words, they signed it with the origin of this world. So, how could they ever have a chance to disobey?

From this day on, from their bodies to their souls, they would always be Ji Hao's loyal warriors. Not even their descendants could have a chance to go against Ji Hao.

"Emperor!" One of them did it the first, following which, all dragons and phoenixes who signed the contract kneeled on the ground together and kowtowed to Ji Hao. Water-kind and flying warriors kneeled too, looking at Ji Hao while roaring passionately and kowtowing without a stop.

Their roars rumbled like thunders as strong sound waves spread out. Witnessing all this, Ao Gu and Feng Ling popped out their eyes in shock. What was going on? Did their people truly, honestly follow Ji Hao?

"Rise! Target, the heaven!" From the contract, Ji Hao learned the secrets buried in the hearts of these dragons and phoenixes before the contract was signed. He laughed out loud, then pointed at the sky and shouted, "Dragons on the left, phoenixes on the right, each select eighty-thousand elites to join my main troop. One-hundred-thousand half-dragon warriors as the spearhead, march to the heaven! Anyone who attempts to hinder… kill!"

The gigantic army rose, extending for hundreds of thousands of miles, marching swiftly to the heaven along with a violent gale.

Days later, by the front gate of the heaven, Ji Hao's warriors arrived wave after wave and surrounded the gate.

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