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Ji Hao was very embarrassed.

Even Emperor Shennong and Emperor Xuanyua had drunk quite a large amount of wine. At the moment, they were excitedly slapping empty wine pots and passionately singing a song. But, Ji Hao didn't manage to taste a single wine drop.

The temperature of the fire wrapping around his body was way too high, which would evaporate the wine far before it was poured into Ji Hao's mouth. Before he gained a perfect control of his suddenly soared power, he wouldn't be able to drink any booze or water. More helplessly, he didn't even have the luck to enjoy grilled meat, steaming meat, fruits, vegetables, rice cakes, sweet potato cakes, and all other types of foods either. Same as the wine, being touched by his fingers, all foods would turn into wisps of smoke immediately.

Temporarily, Ji Hao couldn't taste any ordinary food. However, held in his hands, top-grade fire crystals would melt into a lavlike, scorching hot liquid. Ji Hao tried a sip of the liquid, and felt like he was drinking a light wine as the pleasant sensation went through his whole body.

Did this mean he couldn't even touch ordinary foods and drinks, but could only eat crystals?

"Hahaha, surprised? This is actually normal." Emperor Xuanyuan came to Ji Hao, slapped heavily on his shoulder, and said, "Back then, when I just made the breakthrough, any ordinary food touched by me would turn into earth clods. I could only eat earth crystals. I ate one whole block every bite."

"You will get used to this, or, things will go back to normal after you have fully controlled the star power inside you." Emperor Xuanyuan looked at Ji Hao with a weird expression and continued, "But, back then, I spent one-hundred and thirty-seven years to gain full control of the natural star power inside me. You kid, a sun… haha!"

Emperor Xuanyuan seemed to be a bit drunken. He slapped hard on Ji Hao's shoulder with one hand, holding his belly with the other hand and laughing loudly.

Muffled footsteps could be heard as Piji Ju broke in with a group of guards, wearing a heavy armor. Seeing the human leaders in the meeting room happily drinking and laughing, Piji Nu's mouth corners twitched, his eyes showing anger.

"People, we're allies now. Our Liang Zhu City is in a difficult situation. How can you still have the mood to drink and have such fun?" Piji Nu spluttered. His families were all in Liang Zhu City!

At the moment, Liang Zhu City was sealed off by the final defense system, such that no one was allowed in or out. Through the translucent screen, people on the cities of calamity could see the fires inside the city, and the air suffused by black smoke. The scene in the city made the hearts of the twelve emperors burn with anxiety, and yet, human leaders were actually drinking and enjoying themselves!

"Red Sun Emperor, you can't blame us for that." Carrying a large wine pot, Emperor Xuanyuan walked to Piji Nu bumblingly. He wiped his hand, which was covered with wine, on Piji Nu's luxurious golden armor, then said, "You designed the defense system yourselves. The defense is too strong, and we can't go in. We can do nothing even if we want to help you."

Piji Nu angrily stomped his foot against the ground and said, "That's the exact reason why we asked Emperor Shun and you to order the human warriors in the city to shut down the defense system and open the gate!"

Emperor Shun spread his hands, gave Piji Nu a helpless face, and said, "Emperor Piji Nu, we've tried in these couple of days. No voice can be heard through the screen. They can't hear us, and we can't hear them either. Indeed, a great number of human warriors are in the town, but we can't restrain them."

Emperor Shun sighed and continued blandly, "Besides, many of the human warriors in the city have been enslaved by you for many years, right? They may have forgotten the alliance of human clans and the human emperor already. Why would they follow our order?"

"Anyhow…You have to figure this out!" Piji Nu was being unreasonable, "We can't lose Liang Zhu City. Our people can't be harmed either. Otherwise, all our agreements will be canceled! You are human emperors, the kings of human beings. You have to restrain the human warriors in the city. If you can't, what's the meaning of our alliance?"

Emperor Shun remained silent. He truly didn't know what to do to unreasonable people like this.

Ji Hao coughed, smiled to Piji Nu, and said, "Red Sun Emperor, we didn't ally for Liang Zhu City…We allied to face the incoming powerful Yu Clan being together!"

With a sulky face, Piji Nu didn't respond. He had a secret agreement with Ji Hao, who controlled his life. Therefore, he could yell at anyone but Ji Hao.

"Let's drop the topic about Liang Zhu City for now. I am curious about the social status of the twelve families in power here, back in Pan Yu world." Narrowing his eyes, Ji Hao smilingly looked at Piji Nu.

Piji Nu paused quite obviously for a moment. Suspiciously looking at Ji Hao, he hesitated for a while and said cautiously, "In Pan Yu world, our homeworld, our twelve families are surely extremely noble. In fact, if, if we didn't lose the portal leading to our hometown, we wouldn't be needing your help to resist that powerful being."

Piji Nu tried to act calmly, while Ji Hao yelled out loudly, as if he were surprised, "Eh? How is it possible? Are you saying that you're not afraid of that powerful being? Hmm, days ago, when Yemo Tian escaped, I actually chased up to kill him, but I was then stopped."

Piji Nu gave a faint smile, slightly shaking his head as he said, "The destructive weapon, a top-grade one, Marquis Yao Ji Hao… I'm not underestimating you, but killing Yemo Tian truly won't be that easy."

"Red Lei, Dim Cloud…" Ji Hao looked at Piji Nu and said, "Twelve Yu Clan people, they said they came from the Red Family, Dim Family, Dark Family…"

When Ji Hao said the names of Red Lei and Dim Cloud, Piji Nu's face was already pale as paper, and when he heard Red Family, Dim Family, and Dark Family, Piji Nu instinctively took a few steps backward.

Ji Hao carried on, "They said that they're here to protect Yemo Tian, under orders…They also said that a group of poor low-grade nobles doesn't deserve to occupy Pan Gu world. That's why I'm curious, hehe!"

As Ji Hao chuckled, large drops of cold sweat oozed out of Piji Nu's forehead.

"Their scouts are, are already here?" Piji Nu's lips also paled. "Ha, yeah, surely… That powerful being has treasures like 'space shuttles', shuttling through the Chaos tracelessly and invisibly. It's reasonable for him to send a scouting troop ahead of the main force."

"They, are they here to protect Yemo Tian only?" Piji Nu stared at Ji Hao and asked, "You should have killed them!"

"I couldn't!" Ji Hao said carelessly, "It was already not easy for me to fall back unscathed. They nearly killed Yemo Shayi, so what could I do?"

Piji Nu remained silent, with his eyes rolling quickly in the sockets.

"I just want to tell you that their scouts are already here, and their main force may arrive at any moment!" Slapping the table beside him, Ji Hao said firmly. The table was burned into a puff of ash as Ji Hao continued, "Therefore, if we fix your Liang Zhu problem, how much are you prepared to pay?"

Before Piji Nu said a word, Ji Hao continued confirmedly, "We're allies, so, three more cities of great calamity, plus some small things will do."

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