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The Holy Realm of Pan Yu world…

Ji Hao had heard about this place. He heard that Dishi Cha, whose sons were killed by him, took a trial of Sun and Moon and become a Sun and Moon powerful being in the Holy Realm. Perhaps, the Holy Ream was similar to the Magi Palace in the human society.

As for Sun and Moon Knights, Pan Yu world people saw the three suns and nine moons as supreme beings, as their origin and the sources of their powers. Therefore, these people with a title of 'Sun and Moon' should be true elites. Besides, judging from their attitude towards Yu Clan nobles here in Pan Gu world, they surely had exceptional family backgrounds.

Taking the humankind as an example, to a human being, a good family background meant more cultivation resources and a wider range of knowledge. Princes from large human families were good examples; while their peers were still cultivating themselves severely for breaking through to the level of Senior Magus, they mostly would have become Divine Magi already.

Ji Hao stroked the edge of Pan Gu Dragon Sword with one finger and generated a shrill buzz, dispelling the clouds gathering around him. Ji Hao looked at the Yu Clan young man grinningly, shaking his head as he responded, "I worked hard for this treasure. How can I give it to you without a reason? Besides, I don't like what you said."

Wielding the sword, he created an arc beam of light while maintaining the grinning face as he continued, "I prefer to penetrate your head with it, instead of dedicating it to you."

The twelve Sun and Moon Knights didn't get angry. They laughed out loud together. They laughed scornfully, teasingly, and carelessly, as if they were twelve dragons soaring in the sky that were challenged by a wild dog.

"I knew that in a wild world like this, barbarians would challenge us."

"It's always the same. Some barbarians are stupid enough to believe that they can resist our power. But, what happened in the end?"

"It's just that some lucky barbarians do have lots of good things. Look at this one, this sword is a supreme treasure in this world, rare and precious, isn't it? Haha, how many pre-world pieces can be left from the creation of a large world in total?"

"It's mine. You, don't even try to snatch it." A Sun and Moon knight trod on the air as he steadily walked towards Ji Hao step by step. While approaching, he relaxedly smiled at his friends and said, "When I get this sword, drinks are on me."

The other knights reluctantly glanced at the longsword in Ji Hao's hand and began talking. They made all kinds of requests to the one who claimed that the sword was his. Buying drinks couldn't match Pan Gu Dragon Mark's value at all. Except for that, they also asked for the most beautiful Yu Clan girls to play with. They planned to live a cheerful life with those girls for three months!

"Three months? Don't you worry that you might die of exhaustion?" Standing in the air less than a mile away from Ji Hao, the knight who took the fight laughed, "Alright, give me a second to take out this barbarian. It will take about…Three moves?"

Breathing deeply, the knight's long hair fluttered in the air without being blown by any wind, like water plants floating in a tide wave, rising slowly.

"Barbarian, you aren't qualified to know my name, because you are about to die. But, I just want to ask you, what's the name of this sword? It's truly a good piece!"

Ji Hao raised Pan Gu Dragon Sword, then grinned at him and said, "I too think that a dead being has no need to know the name of my sword."

From the back, the other Sun and Moon Knights burst into laughter together. An especially good-looking knight yelled, "Captain, you seemed to be despised. No more three moves? Finish him with one move! Otherwise, we will certainly tell everyone about your glorious experience here when we get back! You… are despised by a barbarian."

The knight laughed again. He narrowed his eyes and glanced Ji Hao from head to toe, then moved suddenly.

Before he made a move, nothing seemed special about him, but once he moved, it felt like the outburst of a thunderbolt. A clear 'pop' could be heard from the air while hundreds of shreds of afterimages created by that knight emerged around Ji Hao's body. Fierce gusts of wind blew towards all vital body parts of Ji Hao almost simultaneously. Fingers, palms, fists, elbows, shoulders, kneel, lower legs, foot…Every part of this knight's body had turned into sharp weapons, fiercely lunging towards Ji Hao.

Meanwhile, the hexahedral air cage which had Ji Hao locked in began collapsing inwards, strapping Ji Hao tightly.

Ji Hao was surprised. These Sun and Moon knights were indeed unlike those Yu Clan nobles who had been enjoying affluence all their lives. In every fight against human beings, the nobles from Yu Dynasty would stay in the rear, commanding their slave warriors and non-humankind slaves to fight the life-risking battles. Yu Clan nobles who would fight in person were extremely rare. Normally, casting a few large-scale magic from the rear could be seen as their greatest contribution.

This Sun and Moon knight was also a Yu Clan man, but he was even stronger than the strongest Jia Clan deputy elder Ji Hao had seen. Every move he made was so natural and smooth that Ji Hao couldn't discover any weakness of his moves with his physical eyes. Every time he launched a new move, at least ten fiercer moves would be prepared by it.

His combat skills were effective and extremely mature. The knight's every single move would shatter the space and leave a clear dark space crack around Ji Hao.

"Die!" The knight widely opened his three eyes and emitted wisps of red light. His pretty face twisted a little bit. He seemed to be thrilled by the prospect of killing, which he believed was about to happen.

"Break!" Ji Hao shouted loudly and clearly, then swung Pan Gu Dragon Mark with his right hand. The air cage cracked ear-piercingly as it was cut open by Ji Hao. Pan Gu Dragon Mark buzzed and released beams of sword light, floating around Ji Hao and aiming at the Sun and Moon knight's fingers, fists, palms, elbows…

At this moment, Ji Hao seemed to become a giant hedgehog. The sword light beams of Pan Gu Dragon Mark were his thorns, pointing at the enemy. As long as the enemy dared to land his strikes, his body would firstly bump into Pan Gu Dragon Mark.

"Damned thing!" As a silhouette flashed across the air along with a 'whooshing' sound, the knight took two circles around Ji Hao at lightning speed and stopped attacking. He already perceived that Pan Gu Dragon Mark was a great treasure. How could he dare to bump against its edge with his own body?

A golden light flashed, as an eight-feet-long golden spear appeared in the knight's hand. This exquisite spear was embossed with a bolike strange creature, slimmer and prettier than an actual boa. When the knight wielded the spear, Ji Hao felt that thousands of bolike creatures had pounced on him, roaring and attempting to tear his body with their teeth.

Pan Gu Dragon Mark created thousands of beams of sword light, defending Ji Hao accurately against every shred of afterimage left by the spear.

Metal clangs could be heard, as the sword and the spear clashed against each other. After eighteen clangs, Ji Hao finally found an opportunity. Pan Gu Dragon Mark dazzled with a frosty light and swept across the golden spear, cutting it into two.

"Damnit! Take a punch! Can you not use your sword?" The knight growled in anger. Emitting a blood-red light, his right fist smashed into Ji Hao's chest like a hill.

Ji Hao laughed out loud, clenched his left fist, and punched against the knight's fist.

Followed by a muffled thud, their fists bumped against each other. Ji Hao slightly trembled, while the knight staggered backward for three to five steps.

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