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"Big Brother!"

The Chi You warriors growled deeply. No sadness or fear could be sensed from their voices, nothing but the desire of fighting. They were a group of emotionless killing machines, who had nothing but the fighting instincts remaining in their minds. Chi You's death seemed to unseal these insane warriors, releasing their craziest will of fighting.

Wrapped in a black and red fire which was generated from their fierce intent of killing and boiling blood, except for the few who continued trying to wake Yemo Tian up, all Chi You warriors dropped down their shields. They held their blades with both their hands and marched towards Ji Hao like a mad rhino.

Without dodging and defending, they swung their blades directly down at Ji Hao's head in the simplest and wildest way.

As sacred as martyrs, as passionate and obsessed as the devils from hell, these Chi You warriors burned their lives and souls to make their strongest strikes on Ji Hao.

Ji Hao raised his left hand and caught a blade coming down at his head. He twisted his wrist, snapped the blade, then directly lunged Pan Gu Dragon Mark forward, which was held in his right hand. With an irresistible force, Pan Gu Dragon Sword shattered the Chi You warrior's armor and penetrated his chest.

As he grabbed and lunged, one died; grabbed again, lunged again, another one died…

Within a second, Ji Hao repeated this series of move hundreds of times. With doubts and to their shock, hundreds of strong Chi You warriors were cut into pieces by Pan Gu Dragon Mark.

Simply and repeatedly, Ji Hao killed them all, as easily as crushing eggs with a mountain. Suddenly, he understood what the mysterious man said about the 'Dao of strength'. Indeed, when pure physical strength was great to a certain level, one could defeat any enemy by simply crushing him.

However, even Saint Pan Gu failed to reach the peak of the 'Dao of strength', didn't he? Due to that reason, he fell eventually under the attacks from hundreds of millions of Chaos monsters.

Therefore, physical strength was indeed important, but skills and varieties could not be neglected. For example, Priest Hua's Dao of evolvement provided Ji Hao with the secret magic that was infinite in variety. How much convenience did that bring him? Besides, because of the great Dao of evolvement, Ji Hao's battle effectiveness was directly enhanced.

The last Chi You warrior blocking Ji Hao's way died. Coiling on Ji Hao's waist, the pair of fire dragons roared happily, while Mr. Crow cawed towards the sky, standing on Ji Hao's head the whole time. Flakes of fire burned on his feathers, even blurring his body.

Treading on a fiery cloud, Ji Hao approached the destructive weapon step by step.The best choice was to capture it. If not, Ji Hao needed to destroy it completely. As for Yemo Tian, killing was the last thing Ji Hao wanted to do, as he should ideally be taken captive.

It was possible for his father to cherish the affection between a father and a son, right? Under some difficult situations, maybe Ji Hao could threaten that 'Blood Crown' with Yemo Tian's life?

The last few Chi You warriors shielded the destructive weapon behind them against Ji Hao. They dropped their blades and gripped large and thick shields with both their hands. Witnessing Ji Hao slaughtering the other Chi You warriors, they now understood that they couldn't rival Ji Hao. At the moment, they weren't thinking about killing Ji Hao. Instead, they strove for protecting the destructive weapon with their strongest defense, until Yemo Tian woke up.

Once Yemo Tian woke up and escaped with the destructive weapon, their mission would be accomplished!

"Lord Yemo Tian, wake up now!" A Chi You army gripped his large shield and bumped against Ji Hao. Meanwhile, he growled in a hoarse voice. A buffalo embossment on the surface of the square-shaped shield released a large cloud of smoke, while the shield bumping into Ji Hao like a small hill.

Ji Hao conveniently threw a punch at the shield.

Following a thunderous bang, countless spell symbols collapsed inside the one-foot-thick metal shield. The shield cast from a special alloy and added with a secret magic was vibrated violently into pieces, which were even tinier than sand grains. Both arms of the Chi You warrior were crushed, as he was sent flying backward while vomiting blood.

"Lord Yemo Tian, wake up, run!" Another Chi You warrior bumped into Ji Hao while holding the same large shield. His body was burning, a blood-red fire erupting from every single pore of his. He knew that he couldn't possibly stop Ji Hao, but this warrior tried his best to burn his body and soul for a slim chance. He released all his life-force for this very moment.

This was a low-Divine-Magus-level warrior. But at this moment, he boosted his power up to the level of peak-Divine-Magus.

This warrior burned out his skin and flesh in a moment, being left with a bloody skeleton, wrapped in the sticky blood-red flame while rushing towards Ji Hao.

Ji Hao raised the Pan Gu Dragon Mark and swung the sword down along with a dragon roar, cutting this crazily burning Chi You warrior and his shield into pieces.

"Enough, piss off!" Darting towards the destructive weapon with large steps, Ji Hao shouted.

The bodies of the remaining three Chi You warriors blazed simultaneously with a blood-red fire, burning their lives. As they dropped their shields, the fire began gathering to their chests from their whole bodies. They spread their arms while rushing towards Ji Hao. Apparently, they were attempting to detonate their own bodies and die together with Ji Hao.

Ji Hao snorted coldly. As a clear light flashed across his forehead, he dodged the embracement of the three Chi You warriors and came straight onto the destructive weapon.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The three warriors failed to control the wanton powers inside their bodies and exploded. A dazzling fiery light spread in all directions. The destructive weapon wasn't under anyone's control at the moment, and even it was pushed to tens of miles away by the explosion waves.

Ji Hao stood outside the crystal cockpit of the destructive weapon as he raised Pan Gu Dragon Mark and frowned, looking at the crystal cockpit, which was an integral whole. If he broke it violently, would Yemo Tian be harmed? After all, Ji Hao wanted to capture Yemo Tian alive, and didn't want to accidentally chop off his head. However, it would certainly require Ji Hao to put forth all his strength to break the destructive weapon. In order to damage the destructive weapon, Ji Hao had to use his whole strength, but by doing that, Yemo Tian was very likely to be accidentally injured.

"Oi, barbarian, if I were you, I would put down that good-looking long sword, then kneel on the ground and kowtow to me. Cry and beg to pledge your loyalty to me, beg to be a slave of mine, then hold my boots with both hands and clean them with your tongue." A cold voice could be heard from a distance away, "If I were you, I will never try to harm Lord Yemo Tian. You hurt a hair of his, and all your families will die for your mistake."

The air surrounding Ji Hao's body froze all of a sudden. Followed by a series of cracking noise, a strange power twisted the air and turned it into a nine-meters squared, gray, transparent, hexahedral cage that locked Ji Hao inside. Faintly visibly electric lights had been flowing rapidly inside the cage.

What a magical move! Most importantly, before Ji Hao could notice any move the enemies made, he was already stuck by this strange magic.

Turning around, Ji Hao saw twelve Yu Clan young men, wearing golden armors.

The moment he saw them, Ji Hao knew that they weren't from any of the twelve families in power of Yu Dynasty.

"You are?" Ji Hao pointed at the sky.

"We are Sun and Moon knights from the Holy Realm of Pan Yu world. Don't take us as those lowly things." A Yu Clan young man smiled warmly at Ji Hao and responded, "Barbarian, you can dedicate that sword to me now."

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