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In the Chaos, Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei, and Priest Yu Yu were on patrol around Pan Gu world with their disciples, killing all Chaos monsters which were attracted by the strong energy waves releasing from Pan Gu world.

Another priest quietly sat on a hassock. He was surrounded by coiling warm mist, seeming to be relaxed and leisurely. His eyes sparkled with a dim light as he glanced around from time to time.

Occasionally, he would suddenly lock his eyes in one direction, then raise his hand and point there. Following this mysterious priest's moves, one of Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei, and Priest Yu Yu would certainly fly over with his disciples and slaughter all Chaos creations coming from that way.

Over ten-thousand hyenshaped Chaos creatures raised dense thunderclouds and barked thunderously, marching to Pan Gu world. The tails of each hyena were actually nine colorful poisonous snakes. Running past stars, these creatures widely opened their jaws and easily tore apart every enormous star with their sharp teeth.

All stars flushed ceaselessly by Chaos tide waves were extremely tough, such that not even a pre-world spirit weapon could leave a mark on a Chaos star. Nevertheless, these hyenas chewed the stars so easily. Clearly, their sharp teeth were exceptionally dangerous.

Po released his spirit power as he saw these crazy monsters from a long distance away. He noticed the sharp teeth in their mouths, and the smooth and thick Chaos stripes on their teeth. Those were natural destructive spell symbols that had the power to crush everything tangible or intangible.

Using these teeth as materials, a super powerful pre-world-level magic treasure could definitely be created. But, sensing the fierce power of these hyenas, plus their giant number, Po hurriedly bowed to Yu Yu and said, "Shifu, good treasures are coming!"

Yu Yu glanced at the group of hyena and laughed, "Hah, good treasures indeed! These are mix-blood descendants of 'Chaos devouring beasts' and 'extreme negative snakes with nine turns'. Their teeth are just average, but their stomachs can create space, perfect materials to generate 'paradises'!"

Wielding his broad sleeve, Yu Yu chased after these hyenas with giant steps while continuing, "Po, when this is over, you make ten-thousand 'paradises' as soon as possible. I'm not a good fortune teller, but I do know that we will have a lot of disciples in the future. We need to prepare more 'paradises' to accommodate your future young brothers and sisters!"

Po chuckled as he hurriedly followed behind Yu Yu with the other disciples.

The sword formation was built, as four-colored sword light tore apart the space and shattered the Chaos. Within the dazzling, interweaving sword lights, fierce Chaos monsters howled and fell one after another.

The priest sitting on the hassock smiled faintly. Since Yu Yu had made his move, these monsters wouldn't have a chance to break into Pan Gu world anymore. He turned to another direction.

Followed by a sword light, a stream of blood rose. Gui Ling folded her hands and released a Yu Yu divine thunder, blowing the blood into a strand of ash. The ash rolled up, drifting to Pan Gu world along with a Chaos tide wave.

The ash was drawn to Pan Gu world. The Chaos tide wave collapsed and turned into natural powers, being absorbed by the world. Most of the ash merged into the world as well, being absorbed and digested by the world. However, the finest grain of ash suddenly paused in the air, from which, extremely dim wisps of golden light were emitted. The golden light expanded slowly and became a palm-long golden shuttle. Even Yu Yu didn't notice this.

The shuttle was thickly covered in complicated, gorgeous embossments. Following a sizzling noise, the shuttle cracked the space, merged into the air, and swished across the sky, flying a million miles within a single second. The next moment, it bounced out of the space and began absorbing natural powers in thin streams. After the span of a breath, the shuttle again merged into the air, and this time, it zipped over a hundred million miles away instantly.

Within a couple of hours, the shuttle drilled into the starry void from above the sky of Pan Gu world, whereupon, it swiftly flew to Midland. Approaching Midland, the shuttle had already expanded to tens of meters long. The complicated embossments on its surface emitted a dazzling glow, which looked really splendid.

A group of wild starry sky spirit turtles trod on the start lights, leisurely gliding above the clouds of Midland. These turtles opened their jaws widely, gnawing some rare herbs floating in the clouds. The fresh, sweet, and juicy herbs were rich in natural powers. The turtles were satisfied by the delicious herbs, happily shaking their heads and snorting comfortably.

The golden shuttle suddenly swished across these turtles. A cold, emotionless wave of soul power swept across their enormous bodies.

A blood-red sword light flashed across the golden shuttle. Along with a series of howls, about ten spirit turtles paused. Within a blink of an eye, they turned into a puff of lifeless ash in the blood-red sword light.

Sparkling with a golden light, the swiftly flying golden shuttle stopped abruptly, floating near one side of a towering mountain by the southwest of Liang Zhu City.

Along with a puffing noise, the shell of the golden shuttle bloomed like flowers, exposing its dark-golden, crystalline inner body. Dark golden stripes were visible inside the inner body, glistening dimly while releasing waves of strong energy, gently vibrating the surrounding space with a radius of three-hundred-meters.

On the inner body of the shuttle, a door opened. Twelve Yu Clan men with golden armors flew out.

As the last Yu Clan man waved his hand, the golden shuttle quickly shrank into a tiny grain of sand and merged into his palm.

"This Pan Gu world is indeed extraordinary." Said one Yu Clan man while taking a deep breath with fascination. With a deep voice, he continued, "Wild, primitive, natural, fresh... You can sense a thriving life-force even from the air. I'm in love with this place."

"Indeed, I'm so tired of the lifelessness of Pan Yu world already" Another Yu Clan man gave a cold smile and said, "Rotten and old… Even though we have been giving it strong life-force with the resources we plundered from other worlds, how can artificial things compare with a natural life power like this?"

"We're here, so the world is ours!" The Yu Clan man who walked out the last spread his arms towards Pan Gu world, seeming to embrace the whole world as he said, "But before that, we must accomplish our mission…Lord Yemo Tian, not a hair of his can be harmed. Only by relying on him can we reasonably and legally occupy this world!"

"Yemo? What a lowly family name of a low-grade noble…" The one who talked the first scornfully shook his head and said, "But…He's our master's son after all."

The twelve Yu Clan men stopped talking. Together, they turned their eyes to where the destructive weapon was.

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