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'Destroy it.'

In the noisy room, Ji Hao stood up, silently transformed into a stream of light, and disappeared into the air.

Ao Hao was halfway drunk. He turned around and yelled mumblingly, "Ji Ritian, where are you going? Haha, drink! Oi, Yemo Luoye, do you like that chick or not?"

The golden bridge was fully activated. At the current stage, Ji Hao's moving speed had reached an extreme degree with the golden bridge. Within a second, he had already flown far away from Liang Zhu City and came to the side of his clone, taking over Pan Gu Dragon Mark. The clone turned into a strand of mist and dissipated. Ji Hao stood under the rumbling swirling thundercloud. Suddenly, a golden halo emerged behind his head.

The halo was thick and bright, releasing dense streams of purple mist as it formed enormous, splendid clouds behind Ji Hao. Once the golden halo and the purple clouds emerged, the thundercloud in the air immediately drifted away from Ji Hao, as if it didn't want to harm even a hair of Ji Hao.

The halo was generated from his natural reward; it was a gift from the world. In all these years, Ji Hao had killed countless non-humankind beings, and during the flood, he saved numerous human beings and living creatures in Pan Gu world. The world rewarded him for all that he had done. Surrounded by in the golden light and the purple clouds, Ji Hao had immeasurable amounts of natural powers gathering towards him under his will.

Unlike the destructive weapon, which forcibly absorbed the natural powers, the natural powers in Pan Gu world had been merging into Ji Hao's body on their own at the moment, without causing him any uncomfortable feeling. Torrents of natural power surged into Ji Hao's body through the halo, easily being turned into his strength.


Pan Gu Dragon Mark was strengthened by Ji Hao's inexhaustible power, and a thousand-miles-long sword light dazzled from the sword edge. Wherever the sword light reached, the clouds were slashed, and even the sky seemed to be cut open.

The thunder trial descended fast, and disappeared even faster. Within the span of three breaths, the thunder trial was already gone. High up in the air, the swirling thundercloud faded abruptly as well.

A giant hole was left on the earth. The destructive weapon lied in the hole spread-eagled. Black smoke was puffing up from its entire body, while electric lights lingered dazzlingly on its surface. It was covered in cracks, letting out fire flakes.

Along with a series of cracking noise, the destructive weapon slowly floated up into the sky.

Inside the crystal cockpit, Yemo Tian had fallen unconscious again. He looked like a doll that ended up in the hands of a violent boy. His entire body was twisted, and all his bones were crushed. Sharp broken bones pierced out of his skin, making him look very scary.

The thunder trial had merely caused the destructive weapon middling damage, but the lingering thunder trial power drilled into the weapon and dealt Yemo Tian an extensive strike. At the moment, not to mention controlling the weapon and continuing the battle, as long as Ji Hao gave the destructive weapon a heavy blow, Yemo Tian would be crushed by the counterforce from the weapon.

Pan Gu Dragon Mark buzzed shrilly while Ji Hao fixed his eyes on the squirming, healing wound on the nape of the destructive weapon.

A crowning achievement of the non-humankind civilization... The manufacturing technology of this kind of destructive weapon had indeed reached the peak of artificial weaponry. If Yemo Tian were slightly stronger, if he could take a greater counterforce from the weapon, he would be able to sweep across Pan Gu world, because only a few living beings in this world could pose an actual threat to him.

"The fewer, the better!" Ji Hao looked at Yemo Tian and murmured. Pan Gu Dragon Mark gave a high-pitched buzz and fiercely lunged down to the crystal cockpit.

A strong gust of wind blew over, along with which, a giant axe swung towards Ji Hao's ribs. Ji Hao sensed a sharp intent of killing aggressively invading his spiritual space, even when the axe was still miles away from his body. If he were an ordinary human being, this especially strong, highly concentrated intent of killing would be powerful enough to destroy his soul.

Ji Hao snorted coldly and continued swinging down Pan Gu Dragon Mark. In the meanwhile, he crooked his left fingers, reaching to the giant axe while causing shrill swishing noise.


A man suddenly lunged out of the air and bumped against the destructive weapon with his shoulder. The weapon, which was slowly floating up, drifted sideways for about a hundred meters after being bumped by that man.

Pan Gu Dragon Mark's edge brushed across the weapon's head.

Along with a shrill howl, the man who bumped away the destructive weapon and saved Yemo Tian was cut into two by Pan Gu Dragon Mark. Even his soul was destroyed.

"Jiu!" The man attempting to hack Ji Hao with a giant axe growled. The intent of killing released from the axe grew even stronger.


Ji Hao accurately gripped the edge of the axe with his left hand. The blood-red axe dazzled as the muscular man holding the axe tried his best to push it and to cut off Ji Hao's hand. However, the axe remained motionless.

"Chi You?" Ji Hao looked at the man and said, "Long time no see! You don't seem to have improved. You're exactly the same as before, back in Pan Xi world!"

Wearing a heavy armor and gripping the hilt of the axe, Chi You stared at Ji Hao with a twisted face.

Back in Pan Xi world, Chi You was confident of easily chopping Ji Hao away in a face-to-face battle. But now, a few years after what happened in Pan Xi world, Ji Hao took a full strike from him with a single arm!

The potential of human beings was indeed immeasurable. In the history of human beings, many managed to become peak-level powerful beings within a century, such as Emperor Xuanyuan, Shennong, Suiren, and the other former emperors. Becoming backbones of the humankind only cost these legendary emperors tens of years. However, Ji Hao improved way too fast, even faster than those ancient human emperors!

"Marquis Yao Ji Hao…You freak…How can you hurt Lord Yemo Tian?"

Hundred soft, tall, and sturdy figures swished out from the air, holding heavy shields and blades as they surrounded the destructive weapon. Some of them even hopped onto the weapon's head, knocking the crystal cockpit and calling Yemo Tian's name.

"I do want to hurt him. What can you do?" Ji Hao looked at Chi You as he sensed the waves of energy releasing from his axe. Abruptly, Ji Hao bared his teeth and grinned.

Ji Hao turned around his hand. His palm suddenly became translucent as it released wisps of Chaos power. All of a sudden, Ji Hao's five fingers sank deeply into the thick edge of the axe.


Chi You's giant axe was snapped by Ji Hao.

"My!" Chi You popped out his eyes in shock. His axe was a naturally crafted holy weapon, processed by Xiu Clan masters with secret strengthening magic for years. But, without even casting a magic, and with a bare hand and pure physical strength, Ji Hao snapped it!

The axe could even cut the body of a Supreme Magus! But, why was it as fragile as a piece of wood in Ji Hao's hand?

How strong was Ji Hao? What level had he achieved? Chi You was never afraid of anyone in his life, but at this very moment, his legs suddenly softened.

Without giving him any chance, Ji Hao bent his waist and bumped into Chi You's arms. Held in Ji Hao's right hand, Pan Gu Dragon Mark pierced deeply into Chi You's chest.

With one sword move, Ji Hao killed Chi You, the current leader of the Chi You Army, which was a strong force of Yu Dynasty.

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