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In the room, people were still wrangling, as Ji Hao slightly clenched his fingers.

The teacup held in his hand was crafted by a Xiu Clan master, but at the moment, five finger marks were left on it, with the loops and whorls on each finger clearly visible.

Ji Hao closed his eyes, concentrated on controlling the clone facing Yemo Tian. All the other seventy-one clones of his had stopped moving. Through the connection between all clones, the rest seventy-one clones had been sending their powers to the one with Pan Gu Dragon Mark.

Pan Gu Dragon Mark sank deeper and deeper into the nape of the destructive weapon, bit by bit. Fire sparkles were generated from all over the weapon's hundreds of meters tall body. Following a faintly audible explosive noise, the nape of the weapon suddenly shone with a dazzling light. Through the blinding light, one could see countless overlapping spell symbols inside the weapon, fighting against Pan Gu Dragon Mark.

Ever Since Ji Hao attained Pan Gu Dragon Mark, he had never encountered such a difficult opponent. He felt like trying to cut the skin of an old pig, which was covered in resin and sand, with a rusty knife. He had to put forth all his strength to push Pan Gu Dragon Mark forward slowly.

But of course, the clone wasn't as strong as himself. If it were Ji Hao controlling Pan Gu Dragon Mark himself, it might be a lot easier.

Following a sizzling noise, twisting light beams shone from the wound on the destructive weapon's nape, coiling on Pan Gu Dragon Mark. The entire destructive weapon was trembling. Much similar to the eruption of a volcano, an immense counterforce burst from the weapon, violently striking on the sword.

Pan Gu Dragon Mark had already sunken into the destructive weapon for three-feet and six-inches. Waves of destructive power flooded into the weapon and transformed into dragon-shaped shades, entangling the spell symbol system inside the weapon.

Ji Hao had a strange feeling, that Pan Gu Dragon Sword didn't pierce into a man-shaped lifeless weapon. Instead, it seemed to have invaded into a small world.

The non-humankind beings from Pan Yu world indeed had an advanced civilization that current human beings could not understand. The hundreds of meters tall destructive weapon was built as a small independent world by them, possessing an unimaginable power.

Inexhaustible power transformed into blinding light and raging fire, erupting from the destructive weapon. If Pan Gu Dragon Mark were an average-level pre-world spirit weapon, it might have been melted completely by the energy spurted out of the destructive weapon already.

The destructive weapon was indeed a crowning achievement of the non-humankind civilization!

Scorching hot light beams coiled up across the Pan Gu Dragon Sword and soon struck on Ji Hao's clone. The clone's skin was shattered immediately, exposing its translucent body, which was generated from pure natural powers. The light beams flashed on its body like countless sharp blades, cutting it and leaving bone-deep, giant slashes.

The seventy-two clones combined their powers. Sitting straight in the room in the city of great calamity, Ji Hao again clenched his fingers. The exquisite teacup was crushed in his hand, quietly turning into a strand of smoke and dissipating. The other seventy-one clones disappeared simultaneously, while all their powers were sent to the clone facing Yemo Tian, then being injected into Pan Gu Dragon Mark.

Along with a sonorous dragon roar, a blinding torrent of light was released from Pan Gu Dragon Mark. A series of dazzling light exploded from the nape of the destructive weapon, and following a deafening series of booms, Ji Hao's clone created a giant hole on the nape of the destructive weapon.

The neck of the weapon was halfway opened. From its broken neck, dense smoke puffed out, while raging fire burned. Streams of sticky, lavlike liquid, which was condensed from pure energy, gushed ceaselessly out of the weapon, similar to the blood of a living creature.

The liquid emitted a blinding dark light, pouring to the ground like a heavy rain.

The forest down below suffered a catastrophic disaster. A bean-sized drop of liquid fell on the ground and quaked slightly, then went off immediately. The dark light and scorching heat became overwhelming, as destructive waves of energy swept across the forest with a radius of hundreds of miles, incinerating everything in the area.

Countless bean-sized drops of liquid fell from the sky, splashing on the ground.

Black mushroom clouds burst open one after another. The ten-thousand-miles around the spot was shrouded in the dark light and fire. The ground disappeared layer by layer, and within a second, a tremendous hole appeared on the ground, thousand-miles deep and ten-thousand miles wide.


An enormous black swirling cloud emerged above the heads of Ji Hao and the destructive weapon. Raging-dragon-like thunderbolts sizzled swiftly in the cloud, causing a dreadful rumbling noise.

Following the first series of thunder, a big half of the body of Ji Hao's clone fell apart. Even Ji Hao himself, who sat in the room in a city of great calamity, was affected as well. His internal organs were vibrated, as if someone had thrown a hammer strike at his belly. Meanwhile, he sensed a buzzing noise inside his ears.

It was the power of the world.

The destructive weapon's 'blood' caused severe damages and threat to Pan Gu world. Down below, both the time and space in the forest area had been twisted in a destructive way. Within the area, the natural system was on the verge of collapse. Immediately, Pan Gu world made the most direct reaction. The thunder trial descended. After eighty-one sky-shaking claps of thunder, hundred-miles-thick thunderbolts descended from the sky.

Once the hundred-miles-thick thunderbolts left the swirling cloud, they began compressing. By the time the thunderbolts flashed across the air and struck on the head of the destructive weapon, they had already shrunk by thousands of times and became barely visible. Following an earth-splitting boom, beams of fiery light were emitted from the weapon. With trembling limbs, the destructive weapon fell straight to the ground from the sky.

Ji Hao's clone raised Pan Gu Dragon Mark. The thunderbolts didn't land on Ji Hao's clone, probably because the thunder trial sensed the Pan Gu Dragon Mark's power. Hence, the thunderbolt aimed at the clone also struck mercilessly on the destructive weapon's head.

In the crystal cockpit, Yemo Tian vomited blood and shrieked with a dry voice, his eyes filled with fear and despair.

How great was the power of a world? Thunderbolts landed one after another. The destructive weapon's neck was halfway broken by Ji Hao, and at the moment, it was struggling in midair, wielding its eight dark light swords while trying to defend itself. Along with the world-shaking thunders, the light swords were dimmed and shattered one after another. The thunderbolts struck on the destructive weapon again and again, bringing it down from the air and pressing it deep underground.

Ji Hao's clone stood in the midair, looking down at the ground. It saw countless cracks on the surface of the destructive weapon, but the weapon remained whole still.

What numbed Ji Hao's scalp was that the badly wounded neck of the weapon had been healing. The destructive weapon was absorbing natural powers to generate new tissues and heal itself.

What a terrifying weapon!

Without Pan Gu Dragon Mark, Ji Hao wouldn't be able to damage this giant thing at all!

But how many weapons in Pan Gu world were at the same level as Pan Gu Dragon Mark?

How many destructive weapons and other same-level pieces would be brought to this world by Yemo Tian's father?

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