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Ji Hao suddenly wanted to roar with laughter.

Yemo Tian fled alone and left all members of the Glorious Domination in the city. He ran away alone shamelessly.

As he had left, those playboys from the Glorious Domination and their loyal followers would suffer. Currently, the city was filled with believers of the four men with a dragon, a tiger, a lion, and a mammoth. The eyes of those human warriors had all been burning red by the fire of anger. God knew how crazily they would torture the non-humankind beings left in Liang Zhu City.

Picking up a cup of tea, Ji Hao's hand was even shaking slightly, as he had been trying so hard to keep himself from bursting into a wild, hysterical laughter.

Clearly, the group of playboys from the Glorious Domination weren't the poorest ones. The ones with the worst luck should be the four men under Priest Hua and Priest Mu's guidance, right? They worked so hard, developed so many non-humankind disciples, and finally broke into Liang Zhu City. However, Ji Hao stepped in at the last moment. By now, all disciples of the four lotus altars were locked in the city by the final defense system.

Perhaps, with powerful defensive treasures or talismans given by Priest Hua and Priest Mu, the four men could escape from Liang Zhu City. But, would they dare to? Would they dare to leave so many disciples in the city and escape?

They weren't like Yemo Tian, who was supported by powerful people. Therefore, he was allowed to do all kinds of irresponsible things. But, the four men could not do the same. So many of their disciples were in the city now. If they ever dared to leave them in the city to die, even as disciples under the direct guidance of Priest Hua and Priest Mu, they would have to face serious consequences!

Taking a large gulp of the tea, Ji Hao narrowed his eyes and folded his legs, leisurely shaking his foot. At the moment, Liang Zhu City must be in utter chaos, right? The four men must be roaring angrily. How should they save themselves from the difficult situation? Deep down, Ji Hao was truly looking forward to the drama!

The one staying in the city of great calamity was Ji Hao himself. His seventy-two clones had scattered around Liang Zhu City long ago. When Yemo Tian fled in helter-skelter with the destructive weapon, he ran into a clone of Ji Hao.

Without hesitation, the clone gave a bright shout and released nine bolts of Yu Yu divine thunder in a row. Sharp thunderbolts left hundreds of miles long light beams in the sky, accurately striking on the crystal cockpit between the weapon's eyebrows. The thunderbolts disintegrated, tearing the crystal cockpit violently while causing ear-piercing noises.

The weapon quaked intensely. Its flying speed was slowed down sharply. Inside the crystal cockpit, Yemo Tian took a deep breath. After pouring six bottles of top-grade healing drugs into his mouth, the wounds on his body began shrinking slowly. He raised his head and looked at the one who stopped him through a thick layer of crystal.

"Marquis Yao, Ji Hao? Why are you here?" Yemo Tian was confused. He looked at Ji Hao and asked. This airspace belonged to Liang Zhu City, and no human marquis was supposed to show up in here.

"I always wanted to try fighting your destructive weapon. People say that the true path to victory is to find your opponent's weakness. In the future, I may fight against your real father, and I suppose his people have enough destructive weapons, don't they?" Ji Hao's clone slowly raised its hands, and Pan Gu Dragon Mark emerged in his hand quietly.

The clone gripped the sword hilt with both his hands. The sword sensed Ji Hao's strong intent of fighting, shaking slightly itself in response. Silhouettes of a pair of dragons appeared on both edges of the sword. The faintly audible dragon roars echoed through the air, dispelling the clouds and creating a giant blue circle in the cloudy sky.

Yemo Tian burst into laughter. He even lied down and rolled in the cockpit, as if he had heard the most hilarious joke in the world.

"You, Marquis Yao Ji Hao, a barbarian, an ignorant, stupid, uneducated, unevolved creature, how dare you say something like that? You fight against my father? You fight against my great, supreme father? Do you even hear yourself?" Yemo Tian laughed so hard that he even squeezed tears out of his eye sockets. The crystal cockpit was filled with a light-purple liquid. His clear teardrops floated in the purple liquid while glistening.

"You have no idea how strong my father is! You have no way to find out the massive difference between the true nobles from Pan Yu world and the descendants of those impoverished families." Yemo Tian proudly raised his head and started telling Ji Hao's clone what Ji Hao wanted to know the most.

"You know what? The light of the three suns and nine moons cannot reach Pan Gu world. Therefore, the descendants of those impoverished families who were born in this world have never truly showered under the light of the three suns and nine moons. If one compared the real nobles in Pan Yu world to the dragons soaring in the sky, the impoverished family people born in Pan Gu world are like rats living underground, lowly, and not even worth mentioning!"

"You can't understand the difference between them. The real Yu Clan nobles, who have the glow of the three suns and nine moons reaching every corner of their bodies, are so great, so respectable. Simply speaking, a Sun and Moon stage being from Pan Yu world is ten, a hundred, even a thousand times stronger than a same level being here in Pan Gu world! And that's all because they understand the natural laws way more thoroughly, and have much better control of their powers."

"Any knight under my father's command can easily flatten the entire Liang Zhu City!" Through the thick layer of crystal, Yemo Tian pointed at Ji Hao's clone and shouted, "Those useless impoverished people, they spent so many years, yet still failed to conquer you lowly barbarians. But when my father arrives, he will send out a random army, which will destroy your civilization in a couple of years!"

Proudly holding his head high, Yemo Tian sneered and continued, "Of course, destroying your civilization won't take much time. Instead, traveling would be the most time-consuming thing! Pan Gu world is way too huge. How many years will it take for my father's army to travel around the world and uproot your civilization?"

Ji Hao's clone raised its eyebrows and said, "Are they really so strong? The powers of the three suns and nine moons, are they truly so magical?"

Yemo Tian proudly looked at the clone and responded, "Without seeing Pan Yu world with your own eyes, you can never know how great it is."

Yemo Tian's injuries had recovered completely. He suddenly clenched his fists, widely opened his three eyes, and growled at Ji Hao. From the back of the destructive weapon, the wings released raging fires and dazzling thunderbolts, which vibrated the surrounding space in a thousand miles of radius. The space collapsed towards the weapon like flowing water.

A dark light condensed into a long sword in each hand of the destructive weapon. Yemo Tian roared hoarsely while the weapon swung all eight swords down at Ji Hao's head.

Ji Hao's body was covered in a clear light. He moved swiftly, and magically flashed through the twisted space, showing up behind the destructive weapon. Pan Gu Dragon Sword released a thousands of meters long beam of light and hacked violently on the back of the weapon's neck.

Crack! Bolts of electricity burst from the neck of the destructive weapon. In the air, layers of thin and hexagon defensive screens emerged. The dark defensive screens vibrated intensely, causing thunderous explosive sounds.

Pan Gu Dragon Mark penetrated two hundred and forty thousand layers of extremely thin dark screens and pierced into the nape of the weapon.

Fire sparkles rose while Pan Gu Dragon Mark sank deeply into the weapon.

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