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Dispute, endless dispute…

Ji Hao sat calmly in the room as he closed his eyes, resting. In his spiritual space, the embryo of Dao sat with crossed legs and a faint smile on its face. Quietly, it had been absorbing the pure soul power releasing from the five-colored cauldron.

No matter what decision Emperor Shun and the others made, Ji Hao had the confidence to proceed or step back freely. After all, he had so many non-humankind captives in his hands. He had already seized the weakness of the non-humankind.

Spirit power transformed into a giant invisible web and covered the air, allowing Ji Hao to watch the whole area from the sky.

Finally, smart people made their moves. Thousands of strong Jia Clan warriors trod on metal plates and carefully approached Liang Zhu City. Slightly further than a hundred miles away from the city, they paused in the air and lined up straight, each taking a deep breath and then shouting out loud in chorus.

"Yemo Tian, it's not too late to stop! Give up now! Emperor Yemo Luoye has promised that your position in the family will remain."

"All members of the Glorious Domination, you have committed serious crimes. Under the order of the twelve emperors, anyone who unseals the city and surrenders will be forgiven for his past misdeeds. If you refuse to come to your senses and insist on rebelling, all your powers will be taken away. Once our force breaks into the city, the best result for you would be life imprisonment."

"Yemo Tian, open the gate and surrender now! What are you waiting for?"

"All members of the twelve families in power, open the gate now and surrender. Don't mislead yourself!"

Full Moon masters had been casting a secret magic behind these Jia Clan warriors to amplify their voices. Their thunderous voices echoed across Liang Zhu City, shaking the clouds in the sky.

Through the transparent dark screen, one could see large groups of heavily armored warriors walking onto the city wall. They were waving their hands and saying something. But blocked by the ten-miles-thick screen, no one knew what had they been saying. However, people with good eyesight would discover the weird expressions on their faces.

Instinctively, a few Jia Clan warriors treading on metal plates made a few steps closer to the city. One of them shouted loudly, "Louder! What're you saying? Oi? Why are you waving your arms?"

The looks on those people' faces turned weirder and weirder. They waved their arms even faster. They seemed to be shouting as well, but no sound could be heard from the city through the thick screen.

Ji Hao smiled. He activated the defense system and blocked all sounds before he left Liang Zhu City. The translucent, ten-miles-thick screen only allowed people to hazily see each other's moves through it, but it was impossible for people in the city to contact the ones on the outside.

All of a sudden, a series of thunder burst out. The few Jia Clan warriors were too impatient, that they accidentally crossed the line marking the distance of one-hundred-miles away from the city. Hundreds of water-tank-sized thunder bombs fell from the sky and struck violently on them. The bombs went off. Surely, the few Jia Clan warriors were blown up with no part of their bodies remaining. Hundreds of the other Jia Clan warriors were also killed by the bombs. With a series of curses, the group of Jia Clan warriors, who were lined up in the air and had been shouting towards the city, hurriedly turned around and controlled their metal plates to fly away as fast as possible.

Half an hour later, a group of Yu Clan nobles rose into the air, holding all strange kinds of contact treasures, casting their own special magic. Light streams flew to Liang Zhu City along with gusts of breezes and waves of power vibrations. They all tried their own ways to send messages to the city.

Nevertheless, for the safety of Liang Zhu City, non-humankind beings spent years to build this final defense system, with no spare efforts. It was perfect. Normally, it delivered no special effect when it wasn't activated. But now, it was fully activated. Liang Zhu City was impregnable at the moment, that not even a word could be sent into the city.

Fire sparkles rose from the dark screen above the city, as the messages sent over by these Yu Clan nobles were shredded by the defense system. Following another series of angry curses, this group of Yu Clan noble returned to their city of great calamity frustratedly.

The time was passing by. More and more fires burned in the city, setting ablaze the few surviving buildings, with dense smoke coiling in the air.

The Highest Conference Hall area was strangely covered in splendid glows and warm mist streams. Strong natural power streams formed thousands of differently sized and colored swirls, spinning swiftly while emitting dazzling lights.

Suddenly, tens of enormous fiery light spheres shot upwards from the Highest Conference Hall. A tens of thousands of meters long stream of light rose straight into the sky like an arrow, then violently bumped into the dark screen above the city.

The dark screen quaked intensely. Surrounding the city, countless human beings exclaimed.

In the middle of that stream of light was a hundreds of meters tall, dark, man-shaped figure. Behind it, twenty-four differently shaped wings were spread, releasing thunderbolts, fires, gales and all kinds of energy waves, wrapping the dark man-shaped figure and making it spin swiftly. Foot by foot, the figure drilled into the screen.

"How is that possible?" A Xiu Clan old man stood on a metal plate, controllably leaning towards the city as he yelled, "The defense of Liang Zhu City is unbreakable! What weapon is that? How can he…How can he…"

The ten-miles-thick dark screen quaked violently as the gigantic dark figure had already drilled halfway through.

Through the translucent screen, people with good eyesight could already see Yemo Tian floating in the crystal cockpit between the eyebrows of the destructive weapon. He was covered in blood, with deep wounds all over his skin. Blood was surging out of the wounds in large streams.

Everyone knew about this kind of 'weapon' would understand that Yemo Tian was injured by the counterforce from the weapon, because he overstrained to control the high-grade weapon. Clearly, he had fallen unconscious, and by now, the destructive weapon was acting under its own will!

Following behind the destructive weapon was a cyan dragon, a white tiger, a rosefinch, and a black turtle. The four holy creatures rose into the air and transformed into four torrents of energy, chasing after the weapon. The four energy torrents struck on the dark screen without making any noise. The four differently colored strong energy waves spread speedily in all directions on the dark screen, dimming everything they touched.

Boom! Covered in a faint layer of golden light, the destructive weapon rushed out of Liang Zhu City. It was shaking intensely. The violent vibration woke Yemo Tian up. He weakly opened his eyes and confusedly glanced around, but afterward, he burst into a wild laughter. "Haha! I'm out! I'm out safely! Hahaha, dragon, tiger, lion, mammoth, Dishi Jin, Piji Wuyue, Polo Yu, Trai…Traitors, you wait and see!"

The destructive weapon soared up. Without sincerity, Yemo Tian continued, "My brothers, you hang on in there. I will come back with more people and save you! Ah, I swear, if you die, I will certainly take revenge for you!"

Without taking another glance back, Yemo Tian fled in a flurry. The destructive weapon moved as fast as a bolt of lighting, such that the twelve emperors didn't manage to stop it at all.

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