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"The world is a chessboard, and living creatures are all chess pieces." Facing the destructive weapon, the dragon man trod on a cloud as he smilingly said to Yemo Tian, "Our two master Shifu were true chess players. The world, all living creatures are in their plan."

"Yemo Tian, you're talented, with a fair family background. If you are willing to join us…" The dragon man's eyes dazzled, as those eyes were fixed on the destructive weapon. He said seriously, "If you can offer this treasure to the sect, in the future, you will earn your luck!"

The dragon man wasn't in the city just now, but through the eyes of his people who were in the city, he had learned everything about the power of the destructive weapon.

Tens of power elders and nearly a hundred deputy elders were all defeated by the destructive weapon. According to the dragon man's estimation, even if he and his three brothers combined their powers, they wouldn't be able to defeat so many powerful non-humankind beings. This proved the power of the destructive weapon. Only if they could attain such a powerful treasure…

Yemo Tian was infuriated. He widely opened his eyes in anger, even splitting up his eye corners. He roared towards the sky, took out another bottle of soul-retrieving dew, then poured into his mouth and gritted his teeth. A dense purple mist coiled around his whole body as he regained his strength quickly. Within the span of a couple of breaths, all of his injuries recovered.

The destructive weapon buzzed slightly. On its back, the enormous wings spread gradually. The space around it began shrinking towards it, as a giant amount of natural powers had been absorbed by it. Its twenty-four differently shaped giant wings represented different power natures, releasing thunder, fire, corrosive winds, poisonous mist…

A dark sun, a gray sun, and a red sun rose from behind the destructive weapon. Underneath the three suns were nine moons, with constantly changing shapes and colors. From crescents to full moons, the shapes of the moons had been changing without an end. Immeasurable energy waves vibrated the sky and forced the dragon man, lion man, tiger man, and mammoth man to take a series of step backward.

"This kid is putting up a desperate fight. Brothers, be careful!" The dragon man shouted with a strong voice, "Form up the four symbols killing formation. Disciples from all four lotus altars, make your moves now. Kill this Yu Clan being together!"

From all directions, clouds rolled up to the sky. East, south, west, north, twelve-thousand non-humankind warriors rose from each direction, treading on clouds while holding flags with the cyan dragon, white tiger, rosefinch, and black turtle painted on them, as they formed a large formation.

High up in the air, the stars in the constellations of these four symbols glowed simultaneously. Thin wisps of starlight penetrated the sky and landed on the heads of the forty-eight-thousand non-humankind warriors. Followed by resonant roars, the star power condensed into a cyan dragon, a white tiger, a rosefinch, and a black turtle, rising into the sky and encircling the destructive weapon.

The four men glanced at each other. Together, they opened their mouths and let out a fist-sized, brightly shining bead each.

Ji Hao pressed his hands tightly on the purple crystal ball. In the great defensive formation of Liang Zhu City, waves of ripples scanned across the sky and soon distinguished the four beads. Those were spirit Dans of the ancient four holy creatures. For some reason, the four spirit Dan fell into the hands of the four men.

The four spirit Dan merged with the four hazy figures of ancient holy creatures. Along with their resounding roars, the four creatures turned clearer and clearer. Before long, they looked like living creature with fleshy bodies, while a thriving life-force spreading out of their bodies.

The four men incanted a spell in chorus. They each transformed into a beam of light and merged with a holy creature. In the next moment, the tens of thousands of meters long holy creatures pounced on the destructive weapon, along with a sky-devouring fire and deafening roars. They circled up the destructive weapon.

"Great!" Ji Hao's fingers flicked quickly on the purple crystal ball. As fast as he could, he had been adjusting the great defensive formation of the city.

The great formation was flexible and variable, but adjusted by Ji Hao, it turned lifeless. It couldn't change itself anymore, and instead, it was only allowed to operate according to Ji Hao's current setting.

Ji Hao left countless traps in the great formation. Even if the designer and builder of this formation were right here in the city, without three to five months, they wouldn't be able to reverse Ji Hao's adjustments and turn the formation back to the way it was.

Within these months, the formation could only operate in the way Ji Hao wanted it to.

"What're you doing? What on earth are you doing?" Watching Ji Hao change the settings of the formation, slowing it down and making it inflexible, those non-humankind souls screamed in fear. As a part of the defense system of Liang Zhu City, these souls were responsible for the daily operation of this great formation, and could sense every slight change of the formation. But because of what Ji Hao had done, they felt like being separated from the formation, as if a thick wall was built between the formation and them. They could no longer sense the great formation. In other words, they were kicked out by Ji Hao.

"You all…You're already dead. Ashes to ashes, earth to earth. You can either disappear or reincarnate. But turning yourselves into ghosts with a secret magic? That's against nature. You will certainly pay for that."

Ji Hao smilingly shook his head towards the countless non-humankind souls floating in the hemispherical space and said, "I'm your karma."

The five-colored cauldron buzzed suddenly. Ji Hao opened his mouth and let out countless streams of colorful light, which rolled up all non-humankind souls and made them howl shrilly. Uncontrollably, all souls flew towards the cauldron.

After the span of a couple of breaths, no more souls remained existing in the hemispherical space. Ji Hao wielded his broad sleeve and smashed the purple crystal ball, destroying this controller of the entire Liang Zhu City great defensive formation.

Liang Zhu City quaked slightly. From this moment on, the formation would keep operating according to Ji Hao's settings, and no other people could affect it.

"Unless you make another crystal controller… But, that kind of a treasure is not so easy to make!" Ji Hao laughed and said goodbye to Netherworld Hierarch, who was behind the bronze gate, then flashed across the air and left.

Bang! The enormous golden door shut thunderously behind Ji Hao. According to Ji Hao's settings, this door would never open again, unless one broke it violently. However, if anyone really tried to break this door with violence, he or she would definitely suffer the craziest attack from the formation itself.

"He, Ji Hao, this little kid…" From the bronze gate, Netherworld Preist's deep and hoarse voice could be heard. A dark, frosty gust of wind blew out of the gate. Just now, Netherworld Hierarch tried pretty hard but failed to pull all puppet warriors into the Netherworld. But at the moment, the last few puppet warriors were wrapped up by the dark wind, and drifted airily into the gate without being able to resist at all.

After a quarter of an hour, Ji Hao arrived in the mansion of the Piji Family.

Feng Xing and Yu Mu had already captured enough Yu Clan nobles and emptied the treasuries of many families.

A series of teleporting formations had been operating at full-speed, sending the captives and the treasures out of the city.

Ji Hao joined them. An hour later, before the battle between the four men and Yemo Tian ended, Ji Hao and his people had left Liang Zhu City safely.

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