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Once Ji Hao landed on the ground, a heavily armored Jia Clan commander and a large group of slave warriors rushed out from an alley. Seeing Ji Hao, he popped up his four eyes. Pointing at Ji Hao, these Jia Clan warriors burst into a hysterical scream.

The dark-slave slave warriors growled out in chorus. They widely opened their mouths and exposed their shiny white teeth, looking rather hideous. They kneeled on one knee and raised brightly glowing spell symbol bows, releasing tens of arrows to Ji Hao which caused a shrill swishing noise.

Ji Hao wielded his broad sleeve. Following his move, the tens of purely steel arrows shattered into pieces. Before Ji Hao attacked these suddenly appearing non-humankind warriors, hundreds of heavily armored warriors gushed out from behind and launched a massive wave of attack on them.

Along with hoarse howls, tens of slave warriors fell on the ground, covered in blood. The firstly appearing Jia Clan warrior luckily survived. One of his arms was chopped off from the shoulder. Holding his broken arm and dragging his severely injured body, which had over ten holes on it, he struggled into an alley.

"Chase up and chop him!" Another Jia Clan warrior raised his large blade and growled, "No one dares to refuse the glow of the Glorious Domination! For the great lord Yemo Tian, chase up and cut him!"

The group of slave warriors and non-humankind slaves shouted in excitement, rushing into that alley while bringing up an intense aura of killing.

Suddenly, the ground began shaking along with a rumbling noise. Right on both sides of this street, two mansions belonging to Yu Clan nobles emitted a faint glow. The defensive screens of these two mansions were triggered. From the thick walls, which were surrounded by thriving plants, brightly shining spell symbols emerged, which made this wall seem to be on fire.

From the miles wide wall, over ten small-scale divine towers rose, each tower about ten meters tall. Above every tower, the human-head-sized erect eye was faintly visible in a sphere of light, releasing a sharp sense of danger.

The fierce warriors who had been shouting the names of Yemo Tian and the Glorious Domination paused instantly. They began growling in rage, but before they could make any reaction, they watched those divine towers release beams of destructive light.

The chests of tens of Jia Clan warriors in the front were penetrated. Those divine towers had different types of power, for which reason, some Jia Clan warriors had their wounds, and even the upper halves of their bodies burned to carbon, while the others had their chests covered in a palm-thick frost. A strong coldness began spreading from their bodies.

As the main force, the Jia Clan warriors were all killed. Watching this, all dark-kind slave warriors and non-humankind slaves screamed in fear, turning around and attempting to run. However, warriors showed up scattered on the walls of the two mansions. Clearly, not too many guards were left in the mansions, but their number could reach three-hundred in total. They raised crossbows and aimed at these fleeing slave warriors, releasing waves of arrows.

"Lowly slaves, how dare you rebel?" The arrows fell like a rain and killed batches of slaves and slave warriors. A luxuriously dressed Yu Clan old man gasped quickly, leaping on the wall as he yelled, "Chop off and preserve their heads! After this whole thing, find their families and kill them all!"

Clearly, this Yu Clan old man had a relatively high social status. Because of the anger, he even rolled up his eyes while he screamed, "This is Liang Zhu City, lowly slaves! How dare you point your weapon at your masters? All you families have to die!"

Ji Hao looked at this hysterical old noble in surprise, wondering what happened in Liang Zhu City.

He finally found an excuse to leave Chi Ban Mountain, where the leaders of the humankind and non-humankind had been running an endless negotiation. He sneaked into Liang Zhu City, thinking of doing something in this city with Feng Xing and Yu Mu to teach those proud non-humankind beings a lesson and earn a greater strength for the humankind, so that human beings wouldn't fall at a disadvantage in the negotiation.

But how come once he arrived in the city, he found people in here fighting against each other? Blood splashing everywhere, heads rolling on the ground, what a great show!

"A human being! Lowly barbarian! Kill him!" The old noble yelling on the wall suddenly noticed Ji Hao. His eyes grew wider as he stared at Ji Hao and shouted, "How dare a barbarian walk on a street of the great Yu Clan? Bloody things! Kill him! Mince him! Feed him to the wolves!"

Tens of Jia Clan warriors leaped down from the wall and roared, marching towards Ji Hao.

Ji Hao chuckled. With less than ten percent of his power, he launched the sky-opening move. The tens of Jia Clan warriors saw nothing but countless fists before their eyes, each aimed at a vital part of their bodies. They couldn't dodge, neither could they defend; they couldn't even see the fists clearly.

Ji Hao's fists landed on the heart of the tens of strong Jia Clan warriors. Each one of them suffered a punch almost simultaneously. Silently, these warriors fell on the ground, soon turning into sticky puddles of blood flowing out of their armors. Ji Hao's punches were as heavy as mountains that crushed every cell of these warriors.

The old noble shrieked on the wall. He took a glimpse at Ji Hao, then turned around and rushed right away, as if Ji Hao were a ghost.

Ji Hao paid no attention to this old coward. His spirit power spread in every direction like torrents, instantly covering a big half of the city along with a faintly audible swishing noise.

At the stage, Ji Hao's spirit power was already strong to a dreadful degree. His highly concentrated spirit power spread to the surrounding area, causing the heart of every single non-humankind being under its coverage to twitch. For an unknown reason, these non-humankind beings sensed an indescribable terror, almost similar to a natural disaster.

"Yemo Tian, the Glorious Domination? Yemo Tian rebelled? Eh? These people? Priest Hua, Priest Mu, you are indeed capable! White Lotus Altar? Cyan lotus? Red lotus? Gold lotus?" Ji Hao murmured, "What a show! Everyone is here, huh? Shall we make this big show even better?"

A stream of spirit power swept across the air, with which, Ji Hao found Yu Mu and Feng Xing, who were preparing for a war. By using his spirit power, he told them, "Prepare our people. Once the fire rises, immediately capture all non-humankind beings crossing your eyes, then empty their treasuries!"

"I want non-humankind beings, and I also want their wealth. Don't leave them a penny!" Ji Hao quickly shared the information with Yu Mu, Feng Xin, and the others, "Remember, two other forces have stepped in. Don't start any conflict with them. We kidnap people and rob wealth, nothing more!"

After finishing, Ji Hao let out the Taiji universe cauldron and released the Pan Jia sun from it, which grew into a miles-wide fireball that floated in the sky.

If one wanted to start a fire, what could serve as a better tool than a natural sun?

Ji Hao controlled the energy of the Pan Jia sun with his spirit power, as countless thumb-sized golden-red light beams descended from the sky. Followed by a shrill swishing noise that sounded like a rain of arrows, the defensive screens of luxurious mansions were penetrated. From wherever the golden-red light reached, raging fires rose to the sky.

Within a second, hundreds of thousands of fires were started in Liang Zhu City.

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