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By the west of Liang Zhu City, in a wild land, thousands of priests were holding long streamers and standing according to the locations of stars. Thick clouds of mist had been rising from the streamers, as light streams flowed along the mountains and covered the area with a radius of a hundred miles. Under the mist and light were numerous quiet square arrays. Those were countless human warriors who had just left the dark mine tunnels. Their hearts were filled with hatred. They gritted their teeth as they stared at Liang Zhu City, their eyes burning with anger.

The dragon man sat on a rock, with his legs crossed. His dragon coiled around the rock, yawning lazily. Dishi Jin stood behind him, gazing at the faintly visible city wall of Liang Zhu City as he asked in a low voice, "Shifu, why did we send so many magic talismans and supplies to those useless playboys? With our power, who could stop us even if we want to break into the city directly?"

The dragon man locked his fingers together and put his hands before his lower belly. Hearing Dishi Jin, he responded blandly, "The two master Shifu always say that our sect doesn't have a solid foundation and enough disciples. Therefore, we should be cautious and careful when doing anything, so that we can save our strength."

Breathing deeply, he pointed at Liang Zhu City, then grinned and continued, "Liang Zhu City, that's Liang Zhu City. To you, that's your hometown, but to me and the other ancient beings who attended that ancient war, Liang Zhu City is the nest of the enemies. It has the power to destroy the world."

Narrowing his eyes, the dragon man sighed, "You are from Liang Zhu City, so you can't see its real face. Back then, when your people descended to this world, our two Master Shifu, my brothers, sisters, I, and countless powerful beings joined all living beings in Pan Gu world and fought back…Our two Master Shifu were smart enough to save their strengths, but still, our sect suffered severe losses, and both the two Master Shifu were injured."

"We don't know how many forces have been hiding in Liang Zhu City, or how many preparations they have done, neither do you."

The dragon man narrowed his eyes, gave a sly smile, and said, "Therefore, since those ambitious kids want to build some 'achievements', my three brothers and I decided to let them feel Liang Zhu City out. We gave them those supplies and talismans because we don't want them to lose too fast, too embarrassedly."

While he was talking, tens of tiny dark spots suddenly rose from Liang Zhu City. Those were tens of heavily armored Jia Clan warriors, treading on metal plates. The dragon man and Dishi Jin saw them clearly. Blood had been spraying out from their bodies. They flew up, turned in the air, and attempted to leave the city. But all of a sudden, a raging fire puffed up from the ground and wrapped them up.

Muffled booms could be heard without an end, while hundreds of water-tank-sized purple thunder bombs went off around these warriors. Following their hoarse roars, they were torn into pieces.

"See, didn't we hear it? As we strengthened those kids, we didn't forget to inform the leaders in the city about their actions." The dragon man smiled delightfully, "If the city didn't have any preparation, those kids would succeed. But, they are surrounded by plenty of our disciples. Once they control the city, we can easily control them."

"If the city does have preparations, let these kids bleed. The city is like a deep lake, and these kids can stir up all flood dragons and enormous boas hiding in the bottom of the lake. After that, we will make our moves. The truly powerful ones won't surprise us, and we won't lose our disciples for no good reason." The dragon man seriously glanced at Dishi Jin and said, "You need to remember this, we are indeed strong, but we can't let our disciples die without a good reason…We can't afford to lose more elite disciples."

Saying this, the dragon man felt his heart was bleeding.

Damnable Marquis Yao Ji Hao, how many elite disciples under the guidance of Priest Hua and Priest Mu had fallen in his hands? Among them, many were the dragon man's very own disciples. Those poor disciples were all killed by Ji Hao, cruelly and brutally. This hatred was so deep that it could never be washed off.

From the fire, three Jia Clan warriors, whose bodies barely remained in whole pieces, rushed out. They flew across the sky and darted out of the city from the southwest corner, then turned to the south. Blood splashed behind them.

"Wanna deliver a message? No, you're not doing it! We four lotus altars combined our powers to seal the surrounding area of Liang Zhu City, but we didn't do this to allow you to call back your main forces!" The dragon man giggled, sounding so cruel.

The three Jia Clan warriors struggled out of the City, but before they could make a thousand miles far, hundreds of sharp beams of sword light flashed across the sky from a misty woods down bellow, immediately tearing these badly wounded warriors into pieces.

Muffled booms could be heard from every corner of the city while the fire burned. People crazily fought against each other. From the boundless south city wall, a large number of seriously injured Jia Clan warriors rushed out of the city and flew south, attempting to inform the twelve emperors about what happened in the city. But, none of them managed to go further than a thousand miles. Within this distance, the suddenly dazzling sword lights killed all of them.

"Our tiger brother means well. The life is bitter, and the sooner you die, the sooner you'll be saved. Remember to be born in good families in your next lives. And, in your next lives, you shall join our sect, with no worries. Our gate is widely opened. Everyone has a destiny to be one of us, and can eventually be saved from the bitterness of life."

Between the dragon man's eyebrows, a lotus bloomed slowly. With a gentle voice, he started chanting a scripture to send away the souls of the dead in peace. The mist condensed into lotuses and rose from his mouth, emitting a faint aroma. A warm light covered the surrounding area. All human warriors in the surroundings who heard his voice suddenly sensed an unburdened body and a clearer mind, feeling that an inexhaustible strength had been generated from their bodies.

Outside the Highest Conference Hall, a small half of the troop of secret guards were slaughtered by Yemo Tian's Jia Clan warriors who had been continuously running out from the teleporting formation. The corpses of those secret guards lied on the ground, blood flowing all over the ground.

The secret guards of the Highest Conference Hall were best at information-collecting and torturing. They were the best scouts and prison guards, but not strong warriors. Facing these trusted, carefully cultivated and well-trained fighters under Yemo Tian's command, the secret guards were destroyed so easily.

Under the protection of nearly a hundred secret guards, Polo Do stepped backward step by step, towards the Highest Conference Hall through the stairs. Yemo Tian and Poto Feili led a large group of warriors and followed tenaciously.

"Polo Do!" Yemo Tian shouted, "You shouldn't put your finger in our pie! You have to pay for your behavior! Killing a chief judge, I'd like to know what that feels like!"

Polo Do responded in a harsh tone, "Yemo Tian, do you know what you are doing? This is a rebellion! Your whole family will die for your crime!"

Yemo Tian laughed scornfully and said, "Sure, go kill that bitch if you dare to. Go kill Yemo Luoye, will you?"

Polo Do rolled his eyes, not knowing what to say.

At the moment, one could hear warriors roaring from every building in Liang Zhu City. For an unknown reason, the secret action of Yemo Tian's Glorious Domination was suddenly exposed. The entire city seemed to hunt his people.

Amidst the shouts and growls, a clear stream of light flashed across the air above Liang Zhi City.

Ji Hao descended from the sky and quietly stepped into Liang Zhu City. Followed behind him were one-hundred-thousand half-dragon warriors and a million blood-pool ghosts given by Netherworld Hierarch.

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