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Deep alarms ran off in all mine tunnels in the Dark Mountain Mine while dazzling red light sparkled. Countless human slaves, who were mining with bent bodies, dropped their tools and looked where the alarms came from with complicated expressions.

Large groups of non-humankind slave driving large vehicles shuttled swiftly in each tunnel. Carried on the vehicles were well-made armors, sharp weapons, large quantities of bows and arrows, and even a great number of wands designed for human Maguspreists. The wands were mostly made from beast bones, releasing strong energy waves. Many of those wands could sense the scent of blood, and had been shaking agitatedly.

Among human slaves, the ones who learned to be Maguspriests, or the ones who used to be Maguspriests, had their clans destroyed by slave-hunting troops, ending up being enslaved by the non-humankind. They stepped out of the crowd and began casting spells. Some of them were coiled in dark fire, some generated bone-piercing cold wind, while some had weird noises coming from their bodies.

Those wands suddenly began vibrating and flying to these Maguspreists. Each wand chose a Maguspriest who had the same power nature as it.

The Maguspriests gripped the wand and sent their strong powers into them. The power surged out of their bodies like the flood, transforming into thunderbolts, poisonous gases, and frigid winds, which circled around them. Meanwhile, a great many helmets made from the bones of fierce wild beasts and enchanted with powerful magic, along with all kinds of magic talismans, flew to these Maguspriests as well. Soon, they were armed to the teeth.

Heavy armors were handed out. Slaves put on armors and boots, wore helmets, picked up long spears and swords, and held strong bows. Before long, these bare-handed slaves with rugged clothes became fully armored elite warriors.

A large group of Xiu Clan pharmacists had been quickly moving across the crowds, handing doses of medicines to the obviously stronger ones among these slaves. These strong slaves took the medicine, and soon, it dispelled the magic seals cast inside their bodies by non-humankind beings to restrain their powers. Strong powers could immediately be sensed from these slaves. Instantly, one could hear spirit blood flushing in their bodies and sounding like great rivers.

Magus Kings, and even Divine Magi, raised their weapons and roared in delight.

The interweaving mine tunnels were even more complicated than a maze. From dark areas, powerful human beings who had been hiding in darkness for years, silently walked out. They were born in the mine tunnels. Their elderships never gave up on trying escape from this mine. Since they were young, they had been training in the cruelest way as warriors, and were provided with abundant food. Quite a number of them were strong.

Silently, these underground human beings, who were born in the mine and had lived in the mine all their lives, had just one and one only dream, that was escaping from this dark hell with their people. Silently, they gathered together, put on armors, picked up weapons, and quickly stood side by side with their clansmen.

"Master Shifu, please bless us. This time, we must leave this hell…This time, we will make those non-humankind monsters pay the blood debt!" said a white-haired old Maguspriest, whose body seemed to collapse at any moment. He gripped a wand tightly and released a strong pressure from his body, which could make people shiver in fear.

"Bless us, Master Shifu. Allow us to return to our ancestors' land, allow our souls to be worshipped by our people in the ancestral temple. Even if we have to die, we will die in places where our ancestors lived." murmured another old Maguspriest, "My great-great-grandpa told me that we are noble You Xiong people, we are descendants of Emperor Xuanyuan…We… will eventually go back to that warm land."

"Master Shifu, bless us. Our ancestors came from Western Wasteland, the Taotie Clan. Generation after generation, we wanted to go back home. We might die, but before that, we want to see our homelands." said another Maguspriest, "Dear two Master Shifu, please bless us and fulfill our wishes. allow our children, and the children of our children, to live a free life in our hometown."

In every mine tunnel, people prayed to their 'Master Shifu', begging for their blessings. Among the crowds, some non-humankind slaves devoutly held the portraits of Priest Hua and Priest Mu. From time to time, human beings kneeled to these portraits. Faint, twisting light streams flew out from the heads of these extremely reverent human slaves, merged into a torrent of faith power, and disappeared to the sky.

In the mine, human slaves piously prayed and kowtowed in every corner. Standing in crowds of people, hundreds of priests wearing long robes, with long hair hanging loosely on their backs, had been shaking slightly. Because of the excitement, their faces were blushed.

The tremendous faith power was absorbed by Priest Mu and Priest Hua through the space. A slight little bit of the faith power flew back through an immeasurably long distance and merged into these priests' bodies. But, this slight amount of faith power had already brought them great benefits.

Suddenly, they realized that their primordial spirits had grown stronger, their hearts of Dao were much more settled, and their minds were clearer than before. The problems that puzzled them for long were immediately solved, and they gained a deeper understanding of this mysterious nature so abruptly.

They trembled slightly, as pure power streams surged inside their bodies. One of them burst into bright laughter, "Master Shifu is blessing us!"

A golden airstream rose from this priest's head and became a, hundreds of meters wide golden cloud. A golden lotus bloomed upon the cloud and released strong energy waves, making the surrounding human slaves shake.

"Restrain it! Restrain it!" shouted an older priest hurriedly, "We can't show any abnormal power yet! Now, restrain it!"

Forcibly restraining the wild joy in their hearts, these priests took back their powers and tried their best to stop themselves from making a breakthrough. They too picked some armors for themselves from the vehicles and mingled in the crowds of slaves, rushing forward along the broad tunnels.

Under the city of domination, Yemo Tian and the other leaders of Glorious Domination calmly looked at the warriors swarming in from the entrances in all directions. Large groups of Jia Clan warriors, dark-kind warriors, and armored human warriors lined up orderly beside Yemo Tian and the others.

"Boss, these years, we've spent incalculable money here." A Yu Clan young man put his mouth near Yemo Tian's ear and murmured, "These slaves in the Dark Mountain Mine have been living a life even better than the citizens of Liang Zhu City. They have the booze, the meat, and the high-grade drugs to improve their strengths. We have truly invested in them."

"We promised them that as long as they follow our orders, they can all be free in the future!" said the Yu Clan young man, "Now, these people are all my loyal fighters!"

Yemo Tian looked around at the energetic human warriors satisfyingly, then wielded his arm and shouted, "Lowly barbarians, I permit you to follow my glory…From this day on, you are my, great Yemo Tian's, private army."

"The name I gave you — The Domination Legion!"

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