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A well-made triangular flying battleship was above the clouds, spreading its lateens like the wings of a bird. Countless spell symbols sparkled on the lateen, creating strong airstreams that pushed the ship forward swiftly.

The six leaders of the Glorious Domination sat on the deck while holding their glasses and delightfully talking about the scandals from Liang Zhu City all these years.

The flood brought the humankind huge casualties, but to the non-humankind, it brought nothing but an extremely boring life. The flood surged all over the world. Well-protected by divine towers, these Yu Clan nobles had nowhere to go. Therefore, they tried their best to find thrill-seeking things to do, just inside Liang Zhu City. All strange kinds of things happened constantly during the flood. Yu Clan people's tumultuous private life was worsened to an extreme point during that period of time. Exposed or not, over a thousand young unmarried girls from noble families became pregnant.

Most of the leading roles of these scandals were old friends of Yemo Tian and the other five Yu Clan young men. Secret duels and acts of revenge were caused by these 'romantic affairs'. Consequently, many cruel and nasty things happened in the dark.

Yemo Tian wasn't around, hence, the other five leaders of Glorious Domination made the call and used the hidden conflicts between large families to earn a giant sum of money. In addition to that, they seized the opportunity and wiped out tens of Yu Clan families, which were not weak at all, and brought the successors of over a hundred above-average families under their control. All in all, because of the flood raised by Gong Gong, both the financial and political power of Yemo Tian and his people had swollen rapidly.

At a fairly high speed, the flying battleship flew three-hundred-thousand miles northeast and arrived in a dark mountain area. Faintly visible golden, silver, and red stripes interwove on the dark mountains. At first sight, people with geographical knowledge would know that this mountain area must have a tremendous mineral reserve.

This place was called the Dark Mountain Mine, one of the few most important mines that belonged to the non-humankind. Same as Tusk Basin, this was also a main producing area for mineral resources. A great number of human slaves worked in this mine, and a strong non-humankind army was guarding this area.

The flying battleship flew into the mine area and stopped above the vent of a towering volcano.

A round metal platform silently rose from the volcano vent, having a diameter of ninety meters, and stopped near the deck of the flying battleship. Yemo Tian and the others stepped onto the platform. Coiled with dim lightning bolts, the platform dropped back into the volcano vent while releasing a strong forcefield that split the lava as it sank in deeply.

About a thousand meters deep inside the volcano vent was a large tunnel built by the non-humankind. Proceeding along the tunnel, the metal platform went further down. Hundreds of miles underground, the platform reached the end of the tunnel. Through a thick defensive screen, Yemo Tian and his people arrived in a fairly broad space. It was a hundreds of miles squared area, yet it would give one a pent-up feeling, as if it were 'stuffed'. Three cities of great calamity, each over a hundred miles squared and yet not 'bloomed', floated in this underground space.

Countless human slaves, non-humankind slaves, and Xiu Clan craftsmen had been busying around the three cities of great calamity. Lightning bolts dazzled everywhere, while the light streams emitted from spell symbols were flowing into every corner. Energy fields repelled each other, causing buzzing noises.

Numerous overpasses were built in this space. Countless heavily armored Jia Clan warriors guarded on the overpasses, fiercely looking down at those slaves and craftsmen. Holding all kinds of powerful long-range weapons, they shouted at the slaves and craftsmen from time to time. Groups of dark-kind slave warriors were holding long whips, coiled in dazzling lightning bolts while dashing around. Seeing any slave who was suspiciously indolent in duty, they would immediately swing their whips and give a heavy lash, making those slaves scream in pain and fall on the ground, twitching intensively.

A good-looking, tall and slim Yu Clan man walked quickly to Yemo Tian and his people, along with about ten followers. Around a hundred meters away from Yemo Tian, this Yu Clan man had already bowed deeply.

"Dear leader, seeing you is my, Piji Wuyue's, greatest honor!" The Yu Clan man smilingly raised his head and said, "As you can see, the constructional work of our three cities of great calamity is about to be finished."

"Boss, it's been fifteen years. Finally, our cities of great calamity are going to finish." A Glorious Domination leader proudly pointed at the three enormous cities of great calamity and said, "It's never easy. How many efforts have we spent to mix all the components of these three big guys amidst giant quantities of other goods, and teleport them here from Pan Yu world?"

Yemo Tian curved his lip corners down and said blandly, "Eh? Not bad! Ten years ago, I would be thrilled to have these three large pieces. But now…It's still nice though. Three cities of great calamity will be enough for us to control the entire Liang Zhu City. Are these the special versions customized based on my requirements?"

A Glorious Domination leader hurriedly nodded and said, "Yes boss! According to you, the best way of defense is attacking. So, we've paid a huge price and asked those bloodsuckers in Pan Yu world to customize our attacking modules. The offensive power of these three cities of great calamity is over three times higher than the ones owned by the twelve families in power! But of course, they will also consume a terrifyingly high amount of crystals."

"Crystals!" Yemo Tian chuckled. Proudly looking around, he said carelessly, "We can have plenty of those as long as we have enough slaves working for us. We can have as many as we want, so why would we be stingy? Crystals are not even worth mentioning.

Sighing with a 'halfway satisfaction', Yemo Tian continued, "So, our weapons, armors, warriors…Well, alright! Let's talk about these small things later. Now, brothers, I am introducing you the 'city of domination'!"

The space was abundant here. So, Yemo Tian rubbed an exquisitely made, thick bangle worn on his wrist, then wielded his arm. Golden streams of light flew out of the bangle, within which, a three-hundred-miles-wide golden sphere emerged gradually.

Brightly glowing entirely, the dark-golden shell of the sphere was translucent; it seemed to be made from gemstone.

Judging merely by the shell texture, this 'city of domination' was at a much higher grade than the three cities of great calamity. If one compared this 'city of domination' to a precious gemstone, the three cities of great calamity would be like three cheap stones.

"Dishi Cha brought this treasure from Pan Yu world, from my father!" Yemo Tian shouted with excitement, "This is my ship, a gift from my father! A city of domination! It can destroy the twelve cities of great calamity alone, all by itself! With it, we can be fearless!"

Piji Wuyue again bowed deeply to Yemo Tian. But, deep inside each pupil of his three eyes, a lotus was spinning slowly.

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