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Liang Zhu City...

Wearing a mask that covered half of his face, Yemo Tian walked in a street that he was familiar with.

Maybe because all main military forces had swarmed out with the twelve emperors, guards in Liang Zhu City became lazy. They were supposed to be on patrol along all streets and alleys. But now, they left their mounts aside and stood by the street in small groups, talking about the rosy time they spent last night.

Occasionally, very occasionally, a couple of slightly more responsible guards would glance at Yemo Tian, but it was nothing more than a few glances. Yemo Tian's clothes were made from expensive fabric that only top-grade nobles could afford. The twelve brightly shining spell symbols rings on his fingers could even blind a healthy living being, and even his mast had been releasing strong energy waves.

Yemo Tian looked like another young Yu Clan noble who was probably going to some inappropriate place, and had his face covered to cover his tracks. The guards laughed and lowered their voices, guessing Yemo Tian's identity, and which lady he was going to date secretly. They excitedly made a bet. They betted that in one or two months, the gossips regarding the sudden pregnancy of an unmarried lady would be heard again from Liang Zhu City.

Yemo Tian's ear was shaking slightly as he heard every word those guards said.

He snorted scornfully. In his eyes, those guards were nothing but a bunch of vulgar, useless people. He was Yemo Tian, a possessor of the noblest bloodline from Pan Gu world. In the future, he would become the owner of Pan Gu world and all the surrounding worlds. He didn't have the time to return to Liang Zhu City every day, so how could he come back especially for that kind of a thing?

Noble ladies in Liang Zhu City...

"To be honest, I do miss them. But, when I become the owner of this world, I will have abundant time to spend with them. Right now, there is no rush, really no rush!" Yemo Tian smilingly walked into an alley, calmly passing through a group of muscular Jia Clan men who sat by the alley, doing nothing. Proceeding ahead, he finally walked to a dark bronze door at the end of the alley.

Taking off his mask, Yemo Tian threw a kick onto the door.

Complicated patterns glowed on the door. Within the glow, a fist-sized eye emerged in the middle of the door. From the eye, a dim beam of light shone on Yemo Tian's body, scanning across his body from head to toe multiple times. A while later, the door quietly slid open.

Behind the door was a narrow passage. Over ten Jia Clan men guarded by the wall. They bared their upper bodies, and were as strong as bears. Because of these Jia Clan guards, the space left in the passage for people to pass through was even tinier.

The passage was tens of meters long. Through it, Yemo Tian walked into a broad hall that was hundreds of meters in square. Long and thick wooden tables were placed orderly in the hall. A group of tall and sturdy Jia Clan warriors sat around the tables, laughing, chatting, and drinking. On the table were roasted whole tigers, lions, bulls, and other dishes to go with the booze.

"Whoo-hah!" Seeing Yemo Tian walk in, over a hundred Jia Clan warriors in the hall, whose faces were blushed because of the alcohol, raised their water-tank-sized liquor cups together and acclaimed him.

The strong sound waves quacked the roof, even making dust fall from the ceiling. Yemo Tian smilingly waved his hand to these Jia Clan warriors, then walked to a corner along the wall. An exquisitely designed door quietly opened. Through a spiral staircase, Yemo Tian walked down quickly.

After walking down for three-hundred meters, a scrawny man wearing a dark cloak, coiled in thin black mist, silently opened a door for him. Walking through the door, Yemo Tian came to another broad hall, which was also hundreds of meters in square.

Four large square tables were placed in the hall. These pure metal tables were especially heavy, embossed with beautiful patterns and inlaid with tens of thousands of glistening gemstones. They were blindingly reflecting the glow of the thousands of pearls floating in the air.

Tens of Xiu Clan people stood by the four tables, holding perfectly polished magnifying glasses and carefully observing some brightly shining crystals, gemstones, jade, and pearls in their hands.

Treasures piled on the four tables like small hills. These Xiu Clan people had been picking things from these piles and professionally verifying their values, then handing them to the non-humankind slaves behind them. The non-humankind slaves classified these treasures according to the value and carefully put them into pure gold boxes.

Five Yu Clan young men in luxurious clothes had been lazily sitting in a corner of the hall. That was a special wine testing zone, designed especially for them. Holding exquisite glasses, they lazily leaned against soft benches and took sips of the wine from time to time.

Yemo Tian walked to the five young men in large steps while clapping his hands loudly, and yelled, "Aha! You five bloody parasites! I am busying at intriguing against everyone else out there, while you hiding in here and enjoying your lives. Life is never fair, is it?"

The five young men immediately stood up and smilingly bowed to Yemo Tian. To Yemo Tian, they were extremely polite and respectful.

"Boss, you're back! We've been making some solid profits these years. Three days earlier, we made a great deal. A Blood Moon man from a branch of the Di Family wanted to inherit his uncle's family business, and we helped him give his uncle a sudden death. What we earned from this deal is worth more than three billion jade coins!" Straightening his body, a young man impatiently showed off their achievements to Yemo Tian.

"So nasty!" Yemo Tian frowned and said, "So nasty! Murdering his own uncle for the family business? And he asked us to do that for him? We are Glorious Domination! This is a humiliation to us! Charge him ten more billion jade coins. Otherwise, we will turn him in!"

"You are so wise, boss!" The five Yu Clan young man laughed together evilly.

Yemo Tian sat down on a bench, while the five young men told him about all the great achievements they had made in these years.

Based on the legal system of Yu Dynasty, what they had done were mostly illegal and immoral. From their conversations, one could easily learn that their so-called Glorious Domination was led by Yemo Tian and these five young men. The members of this organization included many young people from the twelve families in power. They had been acting quite evilly in collusion with each other, and were under the protection of their elderships. This organization was a tumor of Yu Dynasty.

Ji Hao had been to a prison run by the non-humankind called Black Shark Castle. The prison was an important financial resource of this organization, where many tragedies happened under their direction.

"Alright, wealth is nothing!" Yemo Tian gave the final conclusion, "What I need is not wealth. I need strength! I need this wealth to become my strength!"

"All this money, where did you spend it these years?"

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