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Persuaded by the eleven non-humankind emperors, Piji Nu sat back into his seat. He was utterly discomfited. Gritting his teeth, he stared at Ji Hao with a bone-deep hatred. He even seemed to squeeze his three eyeballs out of his eye sockets and smash them on Ji Hao's face.

Ji Hao still had his spirit beast. Piji Nu hated Ji Hao so much, but he dared not to start more conflicts. Instead, he remained sitting and silent.

"Good! Talk, let's talk." Polo Jia, the Flow Moon Emperor, glanced at Piji Nu's awfully darkened face and slowly nodded.

Among the twelve branches of the non-humankind, Flow Moon people were knowledge keepers, the guardians of the Yu Clan civilization. Therefore, Flow Moon people weren't good at fighting, but their wisdom was far beyond people from the other branches. Polo Jia was such a man. Among all twelve emperors from the Yu Dynasty, he was the weakest one physically. However, he was also the calmest and wisest one. For face-to-face negotiation like this, he would always do the talking on behalf of all.

Emperor Shun put his hands on the table and frowned slightly, sweeping across the twelve non-humankind emperors with his eyes. Then, he seriously nodded and said, "So, let's talk. I assume that we human beings now are qualified to run a fair negotiation face to face with you, right?"

Polo Jia threw a complicated glance at Ji Hao, but remained silent.

None of the twelve non-humankind emperors seemed to be delighted. Behind them, the twenty-four powerful elders, especially Piji Tian and Piji Di, looked extremely sulky.

How old was Ji Hao? A hundred years old? No, he was definitely younger than that! Judging by the power they sensed from him, he was not yet even fifty! He was so young, but he could rival Piji Di. He was actually strong enough to break Piji Di's weapon with his fingers.

Earlier, Ji Hao penetrated Piji Di's lower belly with his sword fiercely and swiftly. All powerful non-humankind elders who watched that felt a sharp coldness from their own lower abdomens, as if Ji Hao's sword had pierced into their bellies too.

They could tell for sure that Piji Di had underestimated his enemy. He hadn't been seeing Ji Hao as an equal-level enemy. He was careless, so he suffered a sword strike. The problem was that even if Piji Di underestimated Ji Hao, the latter was certainly as strong as him — He was equally powerful as a Sun and Moon stage being!

A Sun and Moon stage powerful being under fifty years old!

The twelve non-humankind emperors and the twenty-four elders had now been silently cursing Ji Hao's ancestors in their heads. If Ji Hao represented the potential of the new generations of human beings, the humankind was surely qualified to fun a fair negotiation with the non-humankind.

They thought about those young Yu Clan people. At Ji Hao's age, they were busy at leading a befuddled life, drinking, dating, and fighting each other in Liang Zhu City because of jealousy. Among Yu Clan people at Ji Hao's age, even Divine-Magus-level beings were rare, not to mention the stage of Sun and Moon.

"Of course, we admit that you have the potential." Polo Jia said calmly, "An astonishing, daunting potential. Marquis Yao Ji Hao, how many times have we heard this title and name these years? We truly didn't think that he is already so strong."

Quickly knocking the table with his fingers, Polo Jia continued with a cold voice, "You are so strong, so full of potential, so you deserve to know what I am going to tell you. Unfortunately, you are facing a destructive disaster right now!"

Emperor Shun's frowned. Glaring at Polo Jia, he said, "We are facing a destructive disaster right now? Polo Jia, are you saying that your twelve cities of great calamity will destroy our humankind?"

Earlier, Ao Hao was injured badly by Piji Nu. But by now, the hole in his chest was healed already. Even after all that, he shamelessly asked for a seat beside Emperor Xuanyuan, sitting straight down. Hearing Emperor Shun, Ao Hao laughed out loud, "Destroy the humankind? These pretty boys and pretty old men? Haha, Emperor Shun, kid, don't be afraid. Our dragon boys and I will assist in fighting! With us, your humankind will never be destroyed!"

Emperor Shun dropped his face, while Emperor Xuanyuan's finger twitched intensely. Apparently, he could put his sword into Ao Hao's throat at any time.

Piji Nu leaped up, stared at Ao Hao, and growled, "Worm, you think you're strong? If Ji Hao didn't interrupt the battle, you would have died already!"

Ao Hao showed no sign of weakness. He leaped up as well, pointed at Piji Nu's nose, and yelled, "Three-eyed monster, if you didn't have that ugly bird behind you, can you possibly defeat your Master Ao? Haha, come on, come on! Let's fight the second round! I will make you happy!"

Clang! Piji Nu pulled out his sword and Ao Hao raised his giant axe. Both of them roared aloud.

Piji Tian stood up and slapped on Piji Nu's shoulder, pressing him back into his seat.

Emperor Xuanyuan stood up and gave Ao Hao a heavy slap. Ao Hao's head was slapped swinging sideways. After that, he lowered his head and dared not to say another word. Quietly sitting back down, he began complaining mumblingly in a muffled voice.

"Polo Jia, tell us, what destructive disaster are we facing?" Looking at Polo Jia seriously, Emperor Shun asked, "If you want to stary another great war, we will give you that!"

Polo Jia breathed deeply, then took out a crystal ball and placed it on the table.

A dim light sparkled in the crystal ball. Twelve portal-base teleporting formations, which had been ceaselessly releasing intense space vibrations, emerged in the crystal ball. Pointing at the crystal ball, Polo Jia told Emperor Shun about the guess of the twelve families in power.

"Dishi Cha?" Emperor Shun said in shock, "Isn't he one of you?"

Dishi Yanluo's twisted face twitched as he said through gritted teeth, "A traitor! He betrayed the family! He sold the secrets of our family to some other people! That scum! I was wondering why he would have the coordinates of twelve new worlds! Damn it, he fooled us. We wanted the resources from the twelve new worlds, but we never thought that…Dishi Cha had such a scheme!"

Emperor Shun remained silent, and so did Emperor Xuanyuan. Candle Jiuyin, Si Wen Ming, and Ji Hao were all lost in their thoughts.

A top-grade powerful being from Pan Yu world, who was seen as a formidable enemy by the twelve families in power in Yu Dynasty? Gong Gong raised the flood for no other purpose but to guide that powerful being's army to Pan Gu world?

It was too much information to be absorbed in such a short span of time.

A long while later, Ji Hao started talking, "Which means, for your own benefits, you twelve families allied and kept Pan Gu world secret from…the true powerful nobles in your hometown?"

The twelve emperors didn't respond, just staring at Ji Hao in the eyes.

Ji Hao nodded, totally understanding the situation. "So, now you want us to fight those people, who are coming without an invitation, together with you?"

Polo Jia narrowed his eyes and said, "We hope that you can deploy all your forces and…follow our orders!"

"Impossible!" Emperor Xuanyuan and Emperor Shun were both infuriated. They stood up and growled resonantly.

Alo To, the High Moon Emperor, immediately leaped up from his seat and yelled, "If you refuse to follow our order, we will beat you until you obey!"

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