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"No, give it back to me!" Piji Nu shouted, shaking his head as his blood sprayed a long distance away.

"I took it, I occupied it, I shall have it forever!" Looking at Piji Nu, Ji Hao said while pulling out Pan Gu Dragon Mark. Pointing the sword tip at Piji Nu's heart, he sneered, "You carved this on the gate of your Liang Zhu City! I like it!"

Piji Nu gasped quickly, staring at Ji Hao with his three eyes that were filled with blood streaks. He couldn't say a word.

'I took it down, I occupied it, I shall have it forever', this was not just carved on the gate of Liang Zhu City. Wherever Yu Clan people reached, and in all places they occupied, this slogan was carved on all gates of their cities. This slogan had become a faith of Yu Clan people ever since their ancestors conquered the first world.

The strong ones, the ones with sharp weapons, could have everything. It was a pure robbers' logic, but it was accepted by countless Yu Clan people.

The two powerful elders who followed Piji Nu here stood up simultaneously and moved slightly, instantly entering the arena. With a dark face, Piji Nu looked at Ji Hao as he said coldly, "This aphorism is the highest truth, the origin of our belief. But, only the truly powerful ones are qualified to use it. You, apparently, you're not one of them!"

Gritting his teeth, Piji Di looked at Ji Hao as he wielded a heavy flail. The flail had three chains, each tied on a meteor hammer that was as large as a wine jar. It was thickly covered with sharp thorns, spinning swiftly and causing shrill whooshing noises.

"Marquis Yao Ji Hao, give back my spirit beast. If you do what I say, we can forgive you. But if you don't, you will die!"

Including Yemo Luoye, the other eleven non-humankind emperors and their elders remained completely motionless. They looked at Piji Nu, Piji Tian, Piji Di, and Ji Hao, who was surrounded by the three of them, with immense interest.

Ji Hao smiled, but didn't say a word. Pan Gu Dragon Mark slightly quaked, letting out dragon roars which got louder and louder, brighter and brighter, more and more deafening, more and more agitated. By the end, it even sounded like tens of thousands of enormous dragons roaring by one's ears, terrifying and shaking one's entire body, make one feel like being struck by countless bolts of lightning.

Yemo Shayi sneered and transformed into a dark shadow, dissipating in the air. Hearing the sky-shaking dragon roars, Yemo Shayi's cold, dagger-sharp laughter echoed, "Piji Tian, Piji Di, be careful…Don't let me seize any chance, because I can kill both of you with one sword move."

Piji Tian and Piji Di's facial expressions changed instantly. They were both Sun and Moon stage beings too, same as Yemo Shayi. However, they were pure fighters. Face to face, they wouldn't be afraid of any enemy. But, as a Sun and Moon stage powerful being, Yemo Shayi was an experienced assassin who liked nothing more than stabbing one's back. In the eyes of Piji Tian and Piji Di, Yemo Shayi was the most troublesome opponent.

Which warrior would want an assassin hanging around behind him while he was focused on an intense battle?

Piji Tian yelled angrily, "Yemo Shayi, fight me like a real warrior!"

Hearing Piji Tian, Yemo Shayi sneered scornfully. Back in the Yemo Family, he was a slave. He never stood in a high position. Therefore, he didn't have the fake sense of honor which belonged especially to noble beings. All his life, he fought as an assassin who stabbed from the back. Fighting a powerful Red Sun warrior face to face? He would never do it, unless his brain was damaged.

While Yemo Shayi was sneering, Piji Di rushed towards Ji Hao with giant steps. His heavy flail brought up a fierce gust of wind and smashed towards Ji Hao. On the three-meters-long hilt of the flail, countless spell symbols sparkled, while the three giant meteor hammers swished ear-piercingly across the air. Spinning rapidly, red thunderbolts erupted from the three meteor hammers simultaneously.

Ji Hao took a deep breath and triggered the cultivation method with nine turns to an extreme degree. Once again, his skin turned weirdly colorless and crystalline. While holding Pan Gu dragon mark with his right hand and remaining unmoved, Ji Hao clenched his five left fingers and raised his hand to catch the flail which came straight down at his head.

Si Wen Ming and Emperor Shun stood up together and stared at Ji Hao, stunned. Was he actually attempting to take the weapon from a Sun and Moon stage powerful being with a bare hand? Red Sun warriors were not like weak warlocks from Full Moon. They were extremely strong. As same as High Moon warriors, they were best at close combats and pure physical fights!

Following a bang, Ji Hao gripped one meteor hammer with his fingers. Sizzling thunderbolts struck on his palm and raised wisps of smoke. His skin split up slightly, but that was all.

Hearing the sizzling noise, as Ji Hao put forth his strength, his fingers slowly sank into the meteor hammer like five drillers, creating five holes on it. On the hammer, countless spell symbols fell apart. Watching this, Piji Di roared in shock — Ji Hao's body was actually stronger than his meteor hammers!

Simultaneously, the eleven non-humankind emperors and twenty-two powerful elders stood up, all dumbfounded.

The three-ended flail held in Piji Di's hand was his spirit weapon. He almost spent a lifetime to cultivate it. After every few centuries, he would consume a great amount of precious materials to strengthen and improve it. Ji Hao's body was a fleshy body after all. How could it be even stronger than the flail?

Piji Di's eyes grew wider as he stared at Ji Hao and growled with a dry voice, "What kind of a monster are you?"

Ji Hao gripped the meteor hammer with his left hand while his right hand lunged Pan Gu Dragon Mark towards Piji Di's lower abdomen, shining with a cold light.

Piji Di gave a roar and attempted to take back his weapon, but Ji Hao's tightly clenched five fingers remained unmoved. Piji Di tried his best, but failed to pull his weapon back. As he hesitated for a short moment, Pan Gu Dragon Mark easily penetrated his lower abdomen and came out from his back.

Blood splashed everywhere, as Piji Di howled in pain and retreated. He dropped his weapon and covered his wound with both hands while cursing.

Piji Tian hurriedly rushed to Piji Di, carefully shielded his brother, and said, "Alright, alright, Marquis Yao Ji Hao, I admit that you're qualified to use our aphorism, that you are a truly powerful being! Alright? Piji Nu's spirit beast, we need it back at all costs. Name your price!"

Without a doubt, Ji Hao's performance proved that he did have a Supreme-level power. He didn't use any other power but his physical strength, which had definitely reached the level of a Supreme Magus. The less effort he put into it, the more astonishing this got.

Without other choices, Piji Tian admitted that Ji Hao was qualified to use that aphorism, and the spirit beast was already owned by him. By now, there was no other way but letting Ji Hao extort them, and getting that spirit beast back by paying a high price.

"Well, this can be negotiated, can be negotiated… Hehe, no rush, there's no rush!" Ji Hao gave a harmless grin, then slowly returned to the table and sat back down.

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