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No one tried to dissuade them. The rest ten emperors simply watched.

The light of destruction released from Yemo Luoye's erect eye was incredibly powerful, and wherever it dazzled across, the time, space, and all natural powers seemed to melt. The melted natural powers were absorbed by Yemo Luoye with her power of devouring, becoming her strength.

Polo Jia smirked with a deep voice. As the Flow Moon Emperor, as a keeper and sower of the Yu Clan culture and knowledge among all Yu Clan nobles, and as the final guardian of the Yu Clan civilization, Polo Jia wasn't exceptionally powerful, but his power was unpredictable.

A few crystal shields emerged before the light of destruction, followed by a few earth shields and wooden shields. Within a twinkling of an eye, a bright fiery light shone, and countless light beams wove into a large web, wrapping the light of destruction up.

Yemo Luoye's light of destruction tore apart all of Polo Jia's defense and flashed to his chest. Polo Jia shook his head and flicked his finger. Following his move, twelve six-feet-tall divine towers emerged before his face and generated a three-feet-thick defensive light screen, protecting him from the destruction light.

The destruction light bumped into the colorful light screen, and caused a shrill squeezing noise that might soften one's teeth. The destruction light drilled in inch by inch, while the light screen collapsed bit by bit. But before the screen was destroyed entirely, Polo Jia flicked his finger again and released a hundred and eight tiny divine towers.

"Yemo Luoye, violence represents nothing. Knowledge is our most precious wealth." Polo Jia looked at Yemo Luoye proudly and said, "Your violence is not the strongest among all twelve of us, whereas my knowledge is top-ranked among all our kind in Pan Gu world. Your violence can never conquer my knowledge!"

"Idiot!" Yemo Luoye took back the destruction light, sat calmly back on her throne, and said, "If I want to kill you, your knowledge would be useless. When your brain rots in your grave, your knowledge will be nothing but trash."

Polo Jia chuckled, then proudly took back his tiny divine towers and prepared to brag about his knowledge. But silently, a dark-red dagger was put against his neck. The sharp dagger edge was almost cutting into his skin, which brought him a slight pain.

"You!" Face paled, cold sweat oozed from Polo Jia's forehead.

Polo Jia suddenly remembered something that made him feel slightly helpless. Because of their devouring power and destructive power, Yemo Family people could cultivate much more efficiently than the others. Therefore, among the twelve families in power, the Yemo Family had the most hidden powerful beings.

It was said that the strongest fighter of Yemo Luoye, whose name was Yemo Shayi, was lost to a human being by her. But, how could she not have a couple of more hidden powerful ones around her?

Polo Jia wasn't good at fighting. If Yemo Luoye had one guard as powerful as Yemo Shayi, Polo Jia would be unable to defend himself against her.

"Enough! No need to hurt the harmony!" Piji Nu, the emperor of the Red Sun, who believed in violence and slaughter, stood up and began talking imperially. "Before, we might have played harmless small tricks against each other as a pastime. But now, we can't fall into internal strifes. Polo Jia, apologize to Emperor Yemo Luoye!"

The dagger put against Polo Jia's neck disappeared. He rubbed his neck and stood up politely, then bowed to Yemo Luoye and said, "Emperor Yemo Luoye, please forgive me for what I said. We now know that everything is Dishi Cha's scheme, and whoever is behind this, he or she must be related to Yemo Tian."

"Even that terrifying weapon!" Polo Jia continued, "Years ago, we all sensed that power, which belonged to a supreme weapon. We have no way to attain a strong weapon like that. The only possibility was Dishi Cha, but judging by his position, that weapon could not belong to him!"

"Yemo Tian has a supreme weapon!" said Yemo Luoye coldly, "Wherever he got it…"

With complicated expressions, the rest eleven emperors glanced at Yemo Luoye simultaneously. But as Polo Jia had already been forced to apologize, these emperors quickly turned their eyes away. Anyway, everyone knew about that rumor which had been spreading for long. Yemo Tian and Yemo Luoye had the same mother, but their fathers were two different men. Therefore, Yemo Luoye had been keeping a close watch on Yemo Tian!

"The problem we're facing right now, how should we fight against the coming enemy?" continued Yemo Luoye blandly, "The connection between us and Pan Yu world is broken…By now, the permanent portal can't be repaired, neither should we repair it."

"If an enemy as strong as we have imagined truly arrives, and if we repair the portal that leads back home, his or her power would be sensed by people back in Pan Yu world, and the secret of Pan Gu world would go public. Then, Pan Gu world would become like those conquered great worlds, carved up, torn apart, and occupied. At least, we will lose everything."

With a cold voice, Yemo Luoye carried on, "Therefore, we need to figure out a way to ruin the plan of Dishi Cha and the one behind him, with our own powers."

Polo Jia added blandly, "We have a great chance to succeed. Because, even if an enemy as powerful as we have imagined truly descended to Pan Gu world, his power would be suppressed by the great Dao of Pan Gu world to an extreme point. In this world, he or she would be stronger than Sun and Moon stage beings, but not too much stronger."

Breathing deeply, he continued with his deep voice, "We need to make a little bit sacrifice. Some people will die, we will lose some of our strongest warriors, and each of our families will lose a large batch of people. But compared to Pan Gu world, all these losses will be worthy."

Dishi Yanlou's eyes flickered with a fierce blood-red light as he said, "Why should we fight that bloody enemy alone? Don't you forget that as local creatures in Pan Gu world, human beings are quite strong. Among them, some were exceptionally powerful, who nearly destroyed our ancestors back then."

"Will the humankind help us fight against that being?" Fan Hai blocked and said.

"We can show our powers to human beings first." Dishi Yanluo stood up. Dense blood-red mist rolled around his body as he laughed out loud, "We show our powers to them, and let them see how strong we are now. Then, we force them to fight for us."

Wielding his fist, Dishi Yanluo continued loudly, "Human beings have a deep hatred for us. Therefore, they would never cooperate with us. We should launch the strike, frighten them, and show them our powers. When they are lost in fear and hopelessness, we will propose a settlement agreement. Then, all problems will be solved."

The group of emperor glanced at each other and raised their right hands, agreeing with Dishi Yanluo.

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