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"Wanna get rich?" Ji Hao held his hands behind his body, looking at Dishi Tu’s grinning face, and said, "So, you’re a vulgarian too!"

Dishi Tu’s face turned slightly dark. With fear, he glanced at Yemo Shayi. If he could defeat Yemo Shayi, he would seriously throw a heavy punch to Ji Hao’s face.

As a proud Yu Clan noble, as a professional Blood Moon warrior with high self-esteem, Dishi Tu wanted nothing more than military rewards. ‘Getting rich’? Such a shallow thought, how could it have anything to do with him? If Ji Hao didn’t threaten him with that cruel punishment, how could he ever say something so shameful?

Yemo Shayi snorted slightly. Hearing that, Dishi Tu trembled, as if he were suddenly struck by high voltage. Letting out a long breath, he gave a bright grin and said, "My dear landowner, I admit I am indeed a vulgarian. So, how will you make me rich? Jade coins? Crystals? Or other precious treasures? I’m interested in them all."

Because of the dreadful pressure from Yemo Shayi, Dishi Tu gave up on himself. He was prepared to throw himself into a muddy puddle.

Ji Hao smiled. Dishi Tu knew how to behave in a delicate situation, and Ji Hao liked people with such an ability. Gently patting Dishi Tu’s shoulder, Ji Hao smiled and said, "You will certainly get rich. But before that, I hope you can create evidence for me."

Dishi Tu looked at Ji Hao in confusion. ‘Create’ evidence? What did that mean?

Coughing slightly, Ji Hao pointed that large campsite for captives in a distance away, and said with a deep voice, "Go tell the others about who you really are, then convince them to cooperate with you to testify against those ‘guides’. I need a written evidence from each of you to prove that these ‘guides’ were sent out to collude with you by a few large and powerful human families against my Yao Mountain City."

Dishi Tu’s heart missed a beat. As a qualified Yu Clan man, he wasn’t a stranger to all kinds of schemes and conflicts that happened between families. He had witnessed bloody great purges happened in Yu Dynasty, but he never thought that he would be involved in an internal strife of the humankind one day.

"Are some powerful human families against your city? Why? Did you… offend them?"

Ji Hao smilingly looked at Dishi Tu and said something that twisted Dishi Tu’s face, with a mild, calm voice, "Of course, I didn’t offend them. On the contrary, they colluded with you non-humankind beings, and are against our entire humankind!"

Raising his head, he looked at the beautiful skyglow and continued blandly, "In your written evidence, you need to make it hundred percent sure that those large human families have already made an agreement with you. They planned to storm Yao Mountain City and use this city as a stronghold, then attack Pu Ban City. They vainly attempted to catch all leaders of the alliance of human clans in action!"

Holding Dishi Tu’s hand, Ji Hao let him squat on the ground along with himself. Sweeping his palm across the ground, a clear relief map of Pu Ban City area appeared on the ground. Ji Hao drew a line between Pu Ban City and Yao Mountain City, then smiled and said, "You see? My Yao Mountain territory is the broadest, strongest human territory around Pu Ban City."

"With my city occupied, their army would be able to threaten the core area of Pu Ban City anytime they wanted. They could even attack from three directions simultaneously, marching straight into Pu Ban City while sweeping across all territories around the city." Ji Hao punched heavily on Pu Ban City on the map, then smiled to Dishi Tu and continued, "This is the evil intent of those families!"

"Destroying the alliance of human clans? But what’s in it for them?" Dishi Tu spread his hands and looked at Ji Hao. He was even more confused. "They are influential human clans, which means they have shared interests with the alliance!"

"What’s for them? Sure, they will gain, depending on how much you can offer them." Ji Hao smilingly looked at Dishi Tu and said, "This is the advantage of ‘creating’ evidence. You can make your ‘offer’ perfect, and we can convince the world that your ‘offer’ fills the interest and demands of these large human families, so they made an agreement with you people."

Dishi Tu shook his head and said, "I don’t know what we can offer to tempt those large families! You need to know that this is a war between two races. What can go beyond the interest of their race?"

"Family interests can surely go beyond the interest of their race." Ji Hao narrowed his eyes, looked at Dishi Tu, and said, "As a race which has conquered countless cultures, you should have a deep understanding about this…For example, the enfeoffment system?"

"The enfeoffment system?" Dishi Tu showed a complicated countenance. With a trace of curiosity, he looked at Ji Hao, and said, "No offense, but I have to say that based on the social civilization level in this world, it seems that you shouldn’t have such a thought. Probably, this can happen in the future, but the current civilization level of the alliance of human clans…"

"A primitive tribal culture, sure, I admit that." Ji Hao proudly pointed at his nose and said, "But, I’m a smart person. Perhaps, you can think it in this way, that my wisdom has transcended many people in this era. I have many different thoughts, but as for where did those come from, you can use your imagination…Maybe, a bolt of thunder struck on my head and brought those thoughts?"

Dishi Tu showed the whites of his eyes. That, was some real nonsense. With hidden bitterness, he helplessly looked at Ji Hao. ‘Do I look like an idiot?’ He thought.

"Some powerful human clans have made an agreement with the non-humankind." Taking back the smile on his face, Ji Hao said coldly.

"The flood largely weakened the humankind. In the eyes of some people from these large human families, the humankind can no longer hold the attacks from the non-humankind. Therefore, they decided to betray the humankind, and to save their own families from damages."

"According to your agreement, they would be helping the non-humankind to destroy the alliance of human clans, and wipe out all human forces that dare to fight against the non-humankind. In return, Yu Dynasty would appoint them as ‘kings’. Each family would have an enfeoffment, build a kingdom, and pledge loyalty to Yu Dynasty."

"Yu Dynasty would become the ruler of Pan Gu world, with those ‘kings’ serving as its claws."

"Mining, fishing, animal husbandry, the military… With the help of these ‘kings’, Yu Dynasty wouldn’t be spending too many efforts to possess all inexhaustible resources in this world."

Hearing Ji Hao’s words, Dishi Tu gave a bitter smile and said, "But, not a single large Yu Clan family will say that…"

Ji Hao gently patted Dishi Tu’s head, then smiled and said, "I don’t need those large Yu Clan families to stand out and testify. Dishi Tu, the commander of the best scouts of the Blood Moon army, a member of the Dishi Family, has become a captive in my Yao Mountain City…Do I need more evidence?"

Ji Hao smilingly looked at Dishi Tu’s embarrassed face, "Because of you, this chain of evidence is perfect! Dear Dishi Tu, you’re gonna be rich! Because, I… will give you a generous reward."

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