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Like a ghost, Ji Hao silently showed up behind Dishi Tu.

"Cruel indeed, very inhumane! This is even a violation of the Geneva Conventions. But, since the Geneva Conventions is not yet existing, why can’t I violate it a little?" Ji Hao murmured while he flipped his finger on the back of Dishi Tu’s head.

Dishi Tu sensed a pain from the back of his head and was startled. He screamed, then turned around and clenched his fists, looking at Ji Hao nervously.

"Dear landowner, how are you?" Seeing Ji Hao’s face, Dishi Tu had a layer of cold sweat oozing out of his handsome face. He bowed to Ji Hao politely and said with a smile, "I am deeply sorry for causing you so many troubles."

"No, no trouble at all. I actually need to thank you for bringing me so many slaves!" Ji Hao grinned at him and said with a kind countenance. "We have to admit that in the coming future, Yao Mountain territory may need to fight many intense battles in a row. Seeing so many cannon fodders falling from the sky, in fact, I am delighted."

Glancing at those glowing-red melting stoves in a distance away, and those non-humankind warriors who were struggling under searing irons, Dishi Tu sighed slightly. Remaining silent for a while, he bowed to Ji Hao again and said, "I hope I will be able to redeem my warriors…They are the best of my family…"

Ji Hao interrupted him. "Are they truly your family warriors? Alright. You’re not a leader of a slave-hunting troop, neither are they your family warriors. You are really different from those guys."

While speaking, Ji Hao pointed at the other slave hunting troops leaders, who had been keeping quiet out of fear now.

Peeling the enemies with a magic, soaking in soil and setting them on fire… This cruel torture augmented these leaders’ fear of Ji Hao by several times. In the past, when hunting slaves, these leaders had used even crueler punishments on their slaves. But somehow, a great fear rose from their hearts once they realized that the one suffering this today was one of ‘their people’.

"I…Of course I’m a…" Dishi Tu was a bit nervous. He clearly understood that the price of a Blood Moon army commander could be ten times higher than the price of a leader, of a slave-hunting troop. If Ji Hao were slightly greedier, the price could even be a hundred times higher!

Dishi Tu didn’t want to see his families waiting for him in a completely empty house, which even had its gates sold for the ransom money, when he returned to Liang Zhu City.

"I, am only an ordinarily…" Dishi Tu stuttered and attempted to explain.

Ji Hao smilingly glanced at the group of leader, then gripped his shoulder, flashed across the air and dragged him to a hill a hundred miles away. Dishi Tu suffered an awful dizziness. As he finally recovered from dizziness caused by disordered space, Ji Hao had already snatched an exquisite space ring from his finger.

"That’s my personal belonging! You…" Dishi Tu suddenly found out that dealing with barbarians, especially violent, aggressive yet especially strong leaders of large forces among them, was so very dangerous.

"A leader of a slave-hunting troop will pray when he or she sees something scary. But they will pray to ‘beautiful jade coins’, ‘perfect jades’, or simply ‘sparkling crystals’! Those were their faith. They came for money."

Fiddling with that exquisite ring, Ji Hao continued coldly, "Only a high-grade noble with a high society background, who has been showering under the light of the Blood Moon, and is standing at a high position in Yu Dynasty, will pray to the ‘supreme Blood Moon’ when he experiences a great mood swing."

Dishi Tu looked at Ji Hao in shock. He didn’t think that Ji Hao could know about Yu Clan people even more than he imagined.

"I…" Racking his brain and pondering for a short while, Dishi Tu stuttered, "I was…hunting. Yes, I was on a short hunting trip. But accidentally, very accidentally, I approached your territory. I am so sorry. I was forced to join them, to do these unfriendly things to your territory. But I swear I didn’t hurt any of your people."

"I know almost everything about you Yu Clan people. My knowledge about you is far beyond your imagination. Perhaps, you should know one thing. From Yemo Luoye, I won a Supreme-Magus-level slave." Flicking his finger, Ji Hao continued, "An old noble being from the Dark Sun, a true noble. His name is Yemo Shayi. Your culture, your traditions, everything about you, I learned a lot from him."

As dark silhouette flashed out from Ji Hao’s shadow. With a cold smile, Yemo Shayi showed up, standing before Dishi Tu’s face.

Dishi Tu quivered instantly. In fear and shock, he stared at Yemo Shayi and said, "Not possible…Emperor Yemo Luoye, she…But of course, such things can never spread, such shameful things…"

Yemo Shayi circled around Dishi Tu, sniffed him, then chuckled in a frosty voice.

"A little bird with bright eyes, do not deny your true identity. In order to cover the smell of your bodies when you scout in forests, you always apply an ointment made from lithospermum, chrysanthemum, junci medulla, and nineteen other herbs." Yemo Shayi scornfully curved his mouth corners down and said, "Did you make your ointment yourself? Your ointment is rustily made. The aroma of chrysanthemum is a bit too strong, sensing a bit feminine."

Dishi Tu’s countenance changed a bit, then he bowed to Yemo Shayi with respect. Smiling to Ji Hao bitterly, he said, "I am very sorry. I am the commander of the seventeenth regiment of the Blood Moon army. My name is Dishi Tu. Under orders, my warriors and I sneaked into human territory to scout for the current situation of human beings."

Breathing deeply, Dishi Tu continued with a dry voice, "I hope my warriors and I can be treated the way that matches our identities. Our families will be willing to pay ransom money for us."

"Ransom money!" Ji Hao tilted his head, looked at Dishi Tu, and smiled mildly. Then, he coiled his arm around Dishi Tu’s neck, slapped his shoulder with his other hand, and said, "So, Dishi Tu, my friend, talking about the ransom money might hurt our friendship. Hmm, this might sound a bit vulgar, but I solve problems in straightforward ways…So, do you want to be rich?"

Yemo Shayi’s face twitched intensely. In speechlessness, he looked at the sky. ‘Poor Dishi Tu, falling in Ji Hao’s hands, your fate…’ Yemo Shayi slightly shook his head.

"Eh? I’m a proud commander of the Blood Moon army. I…" Dishi Tu wanted to show his spirit.

"Shall I peel you and light you like a lamp?" Ji Hao asked grinningly.

"I think we should better continue the topic of getting rich." Dishi Tu betrayed his spirit right away.

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