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Fiery clouds rolled while the nine dragons chariot flashed across the sky, flying towards Yao Mountain City.

Sitting on the chariot, Ji Hao looked down at the mountains and rivers down below that the chariot flew past quickly. The 'All Streams to the Final Land' great formation was already completed. By now, the flood was ebbing, but in many areas, turbid waves had still been surging in rivers and lakes.

The situation was already much better than the worst time during the flood. By the sides of different sized water channels, the earth was already exposed in some areas. Simple and crude shacks and tents were already built in some flat areas, forming different scaled campsites.

Countless human beings had been working hard. They were scrawny and exhausted, but they had smiles of hope on their faces. They created new farmlands, took out the seeds that they preserved with great efforts during the flood, and planted into the soil with extra care.

The earth of Pan Gu world was generous and caritative. As long as one was willing to spend efforts and shed sweat, the seeds planted would certainly pay back with a sweet harvest. Generation after generation, human beings were full of confidence towards the earth, no matter how badly they suffered.

Plant a seed today, ánd you would harvest thousands of grains in months.

With farmlands, as long as one made efforts, there would be a harvest. One would fill one's stomach, then create more farmlands, rebuild villages, towns, and cities. One would reconstruct his homeland, then have kids, and the kids would have their kids.

"Human beings are all good." Ji Hao abruptly grinned as he felt warmth in his heart. Somehow, an indescribable, warm, and strong power spread inside his body. Even his embryo of Dao had been shaking slightly. From these ordinary human beings, he sensed a great life-force.

Back in the Town Hall, from those powerful family elites who stood in high positions, and were capable of turning mountains into a sea, Ji Hao sensed nothing but coldness, cruelty, heartlessness, and rottenness. Only when he saw these ordinary people did he sense the thriving life-force.

Gong Sun Bo and his people were cold, rotten, heartless, and cruel. Therefore, Ji Hao dared to kill every last one of them and make their blood flow in a river. These ordinary people were so weak but so warm and energetic, and on seeing them, Ji Hao felt a warmth and love. These people were weak, but they represented all the strength in the world. Ji Hao was willing to protect these people with all he had.

"Eh, Emperor Shun!" Sitting aside, Man Man complained murmuringly while gulping a fruit. Her face was even covered in juice. "He is the human emperor! The emperor of all human beings! But no one listened to him at all! Look at my Abba, if any clan dares to not listen to him, that clan would be wiped out from the earth!"

Shaking her head, Man Man sighed and continued, "Emperor Shun is such a poor emperor!"

Ji Hao gave a long sigh, then patted Man Man's head and responded, "Emperor Shun, he is a good man…A good man will always be upset by some unkindness."

Man Man suddenly narrowed her eyes and looked at Ji Hao with a dangerous light sparkling in those eyes, then asked, "Eh? Are you saying that my Abba is a bad guy?"

Ji Hao laughed loudly, then gently pulled Man Man's earlobe while saying, "Your Abba is not a bad guy, he is a fierce man! Most people in this world will bully the weak and fear the strong. You be fierce, then naturally, no one will dare to offend you. On the contrary, they'll listen to every word you said! But of course, your Abba is a fierce man, but he is also a good man."

Honestly speaking, Zhu Rong was truly a good man. At least, Southern Wasteland people had been living a good life under his lead. Besides, the Zhu Rong Family had been suppressing Chi You through generations, which was also admirable.

Man Man nodded in satisfaction, then popped out her eyes, looked at Ji Hao, and asked in confusion, "But why can't Emperor Shun be a fierce man?"

Ji Hao remained silent for a while, raised his head, and looked at the sky, responding blandly, "Because human beings have too many concerns, and they respect their ancestors very much. Respect the elderly, venerate the ancestors and their bloodlines, these are all good. After all, ever since the prehistorical era, human beings lived in clan units. They supported each other, and protected each other to survive. That's why the humankind developed to where it is today. Therefore, in the hearts of human beings, families and bloodlines mean a lot, a lot."

"Emperor Shun is a good man. Therefore, he venerates his ancestors sincerely…He is a descendant of Emperor Zhuanxu, and also a descendant of Emperor Xuanyuan. You Xiong Family is the origin of Emperor Xuanyuan's bloodline. So, how could Emperor Shun go against You Xiong Family?"

Ji Hao helplessly spread his hands and said blandly, "Not only You Xiong Family, High Sun Family, Cloud Sun Family, You Chao Family, Suiren Family, all these powerful families are the same. Every totem on their battle flags represents the origins of human bloodlines…All human beings, even the weakest ones living in the furthest areas, know that those totems represent their ancestors."

Ancestors were sacred, inviolable, like the sky and the earth!

Therefore, as the leaders of those powerful, ancient families, Gong Sun Bo and the others were embodiments of the totems of human ancestors. They were sacred and inviolable. Ji Hao was a special one. He remembered everything that happened in his previous life, and would seek revenge for the smallest grievance. Except him, no one, not even Emperor Shun, could go against these families.

Man Man nodded, seeming to understand a bit. Throwing the fruit core out of the chariot, she grabbed a fire dragon which was coiled on Ji Hao's leg, and wiped her hands clean on its scorching hot scales.

Sighing heavily, she looked at Ji Hao and said seriously, "Ji Hao, if they really want to bully us, let's go back to Southern Wasteland. Back there, no one dares to offend us!"

Ji Hao looked at Man Man and slightly frowned. Pointing at the south, he said, "Perhaps, we don't need to go back to Southern Wasteland, because Southern Wasteland will come to us. Uncle Wen Ming's 'All Streams to the Final Land' great formation is strangely powerful!"

While chatting and laughing, the nine dragons chariot arrived in Yao Mountain territory, floating in the air, less than a hundred miles from the Yao Mountain City.

Looking down from the sky, all farmlands and villages around the city were flushed away, and the broad area around the city had become an empty space. Countless dark spots had been approaching the city from the west, east, south, and north. Among those dark spots, Ji Hao found tens of flying forts produced by Xiu Clan people.

Ji Hao scanned across the army around the city with his spirit power. Speechlessly, he found out that ninety-nine percent of all warriors in this army were non-humankind beings. A very small number of human warrior existed in this army. According to Ji Hao's observation, these human warriors mostly served as guides and messengers.

The ones who had truly been commanding this army were a group of Yu Clan nobles on a flying fort, all wearing luxurious robes and armors.

With pride on their faces, these Yu Clan people were facing a magic sandbox, pointing their fingers on it and seeming to discuss about where should they start the attack.

Countless non-humankind slaves carried all kinds of weapons, and had been digging channels and building fence walls around the city, seeming to seal Yao Mountain City up and turn it into a deadly zone.

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