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"You, what do you want?" Hearing Emperor Shun's raging growl, Gong Sun Bo remained silent for a while, and then asked the question with a low voice.

"What on earth do you want?" Emperor Shun gripped Gong Sun Bo's shoulders with both hands and growled deeply with a slightly shaking voice, "You have attained enough, and you have enjoyed enough. Gong Sun Bo, don't push too far."

"Without our support, can you sit safely on that throne?" Gong Sun Bo smiled scornfully, with the pride and arrogance that was supposed to exist on the face of the leader of a powerful family which descended directly from an ancient emperor. He held his chin sightly high and looked at Emperor Shun.

"I am ready for abdication. If I kill you now, what can the Gong Sun Family do?" Clearly, Emperor Shun was already burning in wrath, as he even said something he would never say on normal days, "You should know that I have over ninety percent chance to pass the trial of Supreme Magus and successfully become one. If I kill you right now, what can your family do?"

Gong Sun Bo's eyes were unfocused slightly. Through gritted teeth, he said in a deep voice, "Emperor Shun, don't forget that in the end, your blood originated from You Xiong Family too. You are a descendant of Emperor Zhuanxu, which means you're also a descendant of Emperor Xuanyuan."

"If Emperor Xuanyuan is here himself, he might pull out his sword and hack you disappointing descendants to death!" Emperor Shun's face was as dark as the dense dark clouds in the sky before the arrival of a storm. Word by word, he sneered and said with scorn and contempt, "Do you really think that the things you did deserve the title of 'emperor descendants'?"

"Everything we did, we did it for the future of our families." Gong Sun Bo said, also with a dark face. He attempted to say more, but the noises in the surroundings shut his mouth.

Many of those people, who were wounded severely by Ji Hao, now struggled back up from the ground. They poured magic medicines into their mouths to heal their injuries and replenish their spirit blood. They were important members of their families. Therefore, the medicines they took were all extremely precious and rare. Quite a few elders who had their entire bodies damaged, with only their heads remaining. But even they started healing with the help of magic medicines too.

More and more people stood back up from the ground, gritted their teeth and stared at Ji Hao, gasping loudly in rage like injured beasts. If that strike Ji Hao launched just now didn't frighten them so much, they would have pounced on Ji Hao once again.

With the Pan Jia sun floating upon his left hand, Ji Hao quietly stood in midair.

Silently, he scornfully looked at these 'elites'. He really wanted to say something provocative and enrage the people, so they could start another suicidal wave of attack. He was confident that he could take out all of these 'elites' this time.

Just now, he launched a strike with all of his power, by doing which, he gained a deep understanding of Yu Yu's sword art and sword formation. If he did it again, the effect would be at least fifty percent greater than before. Ji Hao felt a bit itchy in his heart. Should he say something provocative to these people? He was truly excited to do so!

Emperor Shun sensed the strong viciousness from Ji Hao. He hurriedly turned around and slightly shook his head to Ji Hao with a faint bitter smile. He was earnestly requesting Ji Hao to not bring the situation to an irreparable state.

Ji Hao also shook his head and gave a bitter grin. He wanted to tell Emperor Shun that ever since people from these families showed up before the Kui Gate, forced away Si Wen Ming and himself, then attempted to steal the most glorious final credit of the flood-control mission, the situation was already irreparable.

Since they showed up, these people from powerful families were pure enemies.

But, for Emperor Shun's sake!

As Emperor Shun said, he was ready for the abdication. He was going to draw his spirit star down, merge with the star, and become a Supreme Magus. When Emperor Shun became a Supreme Magus, according to the latent rule of the human society, he could never step into any internal affairs of the humankind.

When Si Wen Ming ascended to the throne, if these people still didn't give up, Ji Hao would have plenty of time to play the game with them.

Smilingly letting out the Taiji creation cauldron, Ji Hao carefully sent the Pan Jia sun into it, then took it back into his body. After that, he sent Pan Gu Dragon Mark back into his body as well. Then, he cupped his hands, bowed to Emperor Shun with a harmless smile, and said, "As you wish. I will take the slaps but never strike back, hear people call me names without cursing back…Ah, they're bullying us…But, the overall situation for the humankind, I get it, I get it!"

The group of leaders and elders almost vomited blood.

Thinking about the overall situation for the humankind? Taking the slaps but not strike back, hearing people call him names without cursing back? Marquis Yao Ji Hao, damn him! The hundreds of thousands of elite warriors he incinerated just now, was that the result of his 'no strike back, no curse back'?

Many of those elders and leaders were nearly driven crazy by the anger. In both rage and shame, they looked at the Pan Gu bell floating upon Ji Hao's head, which had still been releasing strands of Chaos power. If they could break the strong defense of this bell, they would have attacked again, regardless of anything else.

"The humankind never had such a rule. No one has ever said that when a human being attained a useful treasure, the treasure would be owned by the public." Emperor Shun sank his fingers into Gong Sun Bo's shoulders and said in a bland tone, "You keep your own treasures. No one should take anything that belongs to your neighbor without a good reason, not even a sheep or a cow. This rule passed down from the era of Emperor Fuxu."

"I know that you each have a few proud, ambitious young men in your families, who have taken the power of the sun as their spirit power." Emperor Shun smiled coldly and said, "Do you want to merge with a sun and become Supreme Magi? In the past countless centuries, many had tried. As for the result, I think you don't need me to tell you."

Raising his head, Emperor Shun looked at the sky. High up in the sky, the twelve water worlds had been merging with Pan Gu world, and the rumbling noise was even shaking the whole world.

He continued coldly, "Over there are twelve worlds. If your boys want to merge with suns, go, no one will stop them!"

Those leaders and elders remained silent…The Pan Jia sun had its power restrained by a mysterious, great power. It was gentle and easy to control. Therefore, one could try merge with it with no worries. There was a great chance for any powerful Divine Magi with the sun power as his or her spirit power to become a Supreme Magi with the Pan Jia sun.

But, the suns in the twelve small worlds? Those native, raw, unrestrained suns which had been releasing all of their lights and heats? One could try if one dared to, but the result…wouldn't be good anyway.

"What happened this time…" Emperor Shun tried his best to mediate the conflict between Ji Hao and those powerful families.

"For what happened this time, Emperor Shun, you don't need to worry about it. Some family members are killed, that's all. It's personal, between him and us, and these things do happen a lot. Which clan doesn't have a few sworn enemies?" The leader of High Sun Family walked out of the crowd, then smilingly nodded and said, "Emperor Shun, even back in the era of Emperor Fuxi, he wouldn't step into the 'blood vengeance' between clans, would he?"

Emperor Shun's mouth corners twitched.

The surviving leaders, elders and elite members of those families and clans smiled grimly. They pulled out ancient-styled stone or jade daggers, cut open their wrists, and condensed their blood into twisted spell symbols.

"We swear with our blood that Marquis Yao Ji Hao is our deadly enemy, and our hatred to him can only be washed off with blood and souls."

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