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Outside the Huai Gate, the flood was surging, and the gale was roaring. Countless human warriors looked at where Gong Gong died, stunned, without making even the slightest sound.

The current Gong Gong, who raised this blood, died just like this. He didn’t even have a chance to fight back as Ji Hao swung his sword down and killed him right on the spot.

A long while later, Xiang Liu murmured to himself with a hideous look, "Prince Wuyou is dead too. The Gong Gong Family has no successor. Those old Gong Gongs who returned from the Chaos are all gone. Gong Gong…The Gong Gong Family was destroyed… just like this?"

Kun Peng’s eyes sparkled brightly. In surprise, he said in a low voice thrillingly, "Dead, all dead. Gong Gong Family men are all dead, which means I no longer need to keep the vow I made back then,"

A spirit creature power was released from Kun Peng’s body, which grew stronger and stronger. Gradually, the strong power stream rose straight to the sky and looked like an enormous Kun Peng bird. Within a blink of an eye, the overwhelming power stream had expanded to a terrifying degree. The blue spirit creature power stream transformed into dense clouds, spreading out and releasing a mighty power vibration, that even forced back Xiang Liu, Yu Ancestor, Wuzhi Qi, and the others around Kun Peng.

"Great, today, I am free again! Haha! From now on, I can go anywhere in the world!"

Before his voice faded, Kun Peng howled shrilly in pain. With a twisted face, he looked at the blood-red sword piercing out of his chest. No one noticed when Yemo Shayi showed up behind Kun Peng and pierced his sword into Kun Peng’s chest, seriously wounding him at his proudest moment!

From behind, Yemo Shayi gripped Kun Peng’s neck with his ice-cold, soft fingers. As he put forth his strength through his five fingers, he squeezed Kun Peng’s neck like five strong serpents. Kun Peng boosted his power up as much as possible, barely managing to protect himself from having his neck broken by Yemo Shayi.

"You…Shameless!" Kun Peng stuttered.

"Hehe, haha!" Yemo Shayi laughed expressionlessly. His laughter changed tens of times within a single moment. Gripping the sword hilt with his right hand, Yemo Shayi suddenly twisted the sword, and mercilessly crushed Kun Peng’s heart with the sword edge.

"If I still had He Tu and Luo Shu, you, you could never hurt me!" murmured Kun Peng stutteringly while his eyes sparkled. At the moment, he missed nothing more than He Tu and Luo Shu. The pair of treasures ran away from him because of Ji Hao.

"Noisy!" Yemo Shayi responded blandly. He opened his erect eye and triggered his Dark Sun power. Through the sword in his hand, a dreadful devouring power drilled into Kun Peng’s body and began absorbing Kun Peng’s spirit blood.

"Kill him!" Behind Kun Peng, his descendants burst into raging roars. Nearly a hundred Kun Peng birds opened their mouths together and inhaled deeply towards Yemo Shayi.

Bang! The space around Yemo Shayi collapsed. This was called ‘Kun Peng inhaling’, a natural ability of Kun Peng birds. Under its effect, even the space of Pan Gu world was shattered.

Yemo Shayi disappeared like a ghost the moment before the sky collapsed. He easily pierced his sword into Kun Peng’s chest and devoured thirty percent of Kun Peng’s power and spirit blood, then disappeared without a trace.

"People!" Xiang Liu screamed, "Lord Gong Gong raised the flood, but we never agreed! So, if human beings want to control the flood, let them be! When the flood is gone, we can all live good lives!"

"But…" Xiang Liu changed his tone and shouted, "No matter how many mistakes Lord Gong Gong had made, he was still our master! For countless years, we served the Gong Gong Family. But now, our Master’s bloodline is sniffed! We have to take revenge for our master!"

"Our enemy is not the humankind, not Si Wen Ming, not Emperor Shun! Our enemy, our only enemy, is Ji Hao!" Yu Ancestor leaped up and yelled while spraying poisonous gas and sands. Pointing at Ji Hao, he shouted hysterically, "All my boys, listen to my order. Do not hurt even a hair of any other human being! With all your powers, kill Ji Hao!"

Kun Peng, Xiang Liu, Wuzhi Qi, Yu Ancestor, the flood dragon king, and many of their descendants now had a clearly visible lotus spinning quickly between their eyebrows. The same lotuses could be seen in their pupils as well. Vividly, green stripes emerged under their skins, as their body conditions, physical strength and defensive powers had all been rising rapidly.

‘Linden bodies’ was a body strengthening method that only elite disciples under Priest Mu’s guide could learn. Clearly, Kun Peng and all the others had mastered it, as if they had been cultivating themselves in this way for tens of thousands of years.

Under the effect of their ‘linden bodies’, their spirit creature powers turned much purer than before, even turning sacred.

They simply neglected the flood, and instead, made the whole thing personal, completely against Ji Hao. They ‘simply’ wanted to take revenge for Gong Gong. Therefore, they attempted to kill Ji Hao!

Except for Wuzhi Qi, these powerful ancient creatures who had betrayed Gong Gong long ago, each showed such a loyal face. Leading their descendants, they roared thunderously and marched towards Ji Hao.

In order to make this look reasonable, they only put their own descendants into the battle, and left the water-kind army aside. They clearly understood that since they shouted out ‘avenging Gong Gong’, they couldn’t put even one shrimp warrior into this battle. After all, if they did that, the whole thing would become different.

They didn’t know why Priest Mu forced them to make this whole thing personal, then kill Ji Hao with an excuse like that. But somehow, Kun Peng and the others felt that Priest Mu was very afraid and worried. He wanted to kill Ji Hao, but this could only be done for a personal cause, and could not have anything to do with the flood.

Excitedly, Kun Peng, Xiang Liu, and Yu Ancestor rushed at the front, especially Kun Peng, who suffered a sword strike just now. With a pair of red eyes, he was ahead of everyone else.

The flood dragon king followed behind Kun Peng, Xiang Liu and Yu Ancestor expressionlessly, with an army of flood dragons. A frosty power had been releasing from his body as he fixed his eyes on Ji Hao and murmured to himself, "You can’t blame me, Marquis Yao Ji Hao…I, have to do this with no efforts spared."

Kun Peng and the others roared loudly, but when they were still over ten miles away from Ji Hao, a strong cold power stream surged out of the flood dragon king’s mouth, transformed into a three-hundred-meters-long ice dragon, and surpassed Kun Peng and the others, diving straight down to Ji Hao.

Watching those crazily roaring spirit creatures approach, Ji Hao waved his hand with a faint smile on his face. The Taiji universe mirror transformed into a dim silver light and suddenly appeared before his face. The ice dragon released by the flood dragon king darted into the light, then flew out between Kun Peng’s descendants and exploded rumblingly. Countless sharp ice thorns burst and tore over ten little Kun Peng birds apart.

"Flood Dragon King, you are old but vigorous. So strong!" Ji Hao laughed out wildly, then gave a shout to Si Wen Ming. Pulling out Pan Gu Dragon Mark, he rushed into the crowd of spirit creatures.

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