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Before the Huai Gate, Gong Gong stood up from the throne.

A pair of North Sea dark dragons guarded on both his sides. As Gong Gong picked up a trident, which was embossed with two coiled dragons, an anciently styled and undecorated dark armor rose from under his feet and quickly covered his entire body.

His face was pale. On his chin, three wisps of beard fluttered without being blown by any wind. Treading on a wave, Gong Gong approached Ji Hao step by step.

"Ji Hao, Marquis Yao Ji Hao! Come on, come on… Today, one of us has to die right here. You, or me, one of us will die!" Looking at Ji Hao in the eyes, the lotus spinning between Gong Gong’s eyebrows turned clearer and clearer. Sneering in a bitter, despairing way, Gong Gong gritted his teeth and said, "Come on. As long as you accept my challenge, I will order my people to clear the way right now to let you dredge the water channel."

"Ji Hao, stay calm!" Si Wen Ming grabbed Ji Hao’s hand.

"I am calm. My mind is very clear right now. And… I will kill him!" Ji Hao twisted his wrist and easily freed himself from Si Wen Ming’s hand. Dropping the Pan Gu bell, he pulled out Pan Gu Dragon Mark. Baring his upper body and thighs, with the short Taiji cloak shirt wrapped around his waist and his long hair fluttering in the air, he lunged towards Gong Gong with giant steps.

"Alright, tell your dogs to get out of the way. We will fight now. Conveniently, Uncle Wen Ming can continue dredging the water channel with his people!" Ji Hao pointed at Gong Gong and shouted, "Now, tell your dogs to leave!"

The word ‘dogs’ infuriated Xiang Liu, Kun Peng, and Yu Ancestor. They burst into thunderous, raging roars, and so did their large groups of descendants standing behind them. Some heavily armored young descendants of Xiang Liu, Kun Peng, and Yu Ancestor gripped their weapons and looked at Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming, seeming to be excited.

"Clear the way, let them dredge the water channel. We’ve lost on this one. But one day, we will…" Gong Gong waved his hand and growled.

Ji Hao didn’t let him finish his speech. "One day? You have no future! This flood you raised, how many human beings has it killed? You have no future… There is no more ‘one day’ for you."

Two giant waves bumped violently into each other, while Ji Hao and Gong Gong faced off against each other, hundreds of miles from each other. They both trod on enormous waves, with fierce water torrents surging around them and bumping against each other. By Gong Gong’s sides, the pair of North Sea dark dragons roared towards the sky, and around Ji Hao, the two fire dragons released raging fires, showing no sign of weakness.

Mr. Crow stood on Ji Hao’s head, cawing shrilly along with the pair of young fire dragons. With his help, the pair of fire dragons seemed to be even stronger and fiercer.

Before Ji Hao and Gong Gong moved, the pair of dark dragons pounced impatiently, as they failed to restrain the wildness in their hearts. Roaring thunderously, they leaped up. The flood and the raging fire clashed, and the four, tens of thousands of meters long dragons started battling.

Mr. Crow spread his wings and cawed resonantly, rising into the sky. Next, he swiftly dove, with his claws swishing towards the eyes of a dark dragon. The dark dragon nimbly turned around its head and bumped Mr. Crow’s claws away with its horn.

From under Mr. Crow’s stomach, his third claw reached out at lightning speed and penetrated an eye of the dark dragon, digging that black, crystal-like eye out of its socket.

The dark dragon howled in pain. It raised its head and attempted to attack Mr. Crow with cold mist. But a fire dragon widely opened its jaws and bit into the dark dragon’s neck with its sharp, shiny fangs. Crack! The bone creaking noise was so loud. Sparing no effort, the fire dragon shook its head and almost tore the dark dragon’s head off.

Xiang Liu, Kun Peng, and the others didn’t clear the way. Instead, they stood right before the Huai Gate, silently looking at Gong Gong and the four intensely fighting dragons.

Si Wen Ming didn’t send his people to continue dredging the water channel. He trod on the flood, gripped the mountain-driving whip with his left hand, and pulled out the Xuanyuan sword with his right hand!

The golden Xuanyuan sword looked like a small sun, shining with a golden light in Si Wen Ming’s hands, which was strong but not dazzling. Seeing Si Wen Ming’s sword, Xiang Liu and Kun Peng instantly had their faces twitching, as if they couldn’t believe their own eyes.

"Emperor Shun hasn’t abdicated yet, but Si Wen Ming already has the Xuanyuan sword in his hands?"

If Si Wen Ming ascended to the throne, all non-human creatures would suffer! Emperor Shun was generous, but Si Wen Ming was not like him. Si Wen Ming was as warm as a spring breeze to human beings, but to non-human creatures, he was much more violent and brutal than Emperor Shun.

Gong Gong saw the Xuanyuan sword held in Si Wen Ming’s hands and cursed with a low voice. Then, he raised the trident, pointed at Ji Hao, and said, "Marquis Yao Ji Hao, how many plans of mine have you ruined? You have everything to do with my son’s death. If I knew all this would happen, I would have killed you long ago."

"Kill me?" Ji Hao smiled. He raised his head and recalled all the conflicts that happened between him and Northern Wasteland people ever since he came to Midland. Pondering carefully, Ji Hao shook his head, then sighed and said, "Gong Gong, ruled by you, human beings in Northern Wasteland have all become scums! In fact, old dogs like you who are completely useless to the humankind should have been killed long ago!"

Gong Gong’s eyes turned glowing red. He wanted to say something for himself, but Ji Hao didn’t give him the chance.

What else could he say?

Huai Gate was the last water gate. Breaking this gate, the flood-control mission would be accomplished. Even though the twelve water worlds had still been merging with Pan Gu world, the excessive water power could no longer cause any harm.

‘Kill Gong Gong, dredge the water channel, then go back to Yao Mountain City for my own life!’ That was what Ji Hao thought.

In the past few years, he was running about restlessly, fighting in the flood. He was really tired.

Without worry, fear, or hesitation, with a calm and clear mind, Ji Hao wielded Pan Gu Dragon Mark and made a sword move. For the first time, his spirit power, strength and spirit star power combined so perfectly in this move. The moves of sky-opening, earth-splitting, everything-grow, everything-perish and all living beings reincarnate were combined, while the seventh turn of the cultivation method with nine turns was triggered. All of Ji Hao’s strength, spirit star power, and spirit power exploded through this sword move!

Making the Big Dipper step, Ji Hao merged Yu Yu sword intent with this sword move. All of a sudden, the intent of killing Gong Gong sensed from this strike launched by Ji Hao grew thousands of times stronger.

A beam of sword light flashed across the sky and split Gong Gong’s trident into two. His armor glowed with a dim black light, then was sliced into two as well. Gong Gong’s lips twitched. Countless leaf-like green spell symbols emerged on his skin, but immediately exploded into green light spots, drifting away in the wind.

Gong Gong was split into two by Ji Hao!

Xiang Liu, Kun Peng, Yu Ancestor, Wuzhi Qi and the flood dragon king exclaimed out loud. Gong Gong was much more powerful than before, so how could he be killed by Ji Hao so easily? Ji Hao, the human being, killed Gong Gong with one single sword move. Exactly how powerful was he now?

"Gong Gong? Hehe! The Water God? Hehe! Killing you, a so-called god, is as simple as slaughtering a dog!"

Ji Hao raised Pan Gu Dragon Mark, then coldly looked at Xiang Liu and the others, and said, "Kneel and surrender… or die!"

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