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"At that time, if you don’t come to me, I will go find you!" Netherworld Hierarch stood in midair, looking at where Priest Mu disappeared with a pair of brightly sparkling eyes. "Impressive, impressive, a linden seed clone of his can actually hold such a long battle against me."

The four men with a tiger, a lion, a dragon, and a mammoth had already approached. Seeing Priest Mu being cut into two by Netherworld Hierarch, their faces twitched. Turning around immediately, they walked right away.

Netherworld Hierarch raised his broad left sleeve. Behind him, the eighteen circles released a fierce power which trapped the four men. With one single thought, Netherworld Hierarch could now crush the four. However, hesitating briefly, Netherworld Hierarch sneered, then watched the four leave.

Treading on a cloud and flying a long distance away, the dragon man abruptly turned around and threw a threatening glance at Netherworld Hierarch with hatred, then said, "Elder, you are truly powerful. Rivaling you is out of my reach. Today, I am forced to run, but when I attain my great Dao one day, I will set my feet in the Netherworld, and the winner will be determined between us."

Netherworld Hierarch chuckled, then roared with laughter. Looking at the dragon man’s serious face, he slightly shook his head and said, "Alright, I will not bully kids. Just go away. Otherwise, I will take you and turn you into gold-bone flying zombies!"

The dragon man growled shrilly in anger. Above his head, a scorching hot red beam of light rose to thousands of meters high. Within the red light, a golden figure with four faces and eight arms emerged, holding a lotus with every hand. Incanting a spell, the golden figure glowed with a blinding light.

The golden light emitted from the golden figure behind the dragon man bumped against the Netherworld power released from Netherworld Hierarch. Like fire and the water, the golden light and the Netherworld power were completely incompatible. A sizzling noise was generated, as the golden light and Netherworld power had been speedily consuming each other.

Netherworld Hierarch frowned, while the dragon man said loudly, "I swear that one day, I will break the Netherworld with a great power, and will release every evil soul in the Netherworld from the purgatory!"

Finishing the speech, the dragon man ran away swiftly and disappeared without a trace within a blink of an eye.

"Big talker." Netherworld Hierarch sneered, "Release every evil soul in the Netherworld? Can you release me? Well, with two shameless master Shifu, their disciples are naturally shameless. In the future, I have to be extra careful when selecting my disciples!"

Chuckling coldly, the seal and the staff held in Netherworld Hierarch’s hands disappeared suddenly. Instead, a pair of blood-red swords appeared in his hands. Glancing at the group of old Gong Gongs who were wrapped in the green light and had been recovering speedily, Netherworld Hierarch swung his swords without saying a word.

The group of Gong Gong were deeply shocked by the stunning battle that happened between Netherworld Hierarch and Priest Mu just now, and they weren’t prepared for Netherworld Hierarch’s sudden attack. Before they could even pull out their weapons, blood flying swords landed on their bodies ceaselessly.

Followed a long-lasting puffing noise, tens of bone-deep slashes were left on the bodies of the ten Gong Gongs. The blood power from the blood pool drilled into their bodies, a hundred times stronger than the blood power from Ji Hao’s blood flying knives, rising against the lingering power of Priest Mu’s magic pills.

The blood-red light and the green light clashed against each other and devoured each other, generating loud sizzling noises. The skin and flesh of the ten Gong Gongs fell off piece by piece, melting into dark blood and pouring down in the flood. Stimulated by the medicine power, their skin and flesh had been regrowing ceaselessly.

They felt like being sliced by countless sharp daggers. They trembled in pain, gripped their weapons with both hands, and howled heartbreakingly. They raised giant waves and attempted to run through the water. But once they tried to move, the eighteen Netherworld circles spun slowly and trapped them, disabling them from moving.

Netherworld Hierarch carried the pair of blood-red longswords and fixed his eyes on the ten Gong Gongs. Whichever one among them had his injuries recovered slightly would immediately suffer a sword hack from Netherworld Hierarch.

"Elder!" One Gong Gong shrieked hysterically.

Netherworld Hierarch smiled faintly, then gave him another heavy sword strike mercilessly and said, "I have always been a good-tempered man. I’m just a bit proud. Can Priest Mu’s pills save you? I don’t think so!"

An excited smile spread on Netherworld Hierarch’s face, as he delightfully looked at the ten Gong Gongs and continued, "We have only ten of you. I can’t make twelve or eighteen of you, but this will still be nice. Ten pure-blood gods for me to do anything I want… Wonderful, how wonderful!"

"With ten of you, I can’t build a ‘twelve capitals natural killing great formation’, nor an ‘eighteen hells reincarnation great formation’. But I can create a ‘ten directions destructive Netherworld great formation’…As long as I turn you into Netherworld devil gods… Haha, how many years it has been since I found good raw materials like you?"

Netherworld Hierarch grinned happily, even baring his shiny teeth. Purely dark Netherworld power spread behind his body. In the dense dark mist behind him, an enormous bronze gate opened slowly. From the gate, a strong suction force locked on the ten Gong Gongs, slowly dragging them into the gate."

"No! No!"

"Elder! Please don’t!"

"We will follow every word you say, we will be under your command! Please, Elder, don’t do this!"

These old Gong Gongs were freaking out. They returned to Pan Gu world to suppress the humankind and conquer this world, but how on earth did they end up like this?

Netherworld Priest, Netherworld Priest, that scary, weird being who liked collecting corpses and souls, and make those into all strange kind of things... How could they end up in his hands? These old Gong Gong didn’t know Netherworld Hierarch, but seeing the dark mist behind him and the bronze gate in the mist, how could they still not recognize him?

They cried, screamed, and begged, but nothing changed.

Netherworld Hierarch delightfully sent the ten Gong Gongs into the Netherworld world, then quickly looked around. Dropping his swords, he rolled up sleeves and got busy running about in the vast flood. Many enormous water-kind spirit creatures were scattered in the flood, and those were also good raw materials!

In a great hall in heaven, Gong Gong’s raging roars even quaked the entire hall.

Wearing a dark armor and holding a trident embossed with a pair of coiling dragons, Gong Gong glared at Dishi Cha and growled, "Dishi Cha! Get out of my way right now! If you do what I said, our Gong Gong family will still appreciate you, and our agreement can still work. If you dare to hinder me saving my ancestors, don’t blame me for having no mercy!"

Dishi Cha looked at Gong Gong calmly and stood perfectly still in front of him, without making even a slight move.

Behind Dishi Cha, led by Yemo Tian, countless divine warriors and gods lined up perfectly in square arrays, sealing off the entire heaven.

These divine gods and warriors were from the Divine Origin Pool. Their eyes sparkled with a blood-red light. They stopped following Gong Gong’s order, and instead, they were now under Dishi Cha’s lead.

Dishi Cha burst into laughter, then slapped on Gong Gong’s face heavily

"You, can you even bear to turn against me right now? How stupid you are. You actually dared to control these new divine beings with the secret blood-offering magic I provided. Didn’t you just give these new divine beings to me for nothing?"

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