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Back in the Kui Gate. Ji Hao, Netherworld Hierarch, and Yemo Shayi joined hands and beat Dark Water Serpent, making him scream in pain. But no one came to help him.

Outside the Kui Gate, the allied human force saw the sudden change of the natural environment and realized that things weren’t right. They stopped hiding their powers. Instead, they boosted up all their strength and launched a full onslaught on the Kui Gate.

Once these human warriors exerted their powers, the dark water serpents who were guarding the Kui Gate suffered.

Seriously speaking, the Dark Water Serpent Family was as powerful as You Chong Family, Qiong Sang Family, Suiren Family, and the other large ancient human families and clans, at most. Dark Water Serpent was trapped by Ji Hao, so how could his descendants possibly stop these warriors from tens of families and clans, who had combined their powers and been attacking so fiercely?

Dark water serpents were killed one after another. Their giant bodies fell from the sky, and their blood dyed the flood red.

Countless water-kind spirit creatures, who were sent to the frontline by Dark Water Serpent, had died. Corpses floated on the water surfaces; body parts soaked in blood, drifting in the water. The world was blood-red wherever the sight went, looking just like the blood pool in hell.

The fact that nearly crushed the Dark Water Serpent Family members guarding in the Kui Gate was the outbreak of what Ji Hao had prepared.

Led by Shermie and supported by Heng Xing, hundreds of heavily armored shrimp warriors, crab warriors, and some low-grade water-kind spirit creatures rushed onto the street. They carried amazingly sharp spears, swords, strong bows and all kinds of powerful weapons produced by the non-humankind.

Water-kind spirit creatures who chose to stay loyal to the Dark Water Serpent Family didn’t see this coming. They were completely unprepared, and the Kui Gate area was thrown into chaos. In every corner, one could see a shrimp warrior on the rampage, roaring, hacking its weapon, and killing the others. Shrimp warriors pulled their longbows and shot out sharp arrows, which darted through the air like a rain, putting down the other water-kind spirit creatures who only had thin armors. The strong buzzing noise caused by their bows could be heard from everywhere.

Shrimp warriors were weak indeed, and not smart. However, they followed every order, and they were good at group fights. They could even be counted as the most disciplined ones among low-grade water-kind creatures.

When shrimp warriors wore armors crafted by Xiu Clan masters, held well-designed weapons forged by the non-humankind, and were surrounded by powerful battle puppets and flying forts, which provided a strangely strong defensive power, they marched onto the street with all these gears, killing everyone who was not on their side…

All of a sudden, these weak shrimp warriors became so ferocious. They lunged their long shiny spears and released waves of arrows. Divine towers provided them with strong defensive magic screens and launched destructive attacks.

As two especially strong warriors, Shermie and Heng Xing were leading the army. They combined their powers, and added with the armors and weapons that Ji Hao specially designed for them, no ordinary ‘spirit creature king’ could survive even one strike launched by them joint-handedly.

The Kui Gate was disarrayed completely. Countless shrimp warriors yelled, dashed, and killed, leaving corpses behind. Blood flowed in rivers.

Many ‘spirit creature kings’ had large numbers of shrimp warriors under their commands. Normally, those shrimp warriors would follow all orders of their ‘kings’. But today, as Shermie burst into a resonant growl and his ‘pure crayfish power’ was released, all shrimp warriors changed sides. Their weapons were swung violently down towards their old leaders.

The number of shrimp warriors was at least a hundred times larger than the total number of the other water-kind spirit creatures. When Shermie gradually united all shrimp warriors in the Kui Gate and rose in rebellion, the breakdown of the Kui Gate force was reasonable.

Dark Water Serpent was trapped by the Pan Gu bell. No matter how crazily he tried to struggle, he failed to protect himself from the attacks of Ji Hao, Netherworld Hierarch, and Yemo Shayi.

He was covered in wounds and blood, while the Netherworld power was drilling into his body and internal organs, corroding his blood, flesh, and soul. Dark Water Serpent even saw illusions. He saw eighteen strange men standing before his face, and behind them were eighteen overlapped circles, releasing an overwhelming, irresistible power, that belonged especially to the Dao of nature.

The eighteen men, and the power released from the eighteen circles, had been forcing Dark Water Serpent to kneel, surrender, and give up resistance. Once he gave up, he would be turned into a zombie.

He would become the strongest zombie of Netherworld Hierarch. After all, among all ‘raw materials’ Netherworld Hierarch had found before, none could be mentioned in the same breath with Dark Water Serpent.

"Dark Water Serpent…Do you have a branch clan in Southern Wasteland?" Seeing that Dark Water Serpent had lost a big half of his power, Ji Hao brought up the old debt, "When I was little, Dark Water Serpent Clan in Southern Wasteland was a deadly enemy of our Gold Crow Clan."

"Marquis Yao Ji Hao, are you trying to destroy my Dark Water Serpent Family?!" As Ji Hao finished, Dark Water Serpent roared out in fury. "I fell into your trap today…But you can’t kill me so easily."

Breathing deeply, Dark Water Serpent shifted to his human shape again — The scrawny, dark-skinned old man, with long white hair.

Covered in wounds, he hissed with laughter as he looked at Ji Hao and Netherworld Hierarch and growled, "Do you really think that I don’t have the power to fight back? Anyhow, I am one of the first generation of living creature in this world. The dragon ancestor and phoenix ancestor were my peers! Young kids, how dare you underestimate me?"

Gasping for air, Dark Water Serpent reached out a hand. Clang! He slapped on Yemo Shayi’s sword, which was coming at his heart from the back. Silently, Yemo Shayi drew back. Three fingers of Dark Water Serpent were cut off by Yemo Shayi.

"This final move, I saved it for my next natural trial." Dark Water Serpent looked at Ji Hao and Netherworld Hierarch, then said with a deep voice, "But today…Never mind. If I can’t survive today, how would I ever have a chance to pass the natural trail and attain the Dao?"

Before Ji Hao said a word, Netherworld Hierarch already started teasing, "Pass the natural trail and attain the Dao? You’re nothing but a black snake. Except for your thick skin and strong muscles, you have no other abilities. How dare you even talk about attaining the Dao?"

Dark Water Serpent threw a sideway glance at Netherworld Hierarch and shouted, "Kid, how dare you despise me? I do have thick skin and strong muscles, so what? I can still have a chance to attain the Dao and stand high above the masses. You’re only a bunch of kids; three against one, with those treasures in your hands... You’re at an advantage, but what do you know about ‘Dao’?"

Dark Water Serpent sounded full of anger and scorn. Ji Hao didn’t care, because he was really a kid.

Unlike him, Netherworld Hierarch was enraged, such that a cloud of blood-red mist rolled up behind his body. Kid? How dare Dark Water Serpent call him a kid? He had to teach this black snake a good lesson today. Otherwise, this snake might think that it could even rule the world!

Before Netherworld Hierarch reprimanded, Dark Water Serpent moved and widely opened his mouth. Shreds of dark shadows flashed out of his mouth and swished up into the sky along with strong waves of power, quietly floating above Dark Water Serpent’s head.

Each shred of dark shadow was a tens of thousands of miles long, black slough. Within a couple of breaths, at least ten-thousand black sloughs floated above Dark Water Serpent’s head.

Dark Water Serpent bit his tongue tip broken and sprayed a mouthful of blood onto these sloughs.

With a series of hissing noise, all sloughs began swelling, and within a few more breaths, over ten-thousand enormous dark water serpents flew all over the sky, spreading their overwhelming power in all directions like a tsunami.

Along with a buzzing noise, even the Chaos power streams wrapped around Dark Water Serpent’s body were slightly tightened.

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