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Dark Water Serpent shrieked with a fiendish voice, staring at Ji Hao with a pair of burning eyes.

He had no time to dodge or move his feet. Ji Hao concentrated all his strength and spirit power to launch the sword move. Through this move, he perfectly demonstrated Yu Yu’s sword art, based on his current ability. Wherever the sword edge swept across, the space was frozen, and so was the time. Ji Hao opened his erect eye and released the water-clear light, which illuminated the entire space. He saw beams of colorful light being cut broken by the edge of his sword, one after another.

Those breaking light beams were the light of Dao!

As Ji Hao wielded his sword, even the great Dao of Pan Gu world restrained its power to avoid getting harmed. Before the sword edge, the lights generated from the great Dao were compressed into visible, almost tangible beams, that could be sensed directly by using spirit power. These light beams were cut broken by Pan Gu dragon Mark.

Breaking all with a single sword move; one could already see Yu Yu from this sword move made by Ji Hao.

Even though Ji Hao made this world-destroying sword move only with the terrifying power of Pan Gu Dragon Mark, he immersed in this almost perfect move from his heart to his soul. Each time the sword cut a beam of Dao light, Ji Hao would gain a deeper understanding about a certain part of the great Dao.

Facing the sword, Dark Water Serpent’s face twisted in fright.

So strong, so unstoppable! An irresistible, bloodcurdling pressure descended, as he felt unable to even struggle, be it his body or soul. Dark Water Serpent was one of the first generation of creatures in Pan Gu world, a powerful being who lived since the prehistorical era. He had sensed a similar overwhelming pressure only back in the prehistorical era,.

Back then, Saint Pan Gu created the world, and was besieged by thirty-million Chaos monsters. Unfortunately, Pan Gu fell.

Saint Pan Gu’s body disintegrated and became parts of this new world. Before some of his body parts disappeared completely, traces of Saint Pan Gu’s power still lingered in the world. Back then, Dark Water Serpent sensed the same power from the newly created world, the same pressure that belonged to Saint Pan Gu.

Pan Gu Dragon Mark hacked straight to his head. Ji Hao performed the combined move of sky-opening, earth-splitting, everything-grow, everything-perish, and all living beings recreate, generating an overwhelming Chaos power that surged out from his head. It seemed to condense into a tall and strong human figure.

In Dark Water Serpent’s eyes, he saw a giant holding a large axe and roaring thunderously while hacking at his head.

He couldn’t dodge, because the space was frozen and the time was stopped; every power, every magic was suppressed.

"This clone is generated from thirty percent of my spirit blood and cultivation, yet I failed to dodge a sword move from you! What is your name? Let’s me know who killed me before I die!" screamed Dark Water Serpent.

"I am just an insignificant shrimp warrior!" Ji Hao chuckled while the sword edge sliced across Dark Water Serpent’s neck.

A large head was sent up into the air. On Pan Gu Dragon Mark, the two dragons sparkled dimly, and next, Dark Water Serpent’s head and body suddenly became a cloud of ash, drifting in the air.

Before Kui Gate, in a hundreds of miles radius dark cloud, Dark Water Serpent, the real one, had coiled his body into a giant serpent formation. His eyes shone brightly as he was facing the allied human force. All of a sudden, he leaped straight up and straightened his enormous body like a wooden stick, while dark blood spurted out of his mouth.

"Who is it? Who is it? Who destroyed my clone?!" Dark Water Serpent screamed hysterically, also frighteningly. That clone he created with thirty percent of his cultivation and spirit blood could only be defeated by a Supreme Magi. Even if one of those Supreme-level human beings truly joined the war, one Supreme Magi could only injure that clone severely at most, but could never destroy it with a single move.

Dark Water Serpent was powerful. He controlled his clones, and felt everything that happened to them. No detail could hide from him. Just now, he lost a clone and suffered a great loss. His real body was harmed badly as well. However, he sensed nothing from that clone of his before all this happened. He temporarily lost his eyesight, then the connection between him and that clone was broken completely, after which, blood erupted from his body, and thirty percent of his power was already lost.

"Who is it? Who is it?" Dark Water Serpent shrieked. He transformed into a tremendous dark cloud, flying into Kui Gate. Watched Dark Water Serpent go mad, warriors from the tens of human clans who had been attacking the Kui Gate as an allied force, directly left the battlefield without paying any attention to the overall battle situation. Countless human warriors were thrilled, roaring towards the sky. Drums were beating as loud as thunders, as these warriors marched into Kui Gate.

Dark Water Serpent was going crazy, and the group of descendants of his were instantly thrown into panic. They failed to stop the wild waves of attacks from the allied human force, and suffered a debacle. They desperately fled into the Kui Gate.

"Attack! Break the Kui Gate! The more heads you cut off, the more credits you earn!" Ghost Chariot Green Grass, Qiong Sang Sheng, You Chao Yu, and the leaders of High Sun Family, Wu Chan Family, Chu Wu Clan, and the other families and clans which arrived later, shouted out and excitedly launched the attacks.

In the Kui Gate, Ji Hao waved his arms and swept away the three-hundred boxes brought by Wu Gu, then flashed out of the room. While retreating at his highest speed, he constantly changed his look.

Once he rushed about a hundred miles away from the building, a dark hurricane descended from the sky. Strong toxins were brought down by the hurricane, which struck on the large coral building. Followed by a thunderous boom, dark gusts of wind blew towards all directions, immediately turning millions of water-kind creatures into skeletons.

"Hah, impressive, Dark Water Serpent is crazy!" Ji Hao narrowed his eyes and laughed. Losing thirty percent spirit blood and cultivation? Anyone would go crazy because of that, right? Especially at this life-risking point of time, Dark Water Serpent suddenly lost so much spirit blood and cultivation, which caused a steep fall of his power. He was very likely to fall in the flood.

"Thanks to you, baby!" While sneering, Ji Hao gently stroked Pan Gu Dragon Mark and praised it, then sent it back into his body.

Ji Hao didn’t expect Pan Gu Dragon Mark to be so powerful, that the first move he launched with it seemed to even destroy all powers in the world. That clone generated from thirty percent of Dark Water Serpent’s spirit blood and cultivation failed to resist the power of the sword, and was turned into ashes instantly.

"Marvelous, truly marvelous!"

Ji Hao just couldn’t stop praising the sword. He slowed down and rushed back to his bone house at the fleeing speed of an ordinary water-kind spirit creature.

"Who is it?! Who the hell is it?!" An enormous dark water serpent showed up from the dark hurricane. Dark Water Serpent raised his upper body from the hurricane, swaying ferociously and shattering the dark clouds in the sky.

Buzz! Pan Gu world quaked suddenly.

Everyone raised their heads and looked at the northeast sky. Up there, the sky of Pan Gu world was broken. From a giant hole in the sky, which was tens of millions of miles in radius, flood poured in.

The world quaked once again. In the southeast sky, another gigantic hole was created.

Following a drumming noise, twelve huge holes appeared in the sky in a row, within a blink of an eye. Flood poured down, while the super strong water power transformed into fierce gales and blew into Pan Gu world.


From the core of Pan Gu world, an earth-shaking, braying laugh could be heard, that sounded like the happy laughter of human beings.

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