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When Ji Hao walked out of the bone house with the little shrimp warrior, he had already become another unimpressive little shrimp warrior, with cyan-grey shell, sharp head, slim limbs, and a stooped body. He carried a short fish bone spear, wearing a rubbish armor made from iron tree bark, and looking like a fainthearted mouse trying to steal an egg.

In a stinky puddle by the road, Ji Hao saw the reflection of himself and couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise.

Priest Hua’s Dao of evolvement was indeed powerful, and his shapeshifting magic was truly ingenious. So many powerful beings existed in Pan Gu world, but not even Priest Dachi, Qing Wei, or Netherworld Priest created a shapeshifting magic like this.

"Interesting, Priest Hua’s little tricks are truly interesting." murmured Ji Hao. Guided by the little shrimp warrior, they sneakily moved forward by the corner of a wall.

Having walked for half an hour, some little shrimps, crabs, toads, loaches, and other low-grade water-kind spirit creatures popped out one after another, showing them the way with sign language. Following the directions given by these small creatures, Ji Hao came to a giant coral building.

A few fierce-looking shark warriors guarded by the gate of the building, holding shiny bronze blades and ferociously looking at every living being crossing the road. Seeing any spirit creature who dared to linger for a slightly longer while around the gate, these shark warriors would rush up and chop it without saying a word.

Following shrill screams, a few small spirit creatures were hacked into pieces. These Shark warriors laughed and picked up the body parts of those poor spirit creatures, throwing them into their own mouths and chewing pleasingly.

Soon, not a single breathing creature was left on the road.

The little shrimp warrior was scared to death. He huddled in a corner and looked at Ji Hao pitifully. He was freaked out by those shark warriors, and truly dared not to take another step forward. Even though he clearly knew that the shrimp warrior following behind him was actually ‘Summer, the great ancestor’, he dared not to take one more step.

Ji Hao shook his head, patted the little shrimp’s head, and told him to go back.

Slightly quivering, Ji Hao let the Taiji universe mirror hover around his body and wrap him up with a stream of divine light of extreme negative, then cast an invisible spell that was specially created by Priest Hua. Afterward, he held his hands behind his body and walked straight to the gate of the coral building.

In front of the gate, Ji Hao paused briefly. He glanced at the few shark warriors guarding there, then looked at the foot-thick fence wall. Walking to the wall, he cast a spell and allowed himself to easily enter into the yard through the fence wall.

The wall was built with coral mixed with clay, with three layers of early warning formations buried in it, along with a highly lethal magic trap. However, the ‘go-through-wall’ spell created by Priest Hua was amazingly sensitive, such that when Ji Hao entered through the wall, none of the three early warning formations and the magic trap was triggered.

The yard was heavily guarded. Tens of shark warriors wearing metal spell symbols armors were on patrol, while a group of fierce piranhas were darting around the yard, bearing their sharp teeth. The spacious yard was almost filled up.

What made Ji Hao especially speechless was that sticking to the roof of the main building, were thousands of water-tank-sized sea snails, with their large eyeballs reaching out from their shells. They were rolling almost three-hundred and sixty degrees, vigilantly watching everything in the surroundings. The roof was filled up with these sea snails, such that if anyone slightly touched the roof, it would immediately catch the attention of these weird looking creatures.

As this building was so strictly watched, something under-the-table must be happening inside. Ji Hao narrowed his eyes and pondered for a while. He continued casting the invisible spell to dodge the patrols even more carefully, dashing madly in the yard, then silently walked to the door of the main building.

A beautifully glowing, extremely luxurious black pearl curtain was hanging on the door. Each black pearl was as large as the thumb of a human adult and translucent. Deep inside each pearl, tiny and complicated spell symbols were sparkling.

As a breeze blew across, the pearl curtain swayed slightly. Black pearls tinkled against each other and released faintly sensible waves of power vibrations, which wove into a large web and firmly sealed the door.

Ji Hao carefully released his spirit power. The pearl curtain was a highly sensitive treasure, and any external force would trigger it and alarm people in the room.

Looking closer, Ji Hao found that the wall of this building was also sparkling with a dim light. Defensive formations buried in this wall were much stronger than the ones inside the fence wall, such that even with Priest Hua’s ‘go-through-wall’ spell, Ji Hao couldn’t guarantee to enter into the room through this wall.

"The ‘go-through-wall’ spell may fail, but I have this treasure." A clear light darted out of Ji Hao’s forehead. Wrapping Ji Hao up, the golden bridge slightly quaked the space and brought Ji Hao into the room.

Inside the room, three-hundred extra large metal boxes were placed on the ground in ordered lines. Contained in those boxes were powerful magic talismans, magic medicines, and top-grade crystals. Ji Hao even saw the ‘life-extension doses’ in a box. The ‘life-extension dose’ was a medicine newly developed by the Magi Palace. One dose could extend the lifespan of an ordinary human being by three thousand years. If used on Divine-Magus-level powerful beings, one dose could deliver about ten-thousand years extension of life.

The ‘life-extension dose’ was extremely hard to concoct, especially because of the rarity of the raw materials. Currently, only three doses were kept in the secret treasury of the Magi Palace, and without Emperor Shun’s order, no one could use them. Those three doses were prepared for the most important core leaders of the alliance of human clans. For example, if Candle Dragon Gui’s life was running out, he could have a dose.

The entire Magi Palace owned merely three doses, but right now, Ji Hao saw ten whole doses sealed in a black crystal.

In the room, a dark-skinned, wrinkled old man sat in the middle. His legs were crossed, eyes glowing dimly with a green light, as he greedily looked at all kinds of treasure contained in the three-hundred metal boxes. Especially the ten doses, those almost made him drool.

Wu Gu sat aside, carelessly fiddling with a dragon-skin scroll.

Shaking the scroll, Wu Gu laughed with a high-pitched voice and said, "Dark Water great ancestor, come on, why are you still hesitating? Accept our terms. Then, even if Gong Gong dies, and his whole family dies, you and your Dark Water Serpent Family can still live wealthily, happily, and safely. Take a look at this land title deed I brought you. The territory our Chu Wu Clan chose for you is even three times larger than your current territory in Northern Wasteland!"

Laughing with a hissing voice, Wu Gu narrowed his eyes and continued with a vicious tone, "We’re not asking you to do much. We simply want you to do your job! You Chao Family, Qiong Sang Family, Ghost Chariot Clan, Cloud Sun Family, High Sun Family, Wu Chang Family, Suiren Family…Kill their people, as many as you can!"

"You only need to promise that Kui Gate will eventually be broken by our Chu Wu Clan. In return, we, Chu Wu Clan, promise you and your families a happy and safe life!" Slapping the scroll loudly, Wu Gu said in a deep voice.

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