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Netherworld Hierarch prepared to get the most out of White Feather and the others by using his Netherworld blood ganodermas. Ji Hao didn’t want to see the widow-like bitter looks of White Feather and the others. Therefore, he brought Ao Li and Feng Qinxin back to his bone house.

Shermie attentively served tea and fruits. Ji Hao held a cup of tea, then sighed to Ao Li and Feng Qinxin and asked, "How did you end up like this?"

Ao Li and Feng Qinxin glanced at each other. Abruptly, Ao Li giggled, while Feng Qinxin’s pinky face turned pale, then blushed, and then paled again. As the color of her face changed countless times, she finally gave a long sigh and helplessly spread her hands.

"I fell into that evil thing’s trap."

With a gloomy face, Feng Qinxin told Ji Hao about everything happened to her and Ao Li back in Pan Jia world, in detail.

Things were simple though. At first, Ao Li and Feng Qinxin were busy at finding all kinds of resources, peacefully without any special trouble. About half a year ago, the space of Pan Jia world suddenly broke. A gust of wind wrapped in a colorful light blew into Pan Jia world, and a dark gale chased closely behind. The colorful wind and the dark gale fought violently in Pan Jia world, shattered the sky, split the ocean, and killed countless mermaids and mermen, even perishing their souls.

Pan Jia was hiding in the deepest area of the ocean. Finally, she couldn’t bear watching. She launched her move and fought the two. With the great Dao of Pan Jia world, Pan Jia thoroughly suppressed the dark gale and the colorful wind at the beginning.

Gradually, the wind was dying, seeming about to disappear at any time. Pan Jia relaxed her vigilance towards the colorful wind, and instead, she launched a fierce series of attacks at the dark gale.

Watching Pan Jia activate the power of the great Dao to fight her enemies, Ao Li, Feng Qinxin and the other dragons and phoenixes even trembled in fright. Each of them was powerful indeed, but facing the rage and power of a world, they couldn’t even move. Even though Pan Jia world was way less powerful than Pan Gu world, that destructive sense of power still scared them so much.

Suffering Pan Jia’s overwhelming violence for a long while, that crazy dark gale didn’t run. It detonated itself, hurting both Pan Jia and itself.

The colorful wind was Great Liberty. Pan Jia was injured by the dark gale, and before she could heal herself with the natural power, Great Liberty drilled into her body. Ao Li, Feng Qinxin and the other dragons and phoenixes watched Pan Jia scream in the sky for half a month. At last, Great Liberty devoured Pan Jia, occupied her soul, and controlled the great Dao of Pan Jia world.

The situation was despairing. Feng Qinxina and Ao Li didn’t even know where to run with their people. With the power of the world, Great Liberty easily caught them. Afterward, Ao Li and Feng Qinxin fell into the endless nightmare.

As Ji Hao saw, Ao Li and Feng Qinxin couldn’t control their bodies at all. They clearly knew what they had been doing, but they couldn’t stop.

Great Liberty made them a pair. As Ao Li and Feng Qinxin were almost drained, finally, a fetus was successfully developed in Feng Qinxin’s womb. That was a powerful fetus, powerful enough to scare both of them.

"Fortunately, fortunately, we met you…Otherwise…" With a complicated look, Feng Qinxin gently stroked her own lower belly. Fortunately, Ji Hao found her. Otherwise, she would have been drained by her own child and died already.

Sitting beside her, Ao Li giggled again and continued telling their story.

Great Liberty attained their memories, and found out everything they knew about Pan Gu world. From their memories, Great Liberty also found all kinds of natural treasures that were treasured by the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind, and could recreate physical bodies.

She urgently wanted to recreate Pan Jia’s physical body and restore Pan Jia’s tremendous power, for herself to use. Immediately, she took Ao Li and Feng Qinxin back to Pan Gu world through the portal.

Pan Jia had a nature of water, while most of the treasures that could recreate physical bodies collected by the phoenix-kind had a nature of fire. Therefore, at first, Great Liberty give up on the thought of visiting the phoenix-kind in Pan Gu world. Guided by Ao Li, they easily sneaked into the Dragon Palace.

Not a single dragon elder or leader was in the Dragon Palace. As the heart of the dragon-kind, the Dragon Palace was barely guarded, except for the layers of strong defensive formations and magic screens. However, those defensive formations and magic screens delivered no effect to Ao Li.

They successfully broke into the secret treasury in the Dragon Palace, but surprisingly, they found that all treasures that could recreate physical bodies were gone. Great Liberty controlled a manager of the treasury, and from his memory, Great Liberty learned that those treasures were taken away by dragon leaders for an unknown purpose three years ago.

With no other choice, Great Liberty and Ao Li took a few valuable treasures from the Dragon Palace. While they were stealing the treasures, they were discovered by dragons who stayed behind to guard the palace. Those dragons rallied together to attack. Great Liberty’s power was mostly suppressed by Pan Gu world, and facing those dragons, she, Ao Li, and Feng Qinxin were almost trapped in the Dragon Palace.

The three of them escaped, but some top-grade ones under Ao Li and Feng Qinxin’s commands, and most of their guards, were captured alive in the Dragon Palace. What happened next was them fleeing to Kui Gate in a flurry. They heard about the auction and decided to trade those Dragon Palace treasures for a suitable one for Great Liberty to rebuild Pan Jia’s physical body.

"Which means, your families know about what you did, don’t they?" Ji Hao looked at Ao Li, who raised his eyebrows and seemed to be quite excited for an unknown reason. "Aren’t you afraid that your parents might beat you to death? Why are you still laughing?" Ji Hao asked in confusion.

Ao Li’s bright smile instantly froze. He was happy about the fact that Feng Qinxin’s baby was fathered by him, but he hadn’t thought about what Ji Hao said. Indeed, he guided outsiders into the Dragon Palace and stole valuable treasures. The worst, he even stole the pair of dragon horn swords, which were made from the horns of the dragon ancestor!

"I’ll be beaten to death!" Ao Li’s face suddenly turned pale. Thud! He slid off the chair and sat straight down on the ground, as his face turned deathly pasty. Cold sweat flowed down from his forehead in large streams.

"I won’t end up better than you!" Feng Qinxin mumbled, biting her lips, "I sneaked into the Dragon Palace with you. When we stole treasures from the secret treasury, the few old dragons caught us….My holy ancestor, I truly want to die!"

Screaming for a while, Feng Qinxin slapped herself heavily on the belly and yelled, "How can I be so unlucky?"

"That’s my baby!" Ao Li instantly yelled out, "Even if you are going to die, you have wait until he’s born! Why are you screaming? Why are you screaming? We didn’t mean to betray our families…"

After yelling loudly for a while, Ao Li suddenly started crying. "But, but those old dudes, they’re unreasonable…This time, they’re gonna peel me and pull out my tendons, they’re really gonna do it! Perhaps, in tens of years, the armor worn by a little b*stard will be made from my scales and skin!"

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