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What happened to Yu Chi temporarily came to an end. If the few old Yu wanted to save Yu Chi, they were going to need ‘Summer’s’ help.

Therefore, Ji Hao relaxedly walked out of the rock house and stood by the door, looking at his own bone house.

Four crab warriors with cyan shells straightened their waists, and stood in front of the door of the bone house, with a sedan chair carried on their shoulders. On the chair was a cushion woven from soft vines. Sitting on the cushion was a..pile of dark water serpent. While chewing a heart from an unknown creature, this dark water serpent was shouting mumblingly towards the bone house.

This dark water serpent in his human shape was even fatter than Yu Mu. He was nearly six-meters-tall, and his waistline was definitely over nine meters. He was taking large bites on the heart, with his mouth corners covered in blood. His eyes were squeezed between his fat layers, seeming like two thin lines that could never open wider. But those eyes were filled with intoxication, because of the heart that he was eating.

Once Ji Hao walked out of the stone house, this super fat dark water serpent man laughed out loud and said, "Shermie, why are you…older? Eh? Aren’t you Shermie?"

Throwing away the heart in his hand, this dark water serpent opened his eyes slightly wider. With efforts, he opened his sparkling eyes to the width of ten hair from three hair, and looked at Ji Hao from head to toe.

"I am Summer, Shermie’s uncle." Ji Hao coughed slightly, bent his waist, and shortened his neck like crayfishes always did. He slowly took a few steps towards the dark water serpent and said, "Sir, what do you want to speak to Shermie about?"

"Kneel, kowtow…So impolite!" Before Dark Water Ao Ao said anything, a group of snake warriors behind the four crab warriors shouted out. A five meters tall man with a snake head and a human body walked up with big steps, raised a bone spear, and pointed at Ji Hao while stuttering, "Kneel, kow…"

Ji Hao swiftly waved his right hand. A bright, blinking cold light was emitted from between his fingers. Followed by an ear-piercing swishing noise, Ji Hao threw a heavy punch on the snake-man’s chest, shattered his rhino-skin soft armor and broke his ribs, making him vomit blood and fly backward.

Ji Hao punched extremely fast. Added with the blinding light he released with a sky devil magic, Dark Water Ao Ao and those snake warriors saw nothing but thousands of beams of light flashing before their eyes, bringing them a sharp pain in their eyes. They felt that frigid light beams wove into a giant web and covered their eyeballs, making tears gush out of their eyes unstoppably.

Compared with the blinding light Ji Hao created, punching away a snake warrior seemed to be nothing.

Dark Water Ao Ao randomly wiped the blood around his mouth, then screamed, "Ahyaya, Shermie, where did you find this old uncle of yours? Impressive, impressive, his punches are even better than yours! Oi, old man, what’s your name?"

Ji Hao showed the whites of his eyes and said coldly, "Sir, do you have a problem with your ears? My name is Summer. Have you memorized my name this time?"

"I do, I do!" Dark Water Ao Ao nodded smilingly. He rubbed his eyes and spread his tears all over his face, then he could finally see again.

Curiously and excitedly, he looked at Ji Hao from up to down, then laughed out loud, "Great, wonderful! Summer, Shermie’s uncle, you’re strong. Hmm, great…We are just in need of warriors out there!"

Shermie stood behind Ji Hao with a group of little crayfishes, looking straight at Dark Water Ao Ao. None of them said a word.

Ji Hao took a few steps forward and stood in front of Dark Water Ao Ao. Crossing his arms over his chest, he said rudely, "Go out there risking our lives to fight human beings? No! Our Shermie and these good boys are all little crayfishes. There are only tens of them!"

Holding his head high, Ji Hao curved down his lip corners and continued coldly, "It is extremely hard for us crayfishes to become intelligent and cultivate ourselves into spirit creatures. We’re not like those shrimps or lobsters. A little bit spirit creature power released by a large spirit creature can turn a shrimp into a shrimp warrior within three months. But, it was never that easy for us!"

Dark Water Ao Ao stared at Ji Hao, paused for quite a while, then patted on his fat belly and asked with hesitation, "Are you saying that, you don’t have too many people in your family, so you don’t want to go to the frontline?"

Ji Hao held his head even higher and responded loudly, "Yes, that’s right! If you promise that you won’t send Shermie and his boys to the frontline, we can negotiate anything. But, if you don’t, I, Summer, know a few big men too. They’ll listen to what I say. They’re guarding the other few gates behind, hehe!"

Dark Water Ao Ao again patted his belly, shaking his fat intensely. As a Divine-Magus-level, enormous spirit creature, his body should have reached a perfect state. But how on earth did he grow so much fat? Even Ji Hao was curious about this.

"Alright, then…You, Shermie, and Shermie’s boys, I won’t send you to the frontline this time!" Dark Water Ao Ao said grinningly while patting his belly, "You don’t want to go to the frontline, fine, but there is one thing that you need to do for me."

Dark Water Ao Ao raised his upper body strenuously, crooked his fingers towards Ji Hao, and said, "Come over here, listen to me!"

Ji Hao took two steps forward. The four crab warriors put down the sedan chair, letting Dark Water Ao Ao put his mouth near Ji Hao’s ear as he whispered something.

Hearing Dark Water Ao Ao, Ji Hao was enraged. A raging fire burned from his heart, making him want to kill.

At this very point in time, when human beings were finally going to win this war against the flood, some human beings were still not confident enough about their own kind. They colluded with Gong Gong Family, and had been selling confidential information to Gong Gong Family!

Ji Hao had been in the Kui Gate camp for two days. Dark Water Ao Ao told him that more human families had arrived. By now, thirty-nine human families gathered before the Kui Gate, all as powerful as Cloud Sun Family and Wuchang Family. Every single one of those newly arrived human families were extremely strong and influential.

Thirty-nine powerful human families combined their powers, but still failed to break the Kui Gate from the frontline battlefield. Under full-power counterattacks of Dark Water Serpent Family and divine warriors sent down by Gong Gong from the heaven, the thirty-nine families even suffered severe damages. You Chao Family even lost a few important elders.

As no progress was made from the frontline battlefield, among all from the thirty-nine families, someone finally suggested that they could maybe send strong Maguspreist to sneak into the Kui Gate and deliver a mass destruction to the water-kind army in the Kui Gate with secret magics.

This suggestion was approved by all leaders from the thirty-nine families. They sent tens of thousands of strong Maguspriests to sneakily approach the Kui Gate with all methods.

"Therefore, Summer, you, Shermie, and your boys, you have to closely watch this area that I am responsible for. All human beings, kill them. You can kill the wrong people, but can’t risk to let go of any enemy!"

Dark Water Ao Ao patted hard on Ji Hao’s shoulder.

Handing Ji Hao a snake bone tablet that represented his own identity, Dark Water Ao Ao then gave an order. The four crab warriors carried him back up and left with big steps along with those snake warriors.

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