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Within half an hour, Ji Hao had all the information about the young man in a red robe living in the building next-door.

But of course, those shrimp warriors who gathered the information had limited intelligence quotient, and so did their friends. Therefore, some information Ji Hao got was pretty exaggerated; but indeed, one could find some truth from all that information.

For example, the young man in a red robe was strong. The spirt creature who managed this area said something slightly offensive to the young man and got himself beaten up; even worse, afterward, the young man chopped off the manager’s limbs and hung him on a wooden shelf to show the others.

The young man had a strong background. The manager was assigned to his position by the Dark Water Serpent Family, but the young man bullied him so cruelly. After this, the Dark Water Serpent Family said not a word to the young man, and the manger could only bear the insult silently. Later, the manager was put down from the shelf and saved by his people, then never showed up again.

What he did to the manager was seen by all spirit creatures in this area. Other than this, the young man was very lascivious, and had an inclusive female taste. From muscular dragon whale girls to tiny and cute water spider girls, he liked all girls. Any water-kind girl who looked about thirty to fifty percent humanoid could arouse this young man.

Many strange things would happen in a place filled with spirit creatures.

Countless water-kind creatures gathered in this camp. Some of them were enormous in their original shapes, even over one thousand miles long; some were tiny, maybe only as big as a human thumb.

Some weak small spirit creatures developed a habit of prying on others’ privacy. The young man looked for girls all over the camp, and some curious small spirit creatures followed behind him. Every time when the young man was with some rare water-kind girls, at least a hundred small spirit creatures would be listening to their activities around.

This young man’s name was Yu Chi. He was the most beloved youngest son of a ‘great ancestor’. This time, that ‘great ancestor’ sent him to the Kui Gate on purpose, to allow him to make a great contribution, so that in the future, he could have a good piston in the heaven, which would be ruled by Gong Gong Family at that time.

Those shrimp warriors didn’t know how to differentiate important things from unimportant. They simply brought Ji Hao all information they found, such as Yu Chi’s underwear was made from red brocade, socks were red ghost silk, and he was wearing tens of red jade defensive amulets, or he had a blood-red, sharp long sword, that could easily break the shell of an enormous turtle…

Some essential information was mixed with all that useless junk information and delivered to Ji Hao. Soon, Ji Hao had a full understanding about Yu Chi. He was a foppish, lascivious young man with average abilities. After all, he was Yu Ancestor’s youngest son, and was pretty talented. His cultivation had reached the level of high-Senior-Magus.

More importantly, Ji Hao knew that Yu Chi had a bloodthirsty spirit sword, which was extremely sharp and fierce. The sword would drain the blood of whoever it hurt. Other than this sword, Ji Hao also knew about all his treasures and weapons, unless he had some secret, life-saving treasures.

At last, something that surprised Ji Hao the most happened.

A grandson of Shermie brought Ji Hao three vividly red long hair. Judging by the sense of power releasing from the hairs, these three hair clearly belonged to Yu Chi. Ji Hao was thrilled. In the hands of a spirit creature, these three hairs might be useless, but in the hands of a human Magus who had mastered all kinds of magic curses, these three hair might cost Yu Chi his life!

"Shermie, good job. Tell your sons and grandsons to stay for my lecture of Dao!"

Ji Hao prepared the dragon blood dark steel that he found earlier and some other rare materials, then opened his mouth and let out a five-colored mist which rolled all prepared materials into his body. Then, he handed the three hairs to Yuan Li and told him what to do by using his spirit power. Yuan Li laughed, then transformed into a beam of silver light, and disappeared with the three hair.

In the five-colored cauldron, the magical flame had been spinning. The dragon blood dark steel and other materials were soon melted. All impurities contained in these materials were burned into strands of gray smoke, which rose from the cauldron, being swallowed by the Pan Gu bell which floated upon the cauldron. After quaking slightly, the grey smoke became Chaos power and slowly merged with the bell.

Ji Hao threw more and more materials into the cauldron. The embryos of Dao of sun and extreme negative carefully came to the five-colored cauldron, locked their fingers together, and cast a few treasure-making spells towards it. Ji Hao had learned those spells from Po.

In the cauldron, all kinds of rare materials had been merging with each other. Nourished by the magical power of creation, limited by Po’s treasure-making spells, these beautifully glowing materials were changing and transforming.

The two embryos of Dao were doing the treasure-making job, while Ji Hao took out the mountain-driving whip and sent his strong spirit power into it. As Ji Hao slightly trembled, his spirit power had already covered the entire Kui Gate.

From the east to the west, the Kui Gate was over a million miles wide; from the south to the north, it almost crossed the entire Midland, blocking the vast, violent flood firmly before the Final Land. The Kui Gate was magnificent, with pure and dense earth power gathered in it. The visible, yellow-colored earth power had already crystallized, turning into dark-yellow crystals. Under the effect of the earth power, all mountains in this area had merged completely into one.

According to Ji Hao’s estimation, opening up a broad water channel through the Kui Gate was extremely difficult, even if tens of thousands of Divine Magi could do it together, and no one was there to stop them. It would be highly time-consuming.

Fortunately, the mountain-driving whip existed, and Si Wen Ming had planned it all before he started this great plan.

Sitting on the Kui Gate, legs crossed, Ji Hao controlled the mountain-driving whip and started to move the earth power inside Kui Gate.

Disordered spheres and streams of earth power in the Kui Gate began condensing into dark-yellow spell symbols. Each slowly sparkling spell symbol was ceaselessly absorbing surrounding earth power, gradually gathering a strong, destructive force.

Si Wen Ming was planning to move the mountains away. But that would require too much time. Since the mountains could be moved away… why couldn’t those mountains be blown up?

Thinking about it, by blowing the enormous Kui Gate up into the sky, how many water-kind creatures would be killed? How many human warriors wouldn’t have to die? But of course, Ji Hao wouldn't worry about people from the twenty-one families before the Kui Gate; accidentally injures were inevitable after all!

While controlling the whip with his spirit power and making the preparation inside the Kui Gate, Ji Hao’s eyes shone brightly. He looked at Shermie and nearly a hundred spirit crayfishes sitting in front of him quietly and politely, and started talking.

"You were lowly, weak water-kind creatures. Luckily, you were chosen by the great Dao of nature. You became intelligent, gained powers and abilities."

"Even though you are gifted with powers and strengths, you don’t know about the great Dao of nature, about the heart of the world, about the secrets of the universe. You are still ordinary mortal beings, with physical bodies. Eventually, your lives will end, and you will disappear."

"Today, I am going to teach you a fundamental great Dao, that will allow you to go beyond the mortal world and live an endless life."

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