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Ji Hao moved into the bone house that Shermie looted from someone else.

The bone house looked ordinary from the outside, but the inside was surprising. First, it was bright and broad. Inside the three-hundred-meters-long, tens of meters tall bone house, was a ten-miles wide tiny world, with seven to eight layers. This bone house could accommodate over ten-thousand people.

Second, this bone house was especially clean, with a nice fresh air. Shermie was a neat freak, and his habits did affect his boys more or less. The tens of spirit crayfishes made the tiny world inside the bone house extremely clean and well-decorated. All the furniture in the bone house was carved out of rocks.

What satisfied Ji Hao the most was the effects of the traces of true dragon life-force, mentioned by Shermie before. Because of the true-dragon life-force, this bone house had been suffused with a refreshing, warm aroma. As Shermie said, this aroma could only improve the bloodline powers of lower grade water-kind creatures, and was useless to Ji Hao. However, this aroma was as great as the best ambergris. On staying in this aroma, one could have a clear, concentrated mind. Surprisingly, living in this bone house was a great experience.

"Nice place!" Sitting in the hundreds of meters squared room that he picked for himself, Ji Hao smilingly nodded to Shermie, who was standing aside, then said, "No wonder you chose this place to live in…It’s strange though, didn’t anyone try to kick you out and occupy this place?

In Ji Hao’s eyes, this bone house should be the best house ever in the Kui Gate area. Shermie was merely at the level of low-grade Divine Magus. But why didn’t any stronger one try to take this place?

"I am indeed weak and poorly cultivated, neither can I use any magic. But, my pair of heavy fists are a little famous." Shermie’s eyes gradually sparkled with dim blue light as he looked at Ji Hao and responded seriously, "Except for those peak-level ones, the others…The ones slightly stronger than me won’t want to fight me."

Ji Hao immediately thought of those interesting mantis shrimps, which were less than half a foot long, yet could punch extremely fast, and even break the leg bones of human beings. Those mantis shrimps were tiny in shapes, yet had great strength. Normally, they were only food on people’s plates. But, they did have strong upper limbs with an amazing explosive power, and a full-power blow launched with those limbs could crush human beings.

If Shermie also had strong arms like those mantis shrimps, based on his current cultivation, how powerful could his fists be?

While Ji Hao was trying to find something to try Shermie’s fists, Heng Xing excitedly walked to Shermie. Heng Xing had armor-like skin and scales, and was never afraid of death. As this room was large enough, Heng Xing showed his original figure, lied in front of Shermie as a three-hundred-meters-long Henggong fish, then laughed proudly and yelled, "Come on, punch me!"

While spitting bubbles, Heng Xing continued yelling in excitement, "Shermie, right? Come on, give me a punch!"

"I am a Henggong fish. Among all water-kind creatures from the North Sea, we have the strongest defensive power! If you can break one scale of mine, you and your boys will be under my protection! I guarantee that no one will dare to touch even a hair of yours!"

Shermie looked at Heng Xing while hesitating. He dared not to do it.

Ji Hao smiled and nodded, encouraging him loudly, "Shermie, try it on this large fish! Hehe, if you can hurt him, I will reward you! Don’t worry, as long as you don't kill him, he’ll be fine. You can injure him as badly as you can."

Thud! Thud! Ji Hao saw nothing else but two extremely dim streams of light.

Heng Xing suddenly shut his mouth. Blood spurted out from his giant mouth. He tried his best to swallow the blood back into his stomach, but the blood was still flowing out from his mouth corners. Soon, the blood started flowing in big streams, and at last, the blood spurted out like a fountain. He couldn’t help it.

In his chest area, where he had the thickest, densest scales, were two fist-sized holes.

He stared at Shermie’s clenched fists. Shermie’s fists were angular, blue-cyan, covered in a thin layer of shell that were the size of wine pots; those fists were exactly as big as the holes in Heng Xing’s chest.

Two puncture wounds were left on Heng Xing’s body. Shermie’s fists landed on Heng Xing’s body, but once his fists touched Heng Xing, he took back his arms. However, the impulsive force he created easily penetrated Heng Xing’s body like two sharp blades.

Heng Xing’s few main arteries were broken. Therefore, the blood gushed out of his body like a flood.

Ji Hao glanced at Shermie in shock. He flashed to Heng Xing, took out handfuls of magic pills, and poured in Heng Xing’s mouth, then spread thick layers of ointment on Heng Xing’s wounds. Heng Xing transformed back into his human shape while moaning in pain. Covering his chest with both hands, Heng Xing stared at Shermie in a great shock, unable to say a word for quite a while.

If this happened on a real battlefield, and if Shermie didn’t take back his arms, and if he added a few more heavy punches, Heng Xing, this peak-Divine-Magus-level Henggong fish would be beaten to death by Shermie!

Shermie was only at the level of low-grade Divine Magi, while Heng Xing was seriously at the level of peak-Divine-Magi!

What a terrifying pair of fists! No wonder any water-kind spirit creature never tried to fight him over this bone house after he occupied it.

This bone house was valueless to higher-grade spirit creatures, but which one of those lower grade spirit creatures could ever be Shermie’s opponent? If Ji Hao didn’t want to stay in this bone hose to watch those Yu in the next door, Shermie would be able to improve his bloodline power with this bone-house, and grow stronger.

"Your fists!" Ji Hao clicked his lips and finally discovered a weakness of Shermie’s fists.

Shermie attacked fast. Ji Hao had activated his erect eye, but still, he saw nothing but the two streams of light. He failed to see the motion curves of Shermie’s fists. He believed that not a single living creature in this Kui Gate area could see Shermie’s moves clearly, not even Dark Water Serpent himself.

Shermie punched heavily, and even Hengxing was injured so badly by his pair of fists; it was not hard to tell how strong those fists were.

The only weakness was that Shermie didn’t have any special power on his fists. If he had a slight trace of essence sun fire or the extremely negative power on his fists, he would even be able to threat Dark Water Serpent out there, the great ancestor of all dark water serpent. That was what Ji Hao thought.

But of course, if Shermie could maximize his strength and speed, he would still be able to launch a world-destroying punch without any special power.

"Shermie, are you willing to be my disciple?" Somehow, Ji Hao wanted to take Shermie as a disciple.

"Master, be your disciple?" Shermie’s face twitched slightly, seeming to be quite struggling. A while later, Shermie said hesitatingly, "Master, I am only a lowly crayfish. I am not talented, not lucky either. To be your disciple…hehe, I have no reason to become a humiliation to you."

Looking at Shermie’s struggling face, Ji Hao laughed.

He slightly shook his body and showed his real face, as a human being.

Shermie was shocked. He even leaped back for about a hundred meters far. But once he saw Ji Hao’s face clearly, he darted back to Ji Hao, thudded his knees against the ground, and kowtowed to Ji Hao for tens of times in a row.

"Shifu, I am Shermie, your disciple!"

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