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A very strange-looking, large spirit creature slowly walked out of the bone house.

He was more than five-meters tall, crookbacked like a giant shrimp, with a piece of shark leather wrapped around his waist. His skin had a cyan-blue color, with two long beard wisps on the chin. He narrowed his eyes and looked at Ji Hao, then glanced at Yuan Li and Heng Xing. Clicking his tongue, he shook his head.

"Henggong fish, water ape…We can’t afford to offend these gentlemen. Boys, let’s go!" This spirit creature waved his hand and said to his people, "I took his house from someone else. Now, some other people are going to take it from me, totally reasonable. Let’s go find the next poor guy and get us a new place to live!"

Following a water-clattering noise, tens of shrimp warriors leaped out of the bone house. These shrimp warriors were about three-meters and two-feet tall, not entirely human shaped yet. They carried different sized bags as they lined up orderly behind this large spirit creatures, forming a mini array.

"Sir, this house is yours now!" The large spirit creature bowed deeply to Ji Hao and said calmly, "This bone, don’t underestimate it. This bone belonged to a golden horn shark, which had almost passed the natural trial and became a dragon. This bone contains a trace of true dragon life-force, which is highly beneficial for lower-grade water-kind creatures like me!"

He said the few words ‘lower-grade water-kind creatures’ with emphasis.

Ji Hao narrowed his eyes. Suddenly, he felt that this large spirit creature was quite interesting. He was as powerful as a low-grade Divine Magus, and was so calm and mild. He wasn’t violent and impulsive like the other water-kind creatures, neither had he shouted or yelled so far. He was a well-cultivated one!

Besides, he was much smarter than ordinary water-kind spirit creatures, even those enormous ones who might be hundreds of times stronger than himself. At least, among all those enormous spirit creatures Ji Hao slaughtered in the past few years, no a single one could talk so politely and thoughtfully with a deeper meaning. Just now, he specifically pointed out to Ji Hao that this bone house was highly beneficial to ‘lower-grade water-kind creatures’. By doing this, he clearly told Ji Hao that to top-grade water-kind creatures like henggong fish and water ape, this bone wasn’t so valuable!

"Interesting!" Seeing this spirit creature prepare to leave with the group of warriors, Ji Hao pressed his hand on this spirit creature’s shoulder. The bared shoulders of this spirit creature were covered in a half-foot-thick layer of shell. The shell was cyan-blue in color, thickly covered with tiny and short thorns. Pressing on these thorns, Ji Hao even sensed a slight pain.

Ji Hao had an unreasonably strong body by now, yet those thorns on the spirit creature’s shoulders made him feel painful, which was pretty impressive. Ji Hao was more and more curious about this spirit creature — Those thorns on his shoulder were even stronger than an ordinary holy weapon.

"You…What are you?" Ji Hao took a sideway step and blocked the spirit creature’s way.

"Sir, I am a lowly creature…I am a crayfish…Many years ago, I might have swallowed some powerful herbs, then I started to know things. I’ve been cultivating myself after that, until today." The spirit creature lowered his body deeper and deeper, looking at Ji Hao with a bright grin as he said with a low, humble voice, "I dare not to offend you, sir. If I did anything wrong, please, forgive me!"

Crayfish? Like a mantis shrimp?

Ji Hao licked his lips. He thought of something that happened a very long time ago, which he had been trying to forget — In a flawless white porcelain dish, strongly flavored, red-colored oil was sizzling and steaming. Crayfishes soaked in the oil, and one would eat it with a cold, light wine…

Shaking his head, Ji Hao quickly threw these previous life memories out of his head. This over five-meters-tall creature standing in front of Ji Hao was not a crayfish that Ji Hao could eat on a summer night with wine. Instead, it was a powerful, large spirit creature.

"I hardly ever see a smart and polite one among us spirit creatures!" Ji Hao pressed on the spirit creature’s shoulder and said blandly, "From now on, you work for me. I need guards for my place. You behave yourself. In the future…If a crayfish can have a chance to become a true dragon too, I’ll give you that chance!"

The spirit creature narrowed his eyes into a pair of curved line, lowered his head, and said with a deep voice, "Sir, I am under the command of Dark Water Ao Ao from the Dark Serpent Water Clan. I’m his warrior, so…"

"Forget that Dark Water Ao Ao or Dark Water Au Au. Now, you work for me. Dark Water Serpent? Big deal?" Ji Hao laughed coldly, then glanced at Heng Xing.

"If Dark Water Ao Ao dares to start a war between dark water serpents and Henggong fishes, then let him do it!" Heng Xing proudly raised his head high and scornfully spat towards the ground.

"Henggong Fish Family, aren’t you guarding Dui Gate, the fifth gate?" Asked the spirit creature carefully, "Sir, Kui Gate is guarded by Dark Water Serpent Family…"

Ji Hao slapped on the spirit creature’s shoulder, then pointed a finger at the spot between his eyebrows. Through his finger, Ji Hao shared a small part of his own understanding about the extremely negative power with this spirit creature. The spirit creature sensed that something had flown speedily into his soul, like a frosty brook.

The spirit creature trembled slightly. In both surprise and shock, he looked at Ji Hao. A dark blue dim light started flowing quickly on the skin of this spirit creature. Gradually, a dim silver light emerged from the blue light.

The extremely negative power was the coldest power in the world. Water-kind creatures were mostly cultivating themselves with the powers of water, ice, and other types of negative power. All these power types originated from the branches of the great Dao of the extreme negative.

Ji Hao directly shared his understanding about the great Dao of the extreme negative with this spirit creature. To this spirit creature, who was originally a crayfish, this was just like inviting a poor man into the treasury of a billionaire, shocking and astonishing. He was even frozen in amazement.

"My brothers and I, we came here to watch a show." said Ji Hao straightforwardly, "Many of us want to watch a show of these dark water serpents! So, taking one warrior from Dark Water Ao Ao or Dark Water Au Au, what’s the big deal?"

"Follow me. I promise that you will live a much better life!" Ji Hao patted again, slightly heavily on the spirit creature’s shoulder. Ji Hao hadn’t put forth his strength, but the spirit creature already felt like carrying eight-hundred mountains. An irresistible force descended straight down, softening his legs and making him kneel down and kowtow to Ji Hao.

Seeing the spirit creature kneel, the tens of shrimp warriors behind him paused in shock, then hurriedly dropped their bags and kneeled and kowtowed to Ji Hao as well.

The spirit creature was forced down to his knees. Besides, he was deeply attracted by the broadness and mysteriousness of the great Dao of extreme negative that Ji Hao shared with him just now. He remained silent for a while, after which, he finally lowered his head and politely and sincerely kowtowed to Ji Hao three times.

"Master, I am Shermie. From this moment on, the lives of mine and my boys are in your hands!"

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