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Ji Hao watched the swordfish man taking tens of thousands of small spirit creatures to the battlefield. Ten minutes later, a few more warrior-recruiting flags stood up in the camp. A few bigger-shaped spirit creatures yelled under those flags, promising some benefits, then large groups of silly small spirit creatures followed them to the battlefield.

Water-kind spirit creatures had been gathering to the Kui Gate campsite from all directions. In the meanwhile, large spirit creatures sent over by Dark Water Serpent waved their flags and recruited batches after batches of warriors. Groups of small spirit creatures rushed to the battlefield excitedly, risked their lives for a bite of fresh human meat. Ji Hao saw those small spirit creatures leave, but so far, he hadn’t seen one small spirit creature return with trophies.

Ji Hao, Heng Xing, and Yuan Li walked along this messy road for about an hour. In this area, stall owners on both sides of the road were large spirit creatures, who were not weak at all. Many of them were as strong as Senior Magi. Among spirit creatures, each of them was strong enough to occupy a territory.

One could now find something good on their stalls. For example, Ji Hao saw a human-head-sized piece of extremely negative dragon blood dark steel on the stall that belonged to a snake man. This type of metal existed deep underground, in the ancient poison fire. For some reason, this piece absorbed dragon blood, and was nourished by the extremely negative power for centuries long, eventually becoming a rare, valuable material.

It was already extremely difficult for a metal ore buried deep underground, burned by the ancient earth core poisonous fire, to absorb dragon blood, not to mention being nourished by the extremely negative power. After all, the star of extreme negative nature in Pan Gu world was occupied by a powerful being with a super powerful magic, such that ordinary creatures couldn’t even sense weak extremely negative power lingering in the air.

This piece of steel could be made into flying swords with Yu Yu’s special technique, which would be highly harmful to primordial spirits and embryos of Dao. By creating a slight scratch on the skin, these flying swords could cause a severe damage to one’s soul. According to Ji Hao’s estimation, flying swords made with this material would have a considerable suppressive effect on sky devils.

Ji Hao excitedly walked to the stall and asked about the price amicably. He even took out tens of jade coins, attempting to purchase this piece of steel with a high price. Jade coin was a circulating currency in the alliance of human clans.

The snake man looked at Ji Hao confusedly, shaking his head. He only wanted blood and flesh containing strong life-force. Things like jade coins were something he hadn’t even seen before. He didn’t know what those exquisitely crafted small jade pieces could do.

Bargaining for a while, the snake man still refused to accept those jade coins as payment.

A quarter of an hour later, Ji Hao frowned and looked at the snake man. Heng Xing had been waiting aside, and had already lost his patience. He suddenly burst with a great roar as his head transformed back into a giant fish head. He grabbed over the slim snake man, opened his jaws and swallowed the snake man up.

Burping in satisfaction, Heng Xing bumped his teeth against each other, creating a puff of fire sparkle. He then fiercely yelled at the other stall owners in the surroundings, "Which one of you dares to charge my big bro? How dare you?! Do you wanna die? If you don't want your lives anymore, I’ll take your lives!"

All the surrounding water-kind spirit creatures lowered their heads and dared not to make any noise.

Heng Xing released his power that belonged to a Henggong fish, a top-grade water-kind creature. Naturally, the power from his bloodline disabled these lowly water-kind creatures from even thinking about resistance.

Yuan Li happily grabbed up the dragon blood dark steel that Ji Hao wanted, handed it to Ji Hao and laughed, "Big bro, whatever you want, let us know. We can just get it for you. You are already showing your respect to them by wanting to take things from them. What can you say to those stupid lowly things? Give them money? They’ll be fairly lucky if you don’t kill them!"

Ji Hao took over the steel and put it into a sleeve. He was a bit confused.

Was this a social law of the spirit creature society? Too wild, too cruel, but seemed to be not so bad!

As they kept moving forward, Ji Hao looked around at those stalls on both sides of the road. Every time his eyes stayed on one thing for a slightly longer time, Heng Xing and Yuan Li would immediately rush up, give the stall owner a heavy slap, then take that thing and walk straightaway.

Heng Xing and Yuan Li were not ashamed at all, and neither did those stall owners take any action. Watching this, all surrounding spirit creatures did or said nothing either, as if this was totally reasonable and normal. Apparently, in the society of spirit creatures, such things were indeed reasonable and normal!

The powerful ones could have everything, which was the greatest rule of spirit creatures!

Moving forward for hundreds of miles, ‘buildings’ on both sides of the road turned to be slightly presentable. The closer Ji Hao got to the center of the camp, the stronger he found those surrounding spirit creatures to be. Probably for this reason, ‘buildings’ on both sides of the road now seemed finally like real houses, some even having well-crafted doors and windows.

Some buildings in this area were made from well-polished rock blocks, with each rock block fitting perfectly. Ji Hao scanned these buildings with his spirit power and found that even the thinnest blade couldn’t cut into the joints of two rock blocks. These polished rock buildings were mostly large, with great spaces in the surroundings. Usually, a building like this was always guarded by a group of strong, heavily armored water-kind warriors.

The spirit creature power vibrations that came from these rock buildings were pure and strong. Apparently, the owners of these buildings were possessors of higher-grade bloodlines and great cultivations; they should be as powerful as Magus Kings at least. Walking past these buildings, Ji Hao even sensed aroma of liquor and grilled meat.

The lower grade small spirit creatures were still chewing raw meat and drinking blood, yet these higher-grade ones had already been living a luxurious life, like nobles among human beings.

‘Pop, pop, pop’, a strange footstep could be heard from a large, heavily guarded building behind Ji Hao. This footstep sound was rather special, sounding like a creature with a pair of large webbed foot running quickly across a muddy area.

Ji Hao remembered this footstep sound; he had heard it before. Looking where the footsteps came from, Ji Hao saw a nine-meters-long Yu, leaping out of a large building. Sitting on the back of the Yu was a young man with a dark face and a long red robe, looking like an evil ghost.

"Eh, great ancestor is way too cautious…What can ever happen in a place like this? I’ve been stuck in that room for days. I got to have some fun!"

The young man laughed with a hissing voice as he mounted on the Yu, flashed down to the road and stopped in the middle. Looking around for a while, he murmured with a low voice, "Hmm, where can I find a beautiful girl? Those snake girls are naturally harmful to Yu, hmm… I should find a few little clam girls. Hehe, they’re tender and white, and I can eat them when I’m done playing with them. They’re the best!"

Hearing this, Ji Hao’s eye corners twitched slightly. ‘I can eat them when I’m done playing with them’, was something one could only hear from a spirit creature.

But ‘great ancestor’? Who was that? And why did this Yu come to the Kui Gate? What was he doing?

Ji Hao glanced at the building, then released his spirit power and covered the building like flowing water.

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