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"These are?" From hundreds of miles away, Si Wen Ming clearly saw the one hundred and eight pyramids which had Dark Water Serpent trapped. But, he could only see the outsides of these pyramids.

Each pyramid was about thirty-six-meters-tall, purely dark and lustrous. From time to time, countless tiny spell symbols would flash on the surfaces of these pyramids from the insides like burning flames, and then, a complicated and dense pattern would sparkle across the surface of each pyramid.

A hundred and eight pyramids shone dazzlingly, creating an enormous pyramid of light with Dark Water Serpent trapped in it. The pyramid of light was two-hundred and eighty miles tall, with the base three-hundred miles squared in area. It was a large-scale formation. Every single pyramid had been releasing strong earth power, water power, fire power, and wind power, merging with the thick light screens surrounding Dark Water Serpent.

Dark Water Serpent sensed a danger. He rampantly struggled in the formation, bumping against those strong light screens and venting his terrifying power. But, the giant pyramid of light remained perfectly motionless, even though Dark Water Serpent had used all of his strength.

"Strong things!" Si Wen Ming was strong indeed, but limited by the cultivation system of human beings, he could only observe these pyramids with his physical eyes. Unlike him, Ji Hao carefully scanned across every detail of these pyramids by using his spirit power. His spirit power had even drilled into these pyramids. Through his spirit power, he clearly saw the complicated structure of these pyramids.

"Truly strong things, but does not seem complete." Ji Hao nodded. These pyramids were indeed great treasures. In mere terms of materials, these pyramids were made from divine materials mentioned by brother Kua E years ago when he built the Yao Mountain City for Ji Hao. Those ‘divine materials’ used in these pyramids were even better than all divine materials used in Yao Mountain City, by three grades.

You Chao Family was so much wealthier than Ji Hao that the materials used on these pyramids could even be compared with those used on buildings in the heaven. Not to mention how strong the defensive power of this great pyramid formation was, every single pyramid was especially sturdy and strong. According to Ji Hao’s estimation, no one beneath the level of Supreme Magi could harm even a little bit of these pyramids.

These pyramids were ingeniously designed. In terms of many details, the systems of spell symbols and the absorption of natural powers of these pyramids were even as great as the divine towers that belonged to the non-humankind.

Furthermore, every pyramid had a powerful after-world spirit treasure as its core. Ji Hao scanned across these treasures and sensed pure and strong natural powers. Those were all naturally crafted spirit treasures, amazingly powerful.

One hundred and eight after-world spirit treasures, even Ji Hao was shocked by the total value of those.

The only weakness of these pyramids was that the designers seemed to forget about ‘spirit power’. In front of people like Ji Hao, who had strong spirit powers, these pyramids were almost transparent. Scanned by Ji Hao’s spirit power, all the secrets of these pyramids were soon and completely exposed.

"Years ago, we heard that You Chao Family achieved an important breakthrough in copying the non-humankind’s divine towers." Si Wen Ming stood up while holding his teacup, looking at the one hundred and eight pyramids as he said coldly, "One time, Emperor Shun visited them himself and asked them if that were true."

"I guess they denied, didn’t they?" Ji Hao took a glance at Si Wen Ming.

"Look at these strangely shaped towers. If we can build a large number of these in the Chi Ban Mountain area, how many warriors won’t have to die or be injured when the non-humankind attacks?" Si Wen Ming clenched his fingers and crushed the teacup. In his hand, the teacup turned into a strand of smoke.

Looking at You Chao Wise, who was standing on top of the mountain on the cloud, Si Wen Ming continued with that cold voice, "You Chao Family…These people are too selfish. For such powerful, important weapons, our alliance of human clans never wanted their secret techniques. Instead, we only wanted to purchase finished products from them. Yet they…denied."

Si Wen Ming’s face was filled with sadness; his eyes were lusterless, occupied by confusion.

The nine dragons chariot and Mr. Crow were still shining in the sky, warming and illuminating this mountain area. In the surroundings, well-recovered warriors had been laughing and resting. Beside Ji Hao, a little charcoal stove had a small potful of water boiling on it.

So warm, so lively... But Si Wen Ming stood right beside Ji Hao, somehow sad and lonely.

Ji Hao put down the teacup, stood up, and threw a heavy punch on Si Wen Ming’s shoulder, "Whatever they’ve done, we focus on our own works. Uncle Wen Ming…These stingy families and clans, we’ll have a chance to teach them a lesson."

Crossing his arms over his chest, Ji Hao looked at the Kui Water, where the battle was still going on. Once again, he brought up the topic that he had mentioned to Si Wen Ming years ago, late at night. "All in all, the alliance of human clans has no binding force for these powerful families and clans. Not to mention these strange towers, uncle Wen Ming, look at these three families…When we risked our lives against the flood, I didn’t see them send out so many people to help!"

Si Wen Ming slowly blinked his lusterless eyes, took a long breath, and said with a deep voice, "If human beings want to be strong…"

Ji Hao raised his eyebrows and straightforwardly gave the conclusion, "We have to combine all our strengths and wisdom. This world belongs to our humankind, not one family or one clan. Therefore, we have to abandon families and clans…I hope that in the future, when our warriors are facing the enemies, they won’t say the names of their families or clans anymore…"

"We need a united name! A name admitted and approved by all human beings…We need to be united!" Ji Hao tilted his head and looked at Si Wen Ming seriously.

Tens of dark water serpents roared with rumbling hissing voices. They transformed into their original, enormous forms, and bumped violently into the pyramid formation, attempting to break it and free their great ancestor.

All of a sudden, countless meters thick electric bolts dazzled out from the pyramid formation. Struck by the electric bolts, the bodies of those dark water serpents turned translucent. Through their scales and skin, one could see their dark-blue bones.

More and stronger electric bolts emerged in the formation, striking on Dark Water Serpent’s body. They broke his skin and raised thick dark smoke from his jaws.

"Hehe, You Chao Wise, these weapons you created are not bad. How much are these for? Our Cloud Sun Family will buy a hundred sets of this from you!"

A thick thundercloud swiftly approached from the west. The thundercloud was tens of miles long and wide, filled with strong warriors in golden armors.

"Old Cloud Sun Family b*stard, do you think that our Wuchang Family is poor? These weapons are indeed nice. Sell us three-hundred sets first!"

Another cloud drifted over from the west, emitting a sharp cold power. Different sized, hailstones had been falling down from that cloud.

"Cloud Sun Family, Wuchang Family, you’re both here! We are the Chu Wu Clan. When it comes to making contributions to the humankind, how can we not come?"

A breeze blew across, along with which, over a hundred thousand warriors showed up suddenly before the Kui Gate. Their helmets were made from beast bones, and their bodies were covered in whole pieces of animal skin. The power vibration they released was strong and strange. These people were pretty striking.

Within about ten breaths, eighteen families and clans arrived. In total, over a million elite warriors gathered before Kui Gate.

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