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A legendary ancient creature, the first dark water serpent in the world...

Dark Water Serpent’s hundreds of miles long body descended from the sky. The dense, highly poisonous dark mist that puffed out of his mouth covered an area thousand miles in radius. Any human warrior who touched the mist or even inhaled a slight little bit, died by melting into puddles of blood.

Dark Water Serpent didn’t have any complicated magic to cast. But, he had a stunningly strong body; he was as strengthful as Henggong Fish. That enormous body of his was weapon-proof and thunder-proof. His tremendous body turned in the air and his long tail swept across the sky, instantly generating a series of shrill howls, as over a thousand Qiong Sang Family young elites had all their bones whipped broken by the tail.

Whipped by Dark Water Serpent’s tail, at least seven hundred warriors exploded. Their bones, blood, and flesh all blasted into clouds of red mist.

Dark Water Serpent widely opened his jaws and took a deep breath, inhaling all the blood mist in the sky. Nearly a thousand severely wounded warriors with broken bones and tendons were drawn into his giant mouth. They screamed in fear and pain, but they couldn’t control their own bodies.

"Evil thing, how dare you!" Seeing young warriors from his families being swallowed by Dark Water Serpent alive, Qiong Sang Sheng burst with a raging growl while flashing across the sky and instantly showing up right before Dark Water Serpent’s face. He raised his hands, pulled out a fist-thick whip from his sleeve, then gripped it with both his hands and lashed straight down at Dark Water Serpent’s head.

This nearly hundred miles long, fist-thick whip was dark and transparent. Clearly, it was a special piece. A dreadful power that belonged to a prehistorical beast had been releasing from the whip. When Qiong Sang Sheng swung the whip fiercely, even Dark Water Serpent himself was surprised. He widely opened his eyes and stared at the whip.

"Hmm, the spinal cord of the first Tao Wu in the world…Back then, after Yi shot him dead, his bones, flesh, and skin all fell into the hands of the east people. This cord is interesting though!" murmured Dark Water Serpent with a low voice, "If Zhu Wu were here himself, I might be slightly afraid of him. But he's dead, and this is only a cord of his…hehe!"

Dark Water Serpent smirked and didn’t even take a glance at Qiong Sang Sheng, but let the whip land on his body.

Pop! It was thunderously loud. A ten-mile-long stream of fiery light was generated against Dark Water Serpent’s head. A long, faintly white line was left on his dark scales by the whip.

He gave a muffled snort, shook his head, then threw a glimpse at Qiong Sang Sheng in surprise, "You’re strong, aren’t you? You even made me feel dizzy. Qiong Sang Family, you do have a few talents."

Coiled in a dense black smoke, a man leaped down from above the Kui Gate. That was an old man, skinny as a skeleton. With his upper body bared, he gripped a dark bone staff with both his hands. Standing in front of Qiong Sang Sheng, this old man laughed with a hissing voice and said, "Qiong Sang Sheng, you don’t get to fight our Great Ancestor!"

"I am Dark Water Fang. Come on, let’s play!" continued this old man.

Qiong Sang Sheng bravely attacked Dark Water Serpent. Facing Dark Water Serpent, Qiong Sang Sheng was fearless, probably because he didn’t know much about him.

However, his look suddenly turned extremely serious as he saw Dark Water Fang. Apparently, he knew what Dark Water Fang could do. "Dark Water Fang, the Master Maguspreist of Dark Water Serpent Clan... Don’t you forget that you are a human being too!"

"We are human beings indeed, but our powers are from our Great Ancestor!" Dark Water Fang laughed with that hissing voice, "We are willing to follow our Great Ancestor, follow Lord Gong Gong to sweep across the world…When Lord Gong Gong’s great plan is accomplished, we will be the owners while you will all be slaves!"

Wielding the dark long bone staff, Dark Water Fang created a dense, dark mist, spreading behind his body. From within the mist, countless tiny black snakes wriggled out, hovering slowly around him. Meanwhile, he said, "Therefore, don’t say too many useless words. We…The strongest becomes the king!"

Qiong Sang Sheng flicked his wrist. The long whip in his hand suddenly shrank to about three meters long, as thin as a hair.

Next, he took out a crescent-shaped longbow from his sleeve, tied the whip on both its ends, and made an oddly shaped longbow. The bow instantly released a much stronger prehistorical beast power, gradually condensing into the head of an enormous, ancient beast behind Qiong Sang Sheng.

"This is Tao Wu bow. If it hurts you, you die. Black Water Fang, you need to be careful!" With a serious look, Qiong Sang Sheng stared at Black Water Fang.

Black Water Fang smirked, then suddenly burst into a howl. Following his voice, countless tiny black snakes darted towards Qiong Sang Sheng from the dark mist around him, leaving beams of dark light in the air.

Qiong Sang Sheng flashed across the air, leaving over a thousand afterimages in the sky. He pulled the bow open and released a series of arrows, swishing towards Dark Water Fang shrilly one after another.

Dark Water Fang was roaring thunderously. He let out dense mists from his mouth, forcing back warriors from the Ghost Chariot Clan, You Chao Family and Qiong Sang Family.

You Chao Yu and Ghost Chariot Green Grass rushed up and attempted to fight against Dark Water Fang. But, Dark Water Tusk and Dark Water Tush leaped down from the Kui Gate and stopped them. These two were also skinny old men. They each cast a strange magic and started an intense fight against You Chao Yu and Ghost Chariot Green Grass. In the meanwhile, Dark Water Serpent and hundreds of his offsprings, and tens of thousands of spirit boas and snakes, pounced down. They were almost directly slaughtering warriors from the three families.

From the back of the enormous golden-winged rock bird that belonged to Qiong Sang Family, the mountain on the cloud that belonged to You Chao Family, and the flying bone castle that belonged to Ghost Chariot Family, large groups of human warriors flew out. They formed square arrays and attacked Dark Water Serpent fiercely.

The war drums were beating rumblingly. The drummers from the three families roared like beasts, even shaking the sky.

But how could they ever stop frenzied attacks launched by Dark Water Serpent? They had tried their best, but only managed to start puffs of fire sparkles against the scales of Dark Water Serpent. On the contrary, every time Dark Water Serpent swung his tail, a large number of human warriors could be sent flying into the sky, vomiting blood.

Dark Water Serpent rushed into the arrays of warriors from the three families, like a giant bumping into a group of ants. By slightly moving his body, he killed thousands of warriors; by conveniently breathing out a cloud of poisonous mist, he made a large group of warriors turn into rotten blood.

In a quarter of an hour, at least thirty-thousand warriors had fallen. Dark Water Serpent was enormous in shape, but after swallowing tens of thousands of human beings, even he burped. Clearly, he was stuffed by all the human spirit blood.

"Hm, I’m full, full…Boys, kill as many as you can!" Dark Water Serpent murmured, "Eat these human beings, as many as you can. Good for you cultivation. I’ll go take a nap…These useless things, why should I fight them myself?"

Dark Water Serpent turned around and wriggled to the Kui Gate. The moment he relaxed his vigilance, a hundred and eight oddly shaped, black pyramids descended from the sky, releasing the powers of earth, water, fire, and wind, weaving into a giant cage in the sky that locked Dark Water Serpent perfectly in.

Buzz! A mile-thick light screen was released from those pyramids, with countless spell symbols rolling in it, creating a strong power vibration.

"Eh? Who is it?" Dark Water Serpent bumped straight onto the light, yet the light screen didn’t even shake.

"I am You Chao Wise! I am here to kill you!" From the mountain on the clouds, a dry and old voice could be heard.

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