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The Ghost Chariot was a legendary species, also called ‘nine-phoenix’.

Ghost Chariots looked like phoenixes. According to some legends, a Ghost Chariot had nine tails, but according to some other stories, it had one tail and nine heads. They were evil, dark and mysterious. At nights, they would fly in the sky and scream with a strange sound, which was similar to the sounds of running wheels. Therefore, people named them Ghost Chariot.

Naturally, the Ghost Chariot Clan people worshipped nine-phoenixes and inherited their powers. This human clan had a long history, as it raised before the Qiong Sang Family and You Chao Family, even before the holy Emperor Fuxi. Since forever, this clan was known as the most powerful human clan.

In the past countless centuries, the Ghost Chariot Clan fought against other human clans for the throne many times. However, with the power of nine-phoenixes, Ghost Chariot clan people were good at evil, ghosts-related magics. Affected by their dark magics, all Ghost Chariot Clan people looked evil and dark, just like ghosts. People from the other human clans didn’t like their appearances. Therefore, even though their clan was strong, they never managed to ascend the throne.

The more they couldn’t have it, the more they wanted it, and the more precious it was for them.

The throne had become the deepest obsession of the Ghost Chariot Clan. After Emperor Shaohao, once anything relating to the throne happened, Ghost Chariot Clan people would definitely show up with their eyes fixed on the throne, preparing to make any move at any time.

"Ghost Chariot!" Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming sighed together. According to the clear record kept in the Magi Palace, Ghost Chariot people lived with dark souls and evil ghosts all years long. Therefore, they were all erratic, rebellious, and slightly crazy; these people could definitely bring one a bad headache.

Even they had stepped in. Now, there was a great show to watch.

The faces of Qiong Sang Sheng and You Chao Yu dropped instantly, even turning slightly blue, as if they bumped into true ghosts at midnight. They constantly glanced at each other, and no one knew what were they thinking about.

"I am Ghost Chariot Lie!" The young man who had sent out three white long spears laughed out shrilly, "You can also call me Mi Lie!"

Dark Water Yao Yao raised his blade with his right arm and transformed it into a sphere of light to defend himself. Countless afterimages created by the three white spears swished down and touched the blade lights, yet didn’t cause any noise.

That was because those were all illusions. The real three spears didn’t exist among those afterimages.

Ji Hao raised his eyebrows and asked in surprise, "Where are the three bone spears? Ghost Chariot Lie, I saw him throw out three bone spears!"

Everyone else on the scene frowned, looking at those descending afterimages left by the three bone spears. They all saw Ghost Chariot Lie do it. Indeed, three bone spears were thrown out by him. But now, nothing but illusions were falling from the sky, without a single actual bone spear!

Where were the three spears? Did Ghost Chariot Lie fool the eyes of all the powerful beings on the scene?

Following a sizzling noise, inside the light sphere transformed from Dark Water Yao Yao’s blade, three human-head-sized, pasty fires blazed suddenly. Within each fire, a dark-green pair of eyes was faintly visible. Following shrill screams, the three pasty fire spheres expanded into three hazy human figures, spread their arms, and pounced on Dark Water Yao Yao.

Dark Water Yao Yao focused on defending himself against the three bone spears he saw. He never thought that the three bone spears thrown out by Ghost Chariot Lie would become three fierce evil ghosts and secretly approach him.

Dark Water Yao Yao didn’t manage to make any reaction before the three hazy figures drilled into his body. His defensive blade light dimmed all of a sudden, while he floated in midair stiffly, with his face twitching intensely. But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t move at all.

"Got you. Your soul is mine!" A high-pitched voice came out from Dark Water Yao Yao’s mouth.

"No, no, it’s mine! His soul is mine! Mine! Let me have the first bite! I want the first bite! You go drink his spirit blood! He has rich spirit blood!" said a dry voice from around Dark Water Yao Yao’s throat.

"You two piss off! No one but me can have it! His soul and spirit…Hehe, I’ll swallow his soul and spirit first…I came first, so I can have the soul and the spirit. You came after me, you get nothing. You two idiots!" said an extremely cold voice, which sounded mean.

Dark Water Yao Yao floated in the air, without being able to move. Slowly, dark-green, sticky liquid flowed out from his ears, eyes, nose and mouth. His strong and sturdy body withered rapidly, as if a million bugs were devouring his body from the inside.

To Divine Magi and Magus Kings, who had thriving, positive powers, dark souls and evil ghosts were just jokes. Not even the strongest ghost dared to approach a Magus King or a Divine Magus. Otherwise, the scorching hot spirit blood power released from the Magus King or the Divine Magus would shred the ghost.

But, Dark Water Yao Yao was a spirit serpent. He had the dark spirit creature power. To dark souls and evil ghosts, the spirit creature power was a nourishment instead of a bane. Unless Dark Water Yao Yao mastered some special magic that could especially suppress ghosts, he could do nothing about these evil ghosts.

Obviously, Dark Water Yao Yao was a fighter, and wasn’t good at magics.

The three fierce ghosts, which were cultivated by Ghost Chariot Lie for countless years, broke into Dark Water Yao Yao’s body, but he could do nothing about it. Instead, he could only watch them swallow his soul and drink his spirit blood.

Within a couple of breath, even Dark Water Yao Yao’s marrow was drained. Along with weak howls, Dark Water Yao Yao transformed back into his original shape. His enormous body was flat and withered, as no blood or flesh was left in his body. He fell from the sky as a tens of miles long, scrawny, dark, and lusterless serpent skin.

Three pasty white fires flew out from Dark Water Yao Yao’s body, much clearer than before, and flew back to Ghost Chariot Lie, leaving three arcs in the air. Standing on a giant skull condensed from a pasty fire, Ghost Chariot Lie slightly quivered, then a pink hue emerged on his pale cheeks. At last, the whites of his eyes turned bright, while his lusterless eyes suddenly shone with a blinding light.

Obviously, the three strong ghosts shared Ghost Chariot Lie the soul power and sprit blood that they looted from Dark Water Yao Yao. The power vibration released from his body instantly grow stronger, and soon, he was much more powerful than before.

Looting souls and spirit blood from his targets to boost up his own power by using evil ghosts…..The Ghost Chariot secret magics were powerful and cruel. No wonder they never managed to ascend to the throne in the past so many years. Which human being dared to let a Ghost Chariot Family member sit on that throne?

"Interesting!" Looking at Ghost Chariot, Ji Hao smiled,

"I am Ghost Chariot Lie. You can also call me Mi Lie". Ghost Water Lie bent his waist, stood on the fire skull, and controlled the nearly one hundred meters tall fire skull, slowly approaching the Kui Gate while yelling, "You reckless spirit things, how dare you hinder our great flood-control plan? Today, move away or not, you will all die right here!"

While chuckling, he stomped his foot heavily against the ground. Under his feet, the fire skull suddenly opened its mouth and gave a muffled roar. Next, a tens of meters wide, sticky and strong dark flame roared towards the Kui Gate, followed by a long flame tail.

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