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Ji Hao wasn't injured. He wasn’t as enraged as Dark Water Yao Yao, but he was indeed angry.

He didn’t know about the arrow that went at Dark Water Yao Yao, but the one that attacked him viciously aimed at his waist. If he were an ordinary human being, he would have been killed already.

People knew Ji Hao as a Divine Magus. A Divine Magus had strong life-force. If the arrow penetrated the waist of Divine Magus, the Divine Magus would just lose some life-force at the most, but his life wouldn’t be threatened. However, things weren’t that simple.

Yi Di was now on Ji Hao’s side. Ji Hao had also introduced Yi Di to Yu Yu, and Yu Yu took Yi Di as a disciple. This meant that Yi Di and Ji Hao were brothers now. The brotherhood between Ji Hao and Yi Di was real and solid. From Yi Di, Ji Hao learned almost all dirty tricks often used by Ten Sun Country people.

The arrow that attacked Ji Hao just now was infused with the saliva of a hook-lip bat, and the resin of poisonous wolf tree. The arrow was highly poisonous, designed especially to pollute the spirit blood of human beings. The arrowhead was made from the ghost face stone, which could only be found eighty-one-thousands miles underground, in places filled with negative energies. Ghost face stone continued an extremely cold power, and was also highly poisonous. Being injured by a ghost face stone arrowhead, one would certainly suffer a great loss of life-force.

The arrow was shredded by the Taiji cloak, but the moment before that, Ji Hao had already recognized the spell symbols attached to it by using his spirit power. That was the ‘crow-falling-spell’ created in Ten Sun Country. The spell was a legendary ancient one, highly lethal, and could efficiently ruin pure spirit blood.

The spell wasn’t too harmful to women, because the powers of women were mostly negative. However, the spell was awfully dangerous to men. Being attacked by this spell, even a Divine Magus would have to stay on the bed for at least one year. He might even lose a big half of his power and fall to the lower level.

The arrow was evilly dangerous. It caused no threat to Ji Hao, but even Si Wen Ming could be severely injured by it, and struggle to live after that.

Putting down his Taiji divine sword, Ji Hao looked at where the arrow came from. Such a dangerous arrow with the crow-falling spell, it must have been released by a leader from the Ten Sun Country.

Far away in the west, under the dense dark clouds, an enormous golden-wing roc bird spread its hundred-mile-wide golden wings, silently gliding over. From hundreds of miles away, a young man standing on the bird’s head laughed out loud intentionally.

"Is Marquis Yao Ji Hao there? I am Qiong Sang Sheng. I brought the elite force from my family to help. Marquis Yao, these small spirit creatures are too insignificant to you. Just let my warriors deal with them!"

Ji Hao frowned slightly. Qiong Sang Sheng? Qiong Sang Family?

Qiong Sang Family originated from a place called ‘Qiong Sang’, descending from Emperor Shaohao. Qiong Sang was Emperor Shaohao’s homeland. Ever since Emperor Shaohao abdicated, his family had divided into many different scaled clans, taking different family names. But, a part of his descendants stayed in Qiong Sang, guarded the hometown, and kept ‘Qiong Sang’ as their family name.

If it were truly Qiong Sang Family, everything would be explainable.

Qiong Sang Family possessed a special status in Ten Sun Country.

Yi Family grasped the army and the wealth, controlling all secular powers of Ten Sun Country. Every generation of leaders of Ten Sun Country and the East Alliance were from the Yi Family.

But, Qiong Sang Family controlled people’s faith. All Maguspriests, healers, and the truly powerful, mysterious archers were from Qiong Sang Family. Over ninety percent of all magic medicines, magic talismans and anything relating to magic, including those necessary spell symbol arrows, were produced by Qiong Sang Family people.

People once said that Ten Sun Country was a strong force; Yi Family was its body, while Qiong Sang Family was the soul of this strong body. Without the soul, Ten Sun Country would become a lifeless thing, and the powerful East Alliance would collapse.

While Ji Hao was pondering, Dark Water Yao Yao wielded his blade and growled at Qiong Sang Sheng, "Qiong Sang Sheng? From Qiong Sang Family? I haven’s seen your people out here for years! Do you know anything except shooting people from the darkness?"

Dark Water Yao Yao let out his long fork tongue and yelled at Qiong Sang Sheng, "How shameless you are! Did Shaohao teach you people anything other than attacking from the back? You? Human emperor descendants? Bah!"

Spitting out a mouthful of venom, Dark Water Yao Yao rudely turned around, lifted his butt and patted it loudly while yelling dramatically, "Qiong Sang Sheng, you ball-less girls, do you know nothing but biting below the belt? Come one, shoot me, come one. If you can’t…"

Ji Hao stayed silent, while Qiong Sang Sheng’s handsome face twitched slightly. He looked young, with a tuft of beard on his chin. Dark Water Yao Yao cursed him, fine, but he also humiliated Emperor Shaohao. He could never allow that.

He waved his hand. Following Qiong Sang Sheng’s move, a young man rushed out from behind him. The young man’s body was wrapped tight in snow-white feathers. His face was also tender and snow-white, making him look like a young girl.

"Evil spirit creature, how dare you humiliate my ancestor? I am Qiong Sang Shuang, and I will kill you!"

Qiong Sang Shuang swiftly darted towards Dark Water Yao Yao, leaving tens of shreds of afterimages behind. When he flew past Ji Hao, he turned around and threw Ji Hao a quick, scornful glance with his pair of watery eye, as if he were a genius and Ji Hao was a dumba*s.

Ji Hao coughed deeply and said, "Dark Water Yao Yao is my enemy!"

A breeze flew across Ji Hao, then Qiong Sang Sheng momentarily moved to right before Ji Hao’s face, reached out an arm and stopped Ji Hao from moving. With a fake smile, he chuckled and said to Ji Hao, "Marquis Yao…You’ve been running around these years, you must be so tired. You’ve already made great contributions, so now let our young people do their part."

Qiong Sang Sheng smirked and continued slowly, "Our Qiong Sang Family is a part of the humankind. We are the descendants of Emperor Shaohao. We came all the way to Midland from the east. Marquis Yao. You’re not going to take away our chance to devote ourselves to the humankind, are you?"

Ji Hao seemed to say something, but didn’t. Qiong Sang Sheng smiled, pointed at his heart, and said with a strong voice, "Marquis Yao, we came with passion and boiling blood. Don’t take our passion away!"

"I meant well. I was afraid that this kid, Qiong Sang Shuang, might die." Hearing this, Ji Hao sighed slightly and looked at Qiong Sang Sheng.

"And, Qiong Sang Sheng, did you truly arrive in Midland just now? If so, you did come at a good time!"

With a smile on his face, Ji Hao cursed out in his head, ‘In the past few years, when there were tons of dirty, nasty and dangerous works to be done, where the hell were you? Now that nothing but the final nine water gates are left blocking the way, and the great plan is about to be completed…you b*stards came to collect the trophy!’

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