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In the heaven, a great hall...

Yemo Tian slantingly and lazily lied in the arms of a group of beautiful clam girls. While rubbing those girls’ bodies with both his hands, he was chewing a divine fruit picked up from the orchard in the heaven. In the meanwhile, he was laughing teasingly, "Are they finished just like that? Those water-kind creatures fought with instincts. An army like this is so fragile!"

Swallowing the juicy fruit, Yemo Tian proudly showed the whites of his eyes, sneered coldly and continued, "If you stick with my plan and let me activate my invincible destructive weapon, they’d be all gone after one single ‘boom’!"

Dishi Cha and Gong Gong stood in the middle of the hall, seriously looking at the images showing on a divine mirror in front of them. They pretended to hear nothing from Yemo Tian. Neither of them prepared to respond.

In the divine mirror, the water was sparkling, while images flashed swiftly, showing Gong Gong and Dishi Cha how Ji Hao killed the leaders of all water-kind armies and wiped out those water-kind armies one after another in the past few years.

Thousands of enormous water-kind spirit creatures were killed or captured by Ji Hao. Millions and millions were slaughtered by Ji Hao right on the spot, showing their original forms, being cut into pieces by human warriors to be consumed as food.

Similar images flashed across the mirror over and over again. Every single time the fiery light shone, Ji Hao descended from the sky with his warriors and friends. By simply turning around his palm, he defeated the leader of the water-kind army. Then, by waving his hands, he slaughtered a giant group of water-kind creatures. If the water-kind army was large enough and a considerable number of water-kind creatures managed to escape, what happened next would be a hunting game played by Ji Hao and his people.

"So cruel." Gong Gong held his hands behind his body and looked at Ji Hao in the mirror as he murmured, "This kid seems to grow more and more powerful."

"The power of one single person can change nothing." Standing by Gong Gong’s side, Dishi Cha laughed relaxedly and said, "Although your armies had suffered great damages, you are still at an advantage, aren’t you?

Gong Gong smiled and held his head high, looking at the other side of the hall.

Yu Ancestor sat in a deep pool, his legs crossed, at the end of the great hall. A strong water power had been gathering from all directions, flowing into the pool. Twenty-seven fire-red Yu, each over three-hundred-meters-long, were lying quietly around Yu Ancestor. Under the body of each Yu was a round-shaped, cold-jade altar.

A bone-piercing cold power had been releasing from those altars, speedily drilling into the bodies of those Yu. Above the bodies of the twenty-seven Yu were twenty-seven tall and strong figures, misty, dark-blue, condensed from watery mists.

Gong Gong waved his hands. A map of water veins in Midland showed up behind him. He turned around, facing this enormous map. While sneering, Gong Gong looked at those rivers on the map, which were lit up one after another.

"Look, look at these. What a great move!" Pointing at those sparkling rivers, Gong Gong snorted coldly and said, "Si Xi’s ‘ten-thousand dragons sealing the water’ was already amazing in my opinion…I never thought that this kid, Si Wen Ming, could be even better than his dead father."

"Dredging the water channels in Midland, forcibly drawing the flood and the water power in the world into the Final Land in the east." Raising his arms high, Gong Gong growled towards the sky, "Si Wen Ming is smart and capable, while Ji Hao is so powerful…If they were both willing to follow me, how marvelous would that be?"

Dishi Cha’s mouth corners twitched, as a taunting sneer flashed across his face, but disappearing immediately.

‘If Si Wen Ming and Ji Hao were both willing to follow you, then your Gong Gong Family would be too powerful…’ Dishi Cha quickly glanced at Yemo Tian and thought, "If that happened, Yemo Tian’s destructive weapon would be used on you, wouldn’t it?’

Snorting coldly, Gong Gong pointed his finger heavily on the farthest east on that map, without taking a glance at Dishi Cha. One fist-sized blue light spot lit up immediately.

"Those useless things have all died…Fine! Don’t I know that? Si Wen Ming wants to draw the flood into the Final Land, which means he has to go through these nine water gates. Kui Gate, Gui Gate, Dui Gate…"

"Those human beings will run out of their last bit energy in these nine water gates." said Gong Gong coldly, "Including those old things... I want them all to be exhausted in these nine water gates, until my Gong Gong Family gives them the last strike!"

Once again, Gong Gong glanced at Yu Ancestor, sitting in that pool.

Dishi Cha smiled and said with a gentle voice, "Of course, Dear Lord Gong Gong. As your loyal friend, I will try my best to cooperate with you. We will turn the nine final water gates into their graves."

Spreading his hands, Dishi Cha continued in that mild tone, "So, are you preparing to send out those people from the Divine Origin Pool? To be honest, forcibly waking them up right now will be truly wasteful. Those divine gods, they are not yet completely…‘ripe’!"

"I can’t wait. Wake them up!" said Gong Gong loudly, "This is the final battle. I have to make some preparations. Zhu Rong might also step in. The natural environment is extremely helpful to my Gong Gong Family now, but Zhu Rong cannot be underestimated. We have to gather all our powers, and no waste is allowed!"

Dishi Cha took a slow glance at Gong Gong, then slowly nodded and responded, "Let’s wake them up then. Although they are not yet completely ‘ripe’, as ‘divine gods’ in this world, they are all very powerful."

Gong Gong held his hands behind his body, quietly and carefully looking at the map for a rather long while. He then turned around and looked at that sparkling divine mirror. Pointing out his finger, the mirror shone brighter and showed a bloody battlefield.

The waves seemed even to drown the sky. The storm was destructive. Centered around a broken city, countless human warriors had been fighting against countless water-kind creatures. The endless water-kind army marched over from the north and raised giant waves, violently smashing on the city.

Large groups of human warriors with shattered armors trod on rafts, roaring hoarsely and fighting desperately.

"These people, they disabled my warriors from the twelve water worlds from making a single step to the south." sighed Gong Gong slightly. "Human beings are truly terrifying. But, that’s it. Eventually, we will win."

Looking in the mirror for a long while, Gong Gong said in a deep voice, "You…go down too. Guard the nine water gates well, and kill as many human beings as you can. Slow them down as much as possible, drain their blood…After it’s done, I promise that you will no longer be the slaves of my family. In the future, when my Gong Gong Family rules the world, you will all be satisfied."

Standing on a corner of the hall, Wuzhi Qi, Xiang Liu, Kun Peng, and a few other senior ministers glanced at each other, then bowed to Gong Gong. They all transformed into sharp beams of light and darted out of the heaven.

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