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Lion roars could dispel evils.

Priest Hua was powerful, and as he suddenly roared out, his roar covered Great Freedom’s voice.

The dark sky, the water, the gale and the storm, and streams of water pouring down from the sky, everything disappeared. Dark clouds in the sky were gone, and so was the water; mountains were exposed again in the air, after soaking in the water for months.

The warm sunlight descended from the air and illuminated the wet mountains, pouring on the bodies of Priest Hua and Ji Hao, who were sitting in midair with their legs crossed. A life-like lion head floated in the sky, entirely golden, and roaring thunderously and unstoppably in fury. Ji Hao looked at the tens of thousands of miles wide lion head behind Priest Hua, stunned. In his eyes, and wherever his spirit power could reach, nothing was left but this enormous, majestic lion.

An especially strong power of great Dao drilled into Ji Hao’s spiritual space, and his primordial spirit started absorbing it speedily. Between the eyebrows of his four embryos of Dao, a tiny, faint, lion-shaped symbol emerged.

The power of that enormous lion was pure and strong, almost same as the power of the great Dao. This was the best version of ‘Lion Roar’ created by Priest Hua. The enormous lion head floating behind Priest Hua was like a searing iron, forcibly imprinting all the secrets of ‘Lion Roar’ in Ji Hao’s embryos of Dao.

Priest Hua made the roar in a moment of desperation; he didn’t try to hide it. Therefore, the secrets of ‘Lion Roar’ leaked just like this, and Ji Hao learned it all. By now, he could make the same roar, as powerful as the roar made by Priest Hua himself.

The attack range of Priest Hua’s lion roar wasn’t too large, about tens of thousands of miles in radius. That golden lion head floated in the sky, releasing a strong power vibration. In the coverage of the lion roar, all natural powers were driven away, all magic powers were suppressed, and all evilnesses were shredded or sealed.

Hearing the lion roar, Man Man, Shaosi and all the others on the nine dragons chariot fainted. They were not the targets of the roar, but they did glance at the golden lion head. Their souls couldn’t absorb the power of the lion roar, and therefore, their bodies fell unconscious to protect their souls from being crushed.

In an area tens of thousands of miles in radius, only Ji Hao managed to stay conscious. Sitting face to face with Priest Hua, he learned all the secrets about the ‘Lion Roar’.

The sunlight shone, as the giant golden lion head quietly floated in the sky. An upright, strong, and sacred power suffused the air. The space was shattered by the Priest Hua’s lion roar, and at this moment, this area was sealed up temporarily, becoming a small world.

Priest Hua sat on a colorful cloud, with is scrawny face covered in bitterness.

He quietly and blandly looked at Ji Hao. Right now, he seemed to care no more. He looked at Ji Hao from head to toe, and a long while later, he sighed slowly an said, "Why can my friend Yu Yu have such an excellent disciple?"

"I am flattered." Ji Hao humbly cupped his hands and responded, "Priest Hua, you are an eldership of mine, and you flatter me. I am truly not a great cultivator."

Ji Hao was never afraid of Priest Hua when the latter was hysterical, evil, cruel, hypocritical, and greedy. But he was indeed afraid of Priest Hua when he was careless, bland, and mysterious like this. The feeling that Priest Hua had been giving him right now was even as mystical as the universe itself.

Somehow, Ji Hao felt that this Priest Hua before his eyes was the true Priest Hua, and the true Priest Hua was undoubtedly scary. Being stared at by the true, scary Priest Hua, Ji Hao sensed a coldness from his bones.

Therefore, Ji Hao hurriedly said bad things abut himself, "I am greedy. I have desires, many desires. I want to be rich, I want powers, and I want to be immortal. I never thought about leaving the mortal world, focusing on my cultivation. I may have improved a bit, but that’s all because of my good Shifu, elderships in my sect, and my brothers and sisters. It has completely nothing to do with myself."

"Greediness, desires!" Priest Hua smiled. Smilingly, he nodded and said, "These are the original motivation for all cultivators to pursue the great Dao of nature. Otherwise, why are we pursuing immortal lives? Why do we want to be free? Why do we chase after the mysterious, unpredictable, great Dao of nature, even by doing things against our true hearts?"

"I am very greedy, and so is my brother!" Priest Hua pointed at the sky and started telling his story. At the moment, he looked gentle and mild, completely different from the Priest Hua, that Ji Hao was familiar with. "But we are not the only greedy ones. Aren’t your Shifu and his two brothers greedy? The one behind us, our Shifu, who is known as the man closest to the great Dao of nature, you can ask him if he also has endless greed and desire in his heart!"

Breathing deeply, Priest Hua continued slowly, "I was a lotus, and my brother was a linden tree. We were parasites on Pan Gu’s amniotic sac. Back in the Chaos, life wasn’t easy. Those creatures, which were born powerful with the abilities of flying and running, ninety-nine percent of them died. My brother and I couldn’t move, couldn’t talk, but brother Pan Gu looked after as. Because of him, we survived in the Chaos, in the endless time."

"Later on, brother Pan Gu created the world. He shared his natural reward power with us, with which, we were able to transform into human shapes, able to talk, move, and protect ourselves."

"I was a lotus. I had no worry, no fear, no emotion, no desire. When I transformed into a human shape for the first time, I saw brother Pan Gu being attacked by millions and millions of Chaos creatures, and then die. I was frightened… I was worried. After that, I started to have endless greed and desires. I am afraid of death; I want to live forever… I want the greatest powers and the final result of the great Dao. I want the eternity."

"But I made a mistake. I fell into the hands of sky devils." With a faint smile, Priest Hua lowered his heart ad looked at the colorful flame in his heart, then continued, "Live? Die? This is my trial. If I survive, I will grow stronger, but if I don’t…"

Sighing slightly, Priest Hua looked around and said in a deep voice, "This is such a beautiful world, but I haven’t taken a good look at it. Ah, forget it. At the moment, I have no disciple to inherit my power. I can barely suppress Great Freedom, but not for long. My Dao, cannot end here."

"My Dao, ‘evolvement’. Developing, changing, generating, without an end; it can lead you to ‘variation’, to ‘multiplicity’, to ‘wideness’. Therefore, my Dao is immeasurable to the others. My disciples are all powerful and capable, but none of them can attain the Dao of mine."

Sighing again, Priest Hua pointed at Ji Hao with his right forefinger.

Before Ji Hao could react, a misty light spot was sent into Ji Hao’s forehead from Priest Hua’s fingertip.

A pure, sweet, and refreshing aroma spread into Ji Hao’s spiritual space. Surrounded by his four embryos of Dao, a transparent figure emerged quietly, with a constantly changing, colorful luster.

All of a sudden, this figure turned clear and solid, looking like a diamond statue. This figure was far clearer than Ji Hao’s embryos of the great Dao of sun and the extreme negative, which were his strongest two embryos of Dao.

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