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Northern Wasteland, on the vast North Sea...

Same as the other continents, Northern Wasteland suffered a rampant flood too. But unlike the rest of the people, the ones in Northern Wasteland had gotten used to the life on the water.

Enormous wooden cities floated on the water. Countless strong human warriors mounted on all kinds of water-kind beasts, darting while cheering on the broad water surface. High up in the air, lighting bolts flashed across the sky. Every time that happened, a large number of human warrior would leap up and excitedly chase the bolt.

Dark turtles, dragon whales, mix-blooded Kun Peng birds, enormous ancient devil sharks, all kinds of mountain-sized water-kind creatures were roaring in the water and raising giant waves.

On the backs of these giant creatures, large groups of human beings had been building cities under the heavy rain.

Deep working songs could be heard from far distances away. Ground coral, fish bones, hawksbill carapaces, and other special materials were melted by the extremely negative flame and poured on perfectly polished reef rocks. Soon, numerous cities were built under the heavy rain.

Mounted on water-kind creatures, many clan elders who were wearing long black robes had been patrolling in the rain, checking on the progress.

From time to time, some elders would yell out to tell those workers to guarantee the quality, and also to speed them up.

"Lord Gong Gong is going to ascend the divine throne, and we, are his private guards! We cannot disgrace him!"

"All battle beasts have to be strong, all cities have to be unbreakable! All armors and weapons have to be shiny! No one can be sluggish! We all have to work hard!"

"Northern Wasteland warriors! You are the bravest men in the world! You are the strongest! Summoned by Lord Gong Gong, we will conquer those weak human beings in Midland, Eastern Wasteland, Northern Wasteland, and Southern Wasteland!"

"Boys, you should have the wealth of those weak people. You should enjoy their best wine and their daughters, kill their sons and grandsons…All this will be the fortune that Lord Gong Gong will give you!"

Hysterical growls echoed through the curtain of rain. From all directions, shouts of elders could be heard. They sounded like a pack of starving wolves, gathered together and preparing to hunt.

On the vast North Sea, scenes like this happened everywhere. These Northern Wasteland people had decided to follow Gong Gong, and were already demented.

Across the North Sea, further northward, the wind was bone-piercing cold. All raindrops were frozen into ice beads and snowflakes before landing on the ground.

The water was frozen, generating a strong ice power. When the ice power was concentrated to an extreme point, the ice glowed with a frigid, white light. Compared with the dark North Sea, the ice was even blindingly bright.

Across the frozen area, deeper in the north was a series of icebergs. Layer by layer, giant icebergs stood on the frozen water surface like walls. No human beings or wild animal could climb over these icebergs, and not even birds could fly across. Strong gales blew across, which threw down differently sized ice pieces onto these icebergs, causing muffled rumbling noises endlessly.

In the core area, a tens of thousands of miles tall iceberg stood like the king, seemingly worshipped by all the other icebergs.

Hurricanes and dark clouds roared to this enormous iceberg over and over again, yet no harm could ever be done to it. Tens of miles away from the iceberg, those hurricanes and dark clouds were blocked by a soft yet strong force, and could no longer approach.

On top of the iceberg, an entirely silver-blue ice dragon curled quietly in a giant ice cube.

With an indescribable faint smile, Priest Mu sat on another giant ice cube. A green sphere of light drifted behind him. Within the hundred-meters-wide green light, a large linden tree was faintly visible.

Beside the ice cube that Priest Mu sat on, the Flood Dragon King sat on an ice jade hassock with crossed legs, eyes closed, with a golden bottle slightly slanting above his head. The bottle was decorated with gemstones. Drop by drop, a sticky liquid glowing with a seven-colored light had been dripping slowly from the bottle onto his head.

The liquid emitted a faint aroma as it seeped into the Flood Dragon King’s body once it touched his scalp. The Flood Dragon King quivered slightly while thin strands of cold mist puffed out of his pores. Between his chest and stomach, a silver-blue light had been spinning swiftly. The liquid dripping into his body transformed into a strong force, being swallowed by the light.

As the liquid was absorbed by his body, the sense of power released from the Flood Dragon King’s body grew stronger and stronger.

He was a powerful being who lived ever since the prehistorical era. Not even the Gong Gong Family wanted to be his enemies. But right now, his power was growing and purifying at an unreasonably high rate. A new power was growing inside his body, thousand times purer than his original power.

"Flood Dragon King, you have accepted many benefits from our sect today. In the future, when our disciples reincarnate, you shall pay back for what you are given with." said Priest Mu with a gentle voice while smiling, "The enlightening dew contained in this golden bottle is extracted from ninety percent of life-force and power from your 129600 brothers and sisters in the sect, with immeasurable natural reward power."

"With this enlightening dew, your body will be remolded, and your power will soar. In the future, when they reincarnate, you will be their guide, and you will lead them back to our sect to restart their cultivation." Keeping that faint smile, Priest Mu looked at the Flood Dragon King, abruptly took out a colorful glowing branch, and gently patted on the Flood Dragon King’s head.

"Flood Dragon King, aren’t you going to wake up? What are you waiting for?"

The Flood Dragon King trembled instantly. Next, a cold beam of light darted up into the sky from the top of his head. Hearing a resonant roar, a silver-blue, five-clawed flood dragon flew out of the light, took three circles around the Flood Dragon King’s body, then roared again towards the sky. After that, a priest flew out of the cold light, wearing a long white robe, and looking exactly like the Flood Dragon King’s human shape.

The priest also took three circles around the Flood Dragon King’s and the silver-blue flood dragon, then roared together with the flood dragon. A thunderous boom happened afterward, and a nine-meters tall giant appeared in the cold light. The giant had three heads and six arms, wearing all kinds of jewels.

"Marvelous! This supreme magic is finally done. Flood Dragon King, if you can do it, those reincarnated disciples will also be able to do it in the future!" Priest Mu nodded and praised. He couldn’t help but laugh delightfully. "In this way, we are creating a whole new method of cultivation. We will have a bright future. Good, good!"

While he was laughing, tens of leaves on the colorful branch holding in Priest Mu’s hand suddenly exploded.

Priest Mu’s face twisted immediately. As he quivered slightly, the towering iceberg disappeared all of a sudden.

"Ji…Ji Hao…You, you, what did you do?! How did you destroy the original souls of my fifty-seven-thousand disciples?!"

With an intensely twitching face, Priest Mu looked at the south and murmured, "You, you, you, you’re dead… You…"

A world-destroying intent of killing rose from Priest Mu’s heart. Within the area thirty millions of miles in radius, all icebergs disappeared suddenly.

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