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Eighteen sky devils, all at the level of ‘Zun’.

They were hundreds of meters tall, with different body shapes, yet all wearing brightly glowing pearls and jewels which looked quite resplendent. They silently stood on the rainbow, looking at Ji Hao with eyes shining with five-colored lights. No one knew what they were thinking.

"Outer space sky devils!" Looking at these sky devils, Ji Hao sighed to Red Lotus and said, "Back then in Southern Wasteland, your Master Shifu denied admitting that your sect has anything to do with these sky devils. Look what happened today. You guys are officially working together, aren’t you?"

Red Sun threw a slightly fearful glance at those sky devils, then smiled in a complicated way and responded, "Ji Hao, stop talking nonsense. How can we work together with these sky devils? Don’t you know that, you…"

A sky devil laughed. This sky devil was surrounded by an extremely pure white light, and had a sacred, serious face. He was wearing a long white robe, decorated with all kinds of pearls and gemstones, sparkling splendidly. The snow-white pair of wings slowly spread behind his body as he smiled, "Red Lotus, my friend, we are allies now. You don’t need to deny our relationship anymore, do you? Indeed, he killed some of us…But hatred is not so important in our eyes. We value nothing but actual profits. If your Master Shifu didn’t invite us, we would not have faced this troublesome enemy."

Ji Hao sneered, while Red Lotus’s face turned awfully red as he looked at Ji Hao embarrassedly.

He tried to protect the reputation of his sect by denying the fact that they were not working together with those sky devils. He was trying to tell everyone that these sky devils arrived without invitation. They came for an opportunity to take revenge on Ji Hao for their dead friends.

Nevertheless, sky devils were unpredictably smart and cunning. Before Red Lotus finished his lie, the truth was exposed by a sky devil. Red Lotus was a thick-skinned one, but still, he blushed in shame.

But soon, the redness faded from his face, as he stared at Ji Hao with his calm, confident face, and yelled with a deep voice, "Ji Hao my friend, you are so impenetrable. If you insist on being like this, don’t blame me for…"

‘Being merciless’, before he said the last few words, Ji Hao gave a resonant roar while the Taiji divine sword held in his right hand suddenly transformed into a golden and a silver beam, and dazzled out. Shockingly, because of the great progress Ji Hao had made, a faint, thin stream of white mist was added around the golden beam, while a sharp dark mist stream emerged, coiling around the silver beam.

The dark and the white mist coiled around each other from time to time. As the golden beam and the silver beam flashed across the sky, a black and white Taiji diagram emerged underneath.

Glowing red clouds rose against the two beams of sword light. Red Lotus pointed out the sword held in his left hand and released a three-hundred-meters long flood dragon, transformed from a red light, roaring towards the two light beams.

Meanwhile, the white jade club held in his right hand flew up into the sky. Followed by a thunderous boom, the club expanded, and turned thousands of meters long and hundreds of meters thick, bashing down towards the nine dragons chariot.

"Brother Red Lotus, amazing!" Tens of thousands of priests sitting in lotuses on the water surface all cheered out, and even applauded, especially those who vomited blood under the pressure caused by Ji Hao’s laughter. Seeing the proud grins on their faces, one might believe that Red Lotus had already defeated Ji Hao.

"So stupid!" Standing behind Ji Hao, Man Man gave a long sigh. "Abba said that in battles, if you are at an advantage, you should destroy your enemies as soon as possible. Only then you win. These idiots, they built such a great formation, yet they didn’t activate it. Are those people all here to watch a show?"

Ji Hao smilingly sent up the Taiji Universe mirror and released a clear light. Hearing an ear-piercing noise, the space was cracked, and a three-hundred-meters-wide, transparent path was created.

Ahead of the two sword light beams, the clear light shone on the red cloud around Red Lotus’s body, generating a sizzling noise. The red cloud disappeared immediately under the clear light. Before Red Lotus could make any other reaction, the two light beams dazzled straight in through the transparent path and landed fiercely on Red Lotus’s body.

Red Lotus screamed. A giant red lotus flew out of his body and defended against the sword lights with layers of lotuses.

The black and white, giant Taiji diagram surrounded the red lotus and spun, slowly like a milestone. The lotus withered, and the light beams penetrated Red Lotus’s chest.

"Ouch!" Red Lotus burst with a shrill howl while the two light beams drilled into his chest. The golden one brought out a burning stream of blood from his body, and the silver one sent out a sparkling cold light.

The power of the sun burned everything, while the extremely negative power froze everything. Both these types of power erupted inside Red Lotus’s body simultaneously. At the moment, he was wrapped in both the golden fire and the cold silver light. Extreme heat and extreme cold clashed inside his body. Consequently, his body was suddenly covered in cracks.

"Activate the formation, kill this monster!" A stream of red light rose from Red Lotus’s collapsing body. That was an eight-feet tall, entirely red and glowing embryo of Dao, which looked like a red jade statue.

Before Red Lotus and his brothers and sisters could flee, Yu Mu waved the Disease God Streamer from behind Ji Hao. Thousands of differently sized lotuses were released along with a dense poisonous cloud, enveloping Red Lotus’s embryo of Dao. The nightmare-like screams never ended, while the poisonous cloud dragged the embryo of Dao back into the streamer.

The Disease God streamer was the spirit treasure of the ancient Disease God. It was a magic treasure, naturally crafted in the Chaos, and was unimaginably powerful. Red Lotus didn’t have a powerful treasure to defend himself. How could he ever survive?

The giant white jade club fell down from the sky. Conveniently, Ji Hao threw out the Pan Gu bell. The bell expanded to thousands of meters tall, right above the tens of thousands of stunned priests down below.

The giant white jade club rang the bell. The club was a spirit treasure gifted by Priest Hua and Priest Mu, and was considerably powerful. As it fell, an earth-shaking bell ring was successfully generated.

The sound wave swept across thousands of miles in radius, shattering all the golden lotuses and leaves on the water surface, and throwing all the priests into the water. In the water, they vomited blood.

"Activate the formation!" A familiar voice came these priests. With his erect eye, Ji Hao threw down a glance, and saw Priest Corpse’s twitching face.

Ji Hao laughed again. He took out all thunder bombs and magic talismans that he didn’t use in the life and death game in Pan Xi world. Powerful or not, no matter what function they had, Ji Hao threw everything down towards those priests in the water.

All of a sudden, he saw nothing but warm clouds around him, but not a single priest. Hazy lotuses drifted in clouds, as a dreadfully strong force landed on the nine dragons chariot. Ji Hao could still control the chariot, but the chariot could only move slowly forward, no faster than even a turtle.

Hearing a bright roar, countless puppets with all kinds of weapons marched over.

"My friends, kill as much as you want…Try to destroy every last one of them!"

Holding the Taiji divine sword, Ji Hao flicked his wrist and sent out thousands of sharp sword light beams.

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