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On the vast water surface, tens of thousands of golden lotuses bloomed, each with a priest sitting in it.

All these priests seemed to be full of spirit and energy. From the tops of their heads, multicolored mists were rising into the sky, turning into different sized clouds that shielded their bodies. All kinds of treasure floated inside those colorful clouds, surrounded by translucent lotus petals.

Viciously, tauntingly, and proudly, these priests looked at Ji Hao and laughed out loud, instead of activating the formation and attack Ji Hao immediately. Perhaps, on seeing Ji Hao rush into their well-designed trap, they believed that Ji Hao would die for sure.

They laughed at Ji Hao scornfully and looked at him relaxedly, like hunters looking at wild boars in their traps. Some artistic priests even started playing music with all kinds of instruments, or ringing golden bells. The even composed a beautiful, touching melody.

Sound waves swept across the sky, and a nice aroma spread out, with warm clouds drifting all over the sky. The sky was covered in dark clouds, but magically, a light came from all directions and illuminated the entire formation.

High up in the air, dark clouds floating above those mountaintops suddenly changed colors and became golden, silver, and colorful. Standing on each cloud were a group of muscular men.

These men were wearing silk clothes, baring their strong chests. They had red skin and glowing eyes, and surprisingly, their bodies were translucent. Even an ordinary human being could see their internal organs through their translucent skin and muscles. Even their faintly cyan brains were visible, squirming in their heads.

When Ji Hao encountered Sky Devils the first time, he saw a warrior like this, back in the Southern Wasteland. They were not living creatures; instead, they were puppets created by Priest Hua and Priest Mu with their powers and extremely precious materials.

They could move, fight, think, and talk; they were just like human beings, except for the fact that they had no soul. In the end, they were lifeless. With enough materials, countless of them could be produced. To any sect, these puppets could serve as strong guards.

These puppets were holding all kinds of glowing flags, with drawings of legendary creatures, ancient divine gods, or stellar and landform maps. Some flags had strange golden spell symbols sparkling on them, releasing strong power vibrations. With a single glance at those flags with spell symbols, one would feel a heavy pressure, as heavy as a mountain.

Affected by those priests, these puppets laughed out loud as well. Every one of them seemed to laugh louder than the others. Their waves of laugher sounded like thunder, and also like lion roars, striking violently towards Ji Hao and his friends.

A bright red light emitted from the chariot and made it look like a sun, floating in the sky. The sound waves bumped in and stirred ripples on the ‘sun’.

The red light faded layer by layer, but in the meanwhile, new layers of red light were generated. The chariot used to belong to Taiyi, the East Emperor. It was a pre-world spirit treasure, born in the sun along with Taiyi himself. It was unimaginably powerful. How could it ever be shaken by the shouts of a group of puppets?

An old priest with a lotus on his hair bun, wearing a long coarse shirt, trod on a white cloud and slowly rose into the sky. He was holding a sword with the left hand and a small wooden club with the right hand.

He bowed to Ji Hao politely and said with a deep voice, "Ji Hao, my friend, I am Red Lotus. Nice to meet you."

"Cut the crap. My sword can’t wait to taste your blood." Holding the sword with his right hand, Ji Hao gently flicked the sword edge with his left fingers and caused a silvery tinkle. A fierce wave of sword intent drilled into the sky in the form of golden and silver beams, and cut a dark cloud into pieces.

"Our two Master Shifu have a great plan. They want our sect to rise and expand. Therefore, everyone is welcome to join us." said Red Lotus mildly, "My friend, your hands are stained by the blood of our brothers and sisters. You should have been killed. However…"

Before Red Lotus could finish, Ji Hao laughed and interrupted him, "However, the world is merciful. Priest Hua and Priest Mu think that I am a talented one. Therefore, as long as I am willing to join you, do whatever you want me to do just like a dog, betray the humankind and sell the humankind, you can spare my insignificant life today, right?"

Red Lotus opened his mouth, but said nothing, only staring at Ji Hao.

That was indeed what he intended to say, but how come Ji Hao said it before he did?

Looking at Red Lotus’s stunned face, then glancing at the other priests sitting in lotuses, Ji Hao boosted up his power and laughed out loud. He was already a half-step Supreme Magus. He had absorbed a drop of Pan Gu’s spirit blood, which meant that he had basically built himself a Pan Gu body. Therefore, Ji Hao was now incredibly strong. Earth-shaking waves of laughter were released from his chest rumblingly, like the thunders from the clear sky. Immediately, the sound waves from those puppets were dispelled.

Hearing Ji Hao laughing, a small half of those priests in lotuses trembled, with blood surging out of their eyes, noses, ears and months. Ji Hao injured these priests by simply laughing. With a soul-level shock, they stared at Ji Hao as if he were a total freak.

The other priests had also been shaking. Their brains were shaken by Ji Hao’s voice, which made them feel dizzy. A few among them already had embryos of Dao, and were much more powerful than the others, not to mention that they were also protected by all kinds of powerful treasures. Nevertheless, their faces were especially dark too. How old was Ji Hao, and how long had he been cultivating himself? How could he be so terrifyingly powerful?

This was…completely unreasonable! Unless he was a reincarnation of a fallen devil god, he shouldn’t improve so fast!

Ji Hao laughed thunderously again. After disabling all the priests by laughing, he shouted, "How shameless you are! You know that my hands are covered in the blood of your own kind, yet instead of avenging them, you want me to join you?"

"Have you ever thought about your dead brothers and sisters?"

"Do you even know what shame is?"

"Aren’t you afraid that one day, when you are killed too, your Shifu, your brothers, and sisters, would try to hold hands with your enemies, instead of avenging you?"

Ji Hao raised his head, pointed at the sky, and yelled, "Priest Hua, Priest Mu, I despise you for what you are doing! Master Shifu? Prehistorical powerful being? Go to hell! You don’t deserve to be mentioned in the same breath with my Shifu!"

Hearing Ji Hao, Red Sun’s face even turned green in anger. He tremblingly pointed at Ji Hao, yet failed to say a word for a rather long while.

A sneer could be heard from the sky, while a rainbow descended. On the rainbow, eighteen sky devils stood in a line. Some of them had three heads and six arms, some had four faces and eight arms, and some had three feet, four arms, or wings.

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