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Si Wen Bing raised his blade, yet Ji Hao seemed to not see it at all.

The few warriors under Si Wen Bing’s command were still suffering from the flying sword and dagger. From a distance away, Ji Hao saw two priests with lotuses on their heads. He was enraged the moment he saw them. A dazzling red light was released from his head while a golden sun flew out of his chest. Sword-sharp golden light beams darted out from the sun.

Under the effect of Ji Hao’s sword intent, the essence sun fire condensed into a strong sword, flashed across hundreds of miles, and accurately landed on the flying dagger and sword. Along with a long series of metal-clangs, the fist-sized dagger and sword were shaken under the fierce wave of sword light released by Ji Hao. Every single beam of sword light was scorching hot. Soon, both the sword and the dagger turned glowing-red, with countless spell symbols sparkling on the edges, seeming to be melted.

The two priests on the city wall were shocked. They howled out together and breathed deeply. The shaking flying sword and dagger each gave a shrill scream, and seemed to fly back to their owners.

"Where are you going?" Standing beside Ji Hao, Man Man burst with a great roar. Her pair of hammer suddenly expanded to tens of meters huge, surrounded by purple flame. They flew out rumblingly, followed by hundreds of meters long fire thunderbolts.

In the past few years, Man Man followed Ji Hao almost everywhere. By now, she could easily recognize disciples of Priest Hua and Priest Mu. At the moment, seeing the two priests with lotuses on their heads, Man Man immediately realized that they were enemies, even before Ji Hao said a thing.

The flying sword and dagger didn’t mange to fly back to their owners before Man Man’s pair of hammer smashed down like two hills. A thunderous boom was generated, as the formation set in the pair of hammer by Yu Yu was activated. The sword and dagger were already softened by Ji Hao’s essence sun fire sword lights, and now, suffering the violent strike from Man Man’s hammers, they were directly crushed. Even through the quality of these two pieces was considerably high, they couldn’t escape their sorry fate.

Tens of fragments darted out towards all directions, leaving golden and silver beams in the air. On the city wall, the two priests had their faces turned pale, while a large stream of blood spurted out from each of their noses. They raised their heads, faces covered in blood, glancing at the golden bridge which was swiftly approaching from a long distance away. In the next moment, they shouted Ji Hao’s name out in alarm.

"Marquis Yao Ji Hao…Why are you here?!"

Ji Hao’s eyes shone with a frigid light. ‘They know my name? It seems that I am quite a badass now in the eyes of Priest Hua and Priest Mu’s disciples!"

While sneering, Ji Hao prepared to say something, but behind him, Feng Xing gave a deep growl. Gripped in his hand, the Yi bow burst with a dazzling light. Following a buzzing noise, a ‘hurricane’, a ‘wolf tusk’, and a ‘volcano collapse’ were released simultaneously.

Near the city gate, Si Wen Bing’s blade swooshed down towards Ji Wu’s head, leaving layers of mountain silhouettes in the air. Ji Wu sneered scornfully while raised his left hand as he grasped the blade edge bare hand.

Bang! A strong power erupted, spreading in all directions. Si Wen Bing gave a muffled moan as his hands were blasted, baring his bones. Ji Wu was much more powerful than him. Hacking on Ji Wu’s palm with the blade, Si Wen Bing felt that he was actually hacking a bronze wall. Not even a scratch was left on Ji Wu’s palm, while Si Wen Bing’s both hands were disabled.

"You useless thing!" Ji Wu put forth his strength and forcibly pulled the blade out from Si Wen Bing’s hands. This violent move cut off a large piece of muscle from Si Wen Bing’s hand.

In the meanwhile, Ji Wu raised his right arm. His longsword seemed to slice across Si Wen Bing’s neck and cut off his head. As a Divine Magus, Si Wen Bing could indeed regrow his body from a single drop of blood, but having his head cut off would undoubtedly weaken him largely.

Right at this moment, Feng Xing’s arrows arrived.

The ‘hurricane’ was swift and weightless It reached less than three inches away from the back of Ji Wu’s head, almost at the same moment when it was released from the string. Ji Wu had no time to attack Si Wen Bing anymore. He hurriedly swung his sword back, fending himself against the arrow.

Clang! The ‘hurricane’ arrow clung to the sword edge, spinning like a top while clashing against the sword edge, generating a loud and shrill buzzing noise.

The ‘hurricane’ didn’t have too strong a penetrating power, neither could it do great damage to its target. But it had a long range and a long-lasting power. By spinning restlessly on the sword edge, the ‘hurricane’ sword was bringing a constant pressure to Ji Wu.

Ji Wu twisted his wrist, prepared to throw away the ‘hurricane’, yet the ‘wolf tusk’ had already swished to behind him.

Ji Wu howled out as a cold beam of light almost blinded his eyes. He sensed a heart-deep coldness drilling into his body. Helplessly, he turned away from Si Wen Bing and focused on the arrow coming from behind. Turning around, he launched a heavy hack with the blade he seized from Si Wen Bing.

Feng Xing was a powerful archer. The arrow he released suddenly burst with a dazzling light. The ‘wolf tusk’, which was flying at lightning speed, abruptly slowed down, and let the ‘volcano collapse’ surpass it, bumping onto the blade.

A thunderous boom and raging fire were generated, covering miles in radius. The great explosive force shook Ji Wu’s arm, shattered his armor, and bared his entire chest.

The ‘wolf tusk’ struck at this moment. The tremendous power from the Yi bow erupted from the arrow. As a freezing beam of light flashed across, a scream from Ji Wu could be heard. Twelve jade pendents tied around his belt exploded simultaneously, and so did the shaft of the ‘wolf tusk’ arrow. But the three-inch long arrowhead violently pierced into Ji Wu’s chest through layers of defensive magic screens.

"It hurts!" Ji Wu was a valued genius from a child, a carefully cultivated prince, among Emperor Ku’s descendants. He was a perfectly protected person since always; he never even washed his own clothes. Now, being hit by the arrow, Ji Wu sensed nothing but an unbearable pain. Instinctively, he turned around and fled towards the city.

But once Ji Wu moved, Si Wen Bing spread his arms and grabbed Ji Wu tight.

"Lord Ji Wu, too late to leave!" While vomiting blood, Si Wen Bing laughed out loud, looking at Ji Wu’s twisted face.

Si Wen Bing stalled Ji Wu long enough for the golden bridge to bring Ji Hao and his friends over. Ji Hao flashed to Si Wen Bing, gripped Ji Wu’s neck with his right hand, while throwing out a heavy punch with his left hand. Without saying a word, he broke Ji Wu’s right arm. Ji Wu’s longsword was still held in his right hand.

"Don’t struggle, or you will die!" shouted Ji Hao.

With an exciting grin, grin, Yu Mu nimbly dashed to the few badly injured warriors under Si Wen Bing’s command, and quickly spread tens of kinds of magic medicine in the form of a powder. Faint wisps of smoke puffed up from the few warriors’ wounds, yet their wounds still showed no sign of healing. On the contrary, these warriors even began to lose more blood.

"What poison this is? What poison this is?! It can actually harm Divine Magi! What is this?!" Yu Mu even screamed out loud, waving his arms hysterically.

Without hesitating, Ji Hao put forth his strength through his right fingers, broke half of Ji Wu’s cervical spine, and then asked, "What is that poison?"

"Brother, don’t tell him!" The two priests yelled on the city wall.

Ji Hao gave Ji Wu a knee strike on the lower belly, and squeezed a shrill scream out of his mouth along with a big mouthful of blood.

"Golden-rim Datura! That is Golden-rim Datura!" Ji Wu screamed with a high-pitched voice while staring at Ji Hao, as if he were the scariest ghost in the world.

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