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Rock Dragon old man had obstacles in his heart.

The more he knew, the more he got confused. Countless ‘unknowns’ accumulated in his heart and became barriers, keeping him away from the breakthrough to the level of Supreme Magus.

He was a peak-level Divine Magus many years ago, a top-grade one. But, the throne of the human emperor had changed its owner a couple of times, yet he was still a peak-level Divine Magus. He failed to make any progress.

He was way too knowledgeable. Therefore, as a Divine Magus, he was stunningly powerful. Every single hair of his was sparkling with countless tiny spell symbols, each being completely different; fire, water, thunder, poisons, ice, light, mist, phantoms…

Ji Hao raised his head, looking at Rock Dragon old man. He felt that he wasn’t fighting against one human being. Instead, it seemed that ten thousand Divine Magi launched attacks on him simultaneously. These Divine Magi all had different powers; they attacked with all of their powers, and their attacks were all lethal.

"You know everything…Yet you have no specialty!" Ji Hao roared towards the sky and shouted out Rock Dragon old man’s greatest weakness.

Rock Dragon quivered. His clear eyes suddenly turned lusterless. Ji Hao’s words pointed out his biggest weakness, the one he cared the most about. He was distracted, and his mind was shaken.

His hair clanged against each other, as he dashed to Ji Hao and Emperor Shun along with a shrill swishing noise.

Ji Hao laughed out loud and gently clapped his hands. Buzz! Faint golden powder puffed up from his ten fingers, looking light tiny golden light spots, hovering around his fingertips. Gradually, transparent, golden lotuses bloomed on his fingertips.

Silvery bird songs could be heard from those lotuses. Breathtakingly beautiful phoenixes airily flew out from those lotuses, shaking their long, glowing tail feathers. They spread their wings while singing happily and showing off their beauty.

The hundred-miles-wide palace was illuminated by the splendid golden light. Refreshing aroma of flowers, herbs, and fruits spread in the air, along with beautiful, soul-comforting bird songs, and countless translucent, golden petals drifting down.

Faintly audible Buddhist chanting echoed through the air. Everyone on the scene sensed it, strong and touching, but no one understood it. After all, things like ‘Buddhist chants’ shouldn’t be existing in this era. With something he learned in the previous life, Ji Hao brought it here.

The simple and strong melody resounded across Rock Dragon old man’s heart, and the hearts of all possessed star guards in the palace.

Rock Dragon old man trembled; his hair paused in the air, and stopped moving. All of the star guards in the palace showed faint smiles. These star guard working with those dragon-skin scrolls were not fighters, and under the effects of the magic Ji Hao cast, they all fell asleep.

As for those heavily armored star guard warriors who were possessed by sky devils, the Buddhist chants Ji Hao created were torturing their souls. The Pan Gu bell floated above Ji Hao’s head, while he gently knocked his fingers on ut, generating slight bell rings that echoed with the Buddhist chants, striking on those possessed guards.

Over ten-thousand possessed warriors began vomiting blood. Their eyes burned with a five-colored flame, while their faces twisted like ghosts.

"Damn you! Rock Dragon, you should die!" Ji Hao was smiling, but his voice sounded like the cries of a ten-thousand years old sorrowful ghost.

The eyes of those possessed warriors were burned out. Through their empty eye sockets, Ji Hao found, in both anger and shock, that the blood and flesh of these warriors were all devoured by sky devils. By now, nothing but their skins remained.

Locking his fingers together, Ji Hao gave a thunderous roar and cast an evil-suppressing magic that he learned from Yu Yu, then slapped heavily on the Pan Gu bell with both his hands.

A resounding bell ring was generated. All tables in the palaces and dragon-skin scrolls on those tables disintegrated momentarily, turning into bits and pieces that darted all over the area.

The armors of all possessed warriors shattered suddenly; their skins split up, exposing the twisting five-colored light and flame inside their bodies. While flickering, the vividly colorful light and flame quickly dimmed down like a candlelight in a hurricane.

"This is our supreme magic!" The two young men behind Rock Dragon old man burst with a raging growl, "How did you learn our supreme magic? You, you…You didn’t just defeat Ying Zun and the other two…"

Ji Hao’s eyes sparkled with a silver and golden light as he responded coldly, "I didn’t just defeat them, I’ve also devoured their original souls. All their memories and powers are mine now!"

The two young men glanced at each other, then roared out in rage. The one in the left trembled intensively, then suddenly exploded into a cloud of glowing five-colored smoke. From the exploding human body, an entirely golden silhouette emerged, with three heads and eight arms, wearing all kinds of sparkling gemstones.

The other one also roared with a high-pitched voice and exploded, after which, a half-human and half-dragon, silvery creature flew out. The upper body of this creature was humanoid, but with four faces and six arms. Each arm was holding a long spear, and all eight eyes glared at Ji Hao; its lower body was a dragon tail.

Ji Hao’s pupils shrank. Both of them were as powerful as Ying Zhun; they had gone beyond the ‘appearance’, and reached the level of ‘nature’, which meant they could already create real things with their powers.

"Perfect! Let me see what you have!" Ji Hao shouted out loud, then activated the Pan Gu bell and the Taiji Universe mirror together. The Pan Gu bell released dense streams of Chaos power and covered Ji Hao and the two sky devils. Meanwhile, the Taiji Universe mirror shone with a misty light, which blocked the line of sight of all the others.

When the light pierced everyone’s eye, it disabled them from seeing what had actually been happening, Ji Hao activated the five-colored cauldron without any hesitation, transformed it into a colorful swirl, and wrapped up that half-human half-dragon creature, while the two sky devils hadn’t paid much attention to the swirl yet.

Before the other sky devil could help, Ji Hao bent his body, gripped the Taiji divine sword, and rushed up, launching a crazy wave of hacks.

Unlike his usual violent and straightforward style of swordplay, this time, by wielding the sword, Ji Hao created layers of illusions. His sword became hazy and blue, and the two sky devils could barely see it. Ji Hao’s sword landed on the two sky devils’ bodies over and over again.

Ji Hao had already started combining those sky devil magics with what he had learned from Yu Yu and his brothers. Sky devil magics were indeed evil, but were also impressively powerful. A cultivator should never build his or her cultivation upon these evil sky devil magics, but in the right way, these magics could serve perfectly as a supportive cultivation method.

Rock Dragon old man finally realized what had just happened. Harshly, he yelled at Ji Hao, "You rude child, how dare you talk to me like that?!"

As Rock Dragon old man prepared to attack Ji Hao again, Emperor Shun gave a long sigh and blocked his way.

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